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It adopts engine of famous brand, featuring low fuel consumption, easy start, good reliability and durability, which ensures good dynamic property and economy of the machine.

It adopts hydraulic and mechanical drive and 4-wheel drive, which can fully display the engine’s efficiency, and it has large traction force.

It can automatically be adapted to the change of external resistance and achieves stepless speed change, which effectively protects the drive parts and the engine.

It adopts single handle hydraulic gear shift transmission, which is quick and convenient to operate.

The optimally designed connecting rod mechanism has high drive efficiency, big breakout force and great lifting capability.

The articulated frame and full hydraulic steering system has small turning radius, which makes it convenient to work in narrow sites, featuring high safety and reliability and convenient service and maintenance.

The full closed cab adopts precision manufacturing technology, which is spacious and bright; the seat has good vibration reduction capability, and it is safe and comfortable to operate.


EngineYC6B125-T20Fork width(mm)1710
Rated power(KW)92Max. breakout force(KN) 115
Rated load (KG)3000Max. traction (KN)90
Min. clamping diameter(mm) 680Max. gradeability (°)30
Max. clamping diameter(mm) 1250Axle base (mm)2600
Work cycle time (s)9.7Wheel base (mm)1800
Turning angle (°)±35L*W*H (mm)6875*2260*3010


Length (MM): 7535
Width (MM): 2260
Height (MM): 3010 

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