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1. The product is a hydraulic vibration, mechanic drive, single-drum vibratory road roller.
2. It can be equipped with various optional engines according to customer needs, such as Deutz engine, Weichai engine, Yuchai engine, and Shangchai engine.
3. It can be mounted with padfoot drum for the compaction operation of cohesive soil and road base of gravels. It can also avoid impact due to the smooth contact with ground.
4. The one-piece engine hood is convenient for maintenance; it covers the hydraulic tank, which looks neat and beautiful.
5. The foot brake system adopts pneumatic boosted hydraulic drive mechanism, which is quick and convenient to operate.
6. The air filter intake is at a high level, and it is connected with the muffler. The negative pressure from the muffler removes the dust in the air filter, which extends the maintenance interval and the engine life.  


Technical ParametersRM206
Engine power/revs(Km/min)

Weichai WD10G175E23

Travel speed(km/h)ⅠGear0~2.3
Gradeability (%)25
Operating weight (kg)20000
Weight distributed on vibratory drum (kg)10200
Weight distributed on driving drum (kg)9800
Turning radius (external)(mm)6500
Static pressure (N/cm)440
Min. ground clearance (mm)450
Dimension (Length ×Width ×Height)(mm)6150×2370×3070
Vibration frequency (Hz)30
Amplitude (mm)1.8/1.2
Excitation force (kN)360/240


Length (MM): 6150
Width (MM):  2370
Height (MM): 3070 

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Q:How much does it cost in gas to run an excavator for 10hrs a day?
oh you are going to be running around 5-18 galons an hour times around $3.00 a galon off road diesel not gas times 10hrs.= a good $300+ greese, a person to opperate it., hydrilic and motor oil., ect..
Q:Does anyone know of a strip mining case and its environmental impacts?
Being in mining industry, one should know about how the machines work. They help you make the task easier.
Q:Engineering construction question (Sign construction)?
How many verticle I beams are you using? The foundation needs to go below the frost line. The strength depend on exact conditions of soil etc. However 1 meter does not seem deep enough for that size sign. But it depends on the spacing of the I beams. Also depends on where the sign is and what damage it may cause if it blows over.
Q:What can an excavator do?
Excavators can not only dig earth, sand and gravel, but also can be used as small lifting equipment, flexible and flexible, and rarely affected by the geographical environment, not only can rescue, but also self-help.
Q:How hard is it to install your own inground pool?
Check I guess if you take it down yourself, you will KNOW HOW TO PUT IT BACK up, so that's a good point. :) Good Luck!
Q:Excavator maintenance?
not sure what the question is but i will give it a shot. grease all pivot points daily. change oil and filters per the maintenance schedule for your machine, usually measured in hours of service. check for cracks in the machine that may need welding daily. track adjustment needs to be maintained also and this will depend on how much you tram it. if you are working in one area say loading out trucks all day long it wont be as often as it would be if you are having to tram the machine allot. there is a whole lot of things to consider, like hyd hoses, filters etc
Q:magic the gathering Ally deck worth making?
At first I shared your opnion of Allies. Then I got 4 Umara raptor, Halimar Excavator, and Kazandu Blademaster. I hate making 5 color decks, so i made it 3 colors: Green/White/Blue. Here is a rough list for what cards it has (lent it to my friend whose trying to get into Magic): Lands x4 Seaside Citadels x1 Glacial Fortress (only have 1 :P) x11 Plains x4 Island x5 Forest Creatures x4 Umara Raptor x4 Kazandu Blademaster x4 Hada Freeblade x2 Sea Gate Loremaster x1 Talus Paladin x1 Jwari Shapeshifter x3 Ondu Cleric x1 Makindi Shieldmate x2 Kabira Evangel x4 Oran-Rief Survivalist x2 Turntimber Ranger Other Spells x4 Join the Ranks x2 Brave the Elements x2 Divination SIDEBOARD x2 Path to Exile x4 Oblivion Ring x3 Safe Passage x4 Vines of Vastwood x2 Strength of the Tajuru Umara Raptor is a big player in this deck, as it becomes a huge flier with all my one drops. Though it is not my favorite deck (Bant and Red Aggressive with Hellspark Elemental are my favorites), it is very fun to play with. Hope this helped!
Q:I want to know how to estimate the cost of building a basement in new construction, approx 2,000 Sq Ft.?
This Site Might Help You. RE: I want to know how to estimate the cost of building a basement in new construction, approx 2,000 Sq Ft.? We are trying to find house plans for a new home and we want a daylght or walkout basement. We've been told that it would cost about $80.00 per sq ft. We are looking at plans that would have about 2,000 sq ft basement. That would be $160,000.00 just for the basement. Is this reasonable?
Q:I would like to a good job.My activities & some expriance under the veiw?
Yahoo! Answers is not a place to your personal details since these could be used against you by any Scammer. Moreover, Y!A community-guideline (CG) forbids solicitation for personal gain. You can ask a question for users to respond by way of an Answer. You are asking for a job here that is in bad taste as well as violates CG and ToS of Y!A and Yahoo! respectively. Since you are from my country, I would advise you to delete this Question and ask afresh something like Can a Diploma Engineer with some experience in.... field gets a job in Europe/USA etc. This can be a general question, not specifically asking a job for you. I am sorry if you are offended by my response, but hope you could read the CG and be a good participants in this forum. Wish you luck!
Q:Basic way of calculating soil excavation?
It seems the question is not complete, I think the ratio of clay and fill material is required, the bulk factors here is the clay density which is 1300 kg/m^3 , and fill material is 1150 kg/m^3 . As the total soil volume is 64800 m^3 and excavator efficiency is 180 m^3 per hour , then the total time is 64800/180 = 360 hours

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