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RM146 adopts engine of famous brand, featuring stable performance, more energy-saving and environmental care. It can be applicable to the compaction of base layer, subbase layer, and backfilling of various kinds of materials. It is the optimal choice for building highways, airports, ports and dams.
Its key parts and components adopt products of overseas brands. The perfect match between the advanced hydraulic system and the power system ensure excellent performance of the machine, which effectively improves work efficiency.
It has beautiful appearance; and the ergonomically designed cab with wide view ensures safe operation. The double-amplitude function makes it adapted to various soil properties and construction conditions. With 3 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, the compaction efficiency is improved. The streamline rear-open hood makes service and maintenance more convenient. 


Technical ParametersRM146
Engine modelYuchai YC6B150Z
Engine power/revs(kw/r/min)110/2100
Travel speed (kw/h)0-2.8
Gradeability (%) 25
Operating weight (kg)14000
Distributed weight on vibrating drum (kg)7200
Distributed weight on driving wheel (kg)6800
Turning radius (outer side)(mm)6500
Static line pressure (N/cm)296
Min. ground clearance (mm)450
Dimension (L×W×H)(mm)6150×2260×3040
Vibrating Frequency (Hz)30
Amplitude (mm)1.9/1.1
Excitation force (kN)270/172


Length (MM): 6150
Width (MM): 2260
Height (MM): 3040  


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