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The SC230.8 long reach excavator has 15m arm and boom in total length and 0.4m3 bucket, which is designed on the base of market research and thorough technical argumentation. The structural strength, performance and quality are fully guaranteed in terms of the materials, technologies and design. The boom is internally mounted with buffer plate, which improves load bearing capacity and prolongs the service life of the excavator. It is mainly applicable to the clearing of dammed lake in the watercourse, slope forming, earth and stone foundation and deep excavating operation.


Cummins 6BTA5.9
AC generatorA24V 70
Rated output powerKw/rpm126/2100
Overall piston displacementL5.88
Number of cylinder (bore×stroke)mm6-φ102×120
4 stroke, water cooling, in-line, direct injection, turbocharging
Working Device
Boom lengthmm8025
Arm lengthmm6350
Sprocket wheel
2/each side
Track plate
47/each side
Supporting wheel
8/each side
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic pump
Variable displacement duplex piston pump
Bucket cylinder
Arm cylinder
Boom cylinder
Hydraulic cylinder Cylinder type 
Cylinder bore×piston rod diameter (mm)
Slewing motor
Axial piston (safety valve, parking brake) ×1
Travel motor
Axial piston (brake valve, parking brake) ×2
Control valve  Control method
Hydraulic pilot
Control valve type
Hydraulic pump Pressure settingMPa(kg/cm2)34.3(350)
Hydraulic pump flowL/min226×2

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Q:How much is the tuition fee for Sichuan excavator?
Practice lesson: increase the level and forehand exercises on a monthly basis. Students can basically complete the task of moderate difficulty. The main materials are soil, coal, sediment and soil and rocks that have been pre - loosenedPractice lesson: dig various ways of unloading soil, Lou Ping in various ways, simple slot skills.Theory course: study the whole content of one and a half months, increase the work of hydraulic component, the working principle of hydraulic pump, the fault judgment of engine, the hydraulic principle, the fault judgment of the system, the periodic maintenance of excavator.We provide you with information and information.Theory course: on the basis of a month, increase the hydraulic circuit replacement technology.Practice class: learning a half course, increase the ground leveling, super deep, super wide loading technology, groove mining, climbing downhill, up and down carts, trimming slope repair and use broken technology. After the completion of this stage, students can do special difficulty mining, climbing, walking freely.
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