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SC450.8LC high-rise demolition machine adopts originally imported Cummins engine, rated power 252KW/1800rpm, featuring strong power, low fuel consumption, easy maintenance, max gradeability of 35°, applicable to various kinds of complicated work conditions. It adopts specially designed Kawasaki hydraulic system and KYB travel motor, which ensure the reliability and stability of the system. It also adopts advanced EPOS automatic electronic power control system. The materials for the track frame and upper turntable and the manufacturing technologies meet the KES standards, featuring high strength and good performance. The ergonomically designed cab has comfortable work environment, good view and low noise; the full view windscreen and side window ensure good vision in all directions; and the automatic air conditioning system provides a comfortable operating environment.

The product adopts 3-section working device, which is flexible and efficient; and the max. reach is up to 26m, which can meet various demolition requirements.


ModelSC450.8LC High-rise Demolition
Working device
Oerating weightkg


Max. operating heightmm26000
Max. operating radiusmm14500
Total length (transport)mm17200
Total height (transport)mm3300
Max. weight of attachmentkg2000
4 stroke, water cooling, in-line, top-mounted valve, direct injection, turbocharging

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