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The 7t excavator adopts Cummins engine as the standard configuration. In recent years, the sales volume of mini excavator accounts for over 30% of the market share. Lishide has developed excavators applicable to urban road construction, agricultural construction and rural road construction to meet customers’ needs, which makes the products portfolio more complete and improves the market competition of Lishide products. 



Bucket capacity(m3)0.2-0.37
Engine model
Fuel tank capacity(L)130
Travel speed(km/h)5.1/2.7
Slewing speed(r/min)10
Bucket digging force(KN)52.7
Ground pressure(KPa)30
Hydraulic pump model
Max. flow(L/min)154
Work pressure(MPa)27.5
Hydraulic tank volume(L)56

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. 


A- Overall length (mm)6100
B- Overall width (mm)2300
C- Overall height (boom top) (mm)2515
D- Overall height (cab top)(mm)2630
E- Ground clearance (counterweight)(mm)760
F- Min. ground clearance (mm)382
G- Tail slewing radius (mm)1755
H- Ground contact length of crawler (mm)2130
J- Crawler length (mm)2757
K- Track gauge (mm)1700
L- Track width (mm)2150
M- Track plate width (mm)450
N- Width of rotary table (mm)2198
Arm length(mm)1650
Boom length (mm)3710


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Q:How much does it cost in gas to run an excavator for 10hrs a day?
oh you are going to be running around 5-18 galons an hour times around $3.00 a galon off road diesel not gas times 10hrs.= a good $300+ greese, a person to opperate it., hydrilic and motor oil., ect..
Q:Is it practical for electric motors in heavy cargo haulers (18 wheelers) & earth movers move heavy loads?
Traction motors are used to move heavy loads due to the nearly unlimited torque they produce. Unfortunately they require big diesel generators to power them. Battery technology has not yet advanced to the point of making practical electric powered heavy cargo haulers.
Q:Product to demolish cement and rock?
Never heard of that, but there's a less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative... It's called a sledge hammer.
Q:I'm looking for filter manual or cross reference for heavy equipment?
Call your local NAPA store. They LOVE to come out and organize your filters for you. Especially when they think they're going to be supplying said filters. They do it for free and they give you a cross reference book, too.
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relies upon on what style of gecko the dwarf is and how different they're in length. additionally the dimensions of the tank they are going to be in. i could communicate with somebody who could comprehend, like a breeder. yet generally, you does not decide for to place them mutually (they could combat and get territorial) in case you do positioned them mutually, continually be sure they have lots of food so as that they dont finally end up combating over food yet i wouldnt propose putting them mutually
Q:Opinions and Suggestions on a Blue/White Ally Mill Deck(Magic the Gathering)?
Q:where can i find a parts manual for a Hitachi 120 excavator?
Try OKorder, you can seriously find just about everything and anything there. Otherwise contact any local dealer. Good Luck.
Q:Help with blue white ally mill deck?
Way too many cards with less than 3 copies. As a general rule, you want 4 copies of a card in your deck, except sometimes if it is a Planeswalker, Legendary, or costs 5+ mana. With how fast most Magic games end, if you have less than 3 copies, you'll likely not draw a single copy of it in half your games. If you are OK with that, then you shouldn't include that card in your deck to begin with. I could see maybe staying at 2 copies of Rite of Replication, since in this type of deck, you really are aiming to kick it. Kazandu Blademaster and Hada Freeblade are way too good of allies to only run 3 of. If running White at all in Standard, you practically have to run at least 4 Oblivion Rings. Sideboarding some Path to Exiles and/or Journey to Nowhere is a good idea as well. You are really lacking in the control department. Dispel is too situational. A nice design for a card, but in most cases, if you have the mana for it, you'd also have the mana for Negate, which works on a lot more. I'd suggest sideboarding the Evangels if the point is Mill. Maybe even the Raptors as well.

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