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SC60.8 excavator adopts brand-new design concept in the power performance, operationability, reliability, and serviceability, etc. It adopts the world-famous Yanmar engine, featuring low noise and low fuel consumption. The working devices adopt 3-pump confluence technology, which has 20% higher work efficiency compared with domestic products of the same configuration. 



Weight (T)5.85
Bucket capacity (m3)0.22
Engine modelYANMAR 4TNV94L-SSN
Power (kw/r/min)35.5/2200
Travel speed (km/h)4.2/2.2
Slewing speed (r/min)9.5
Gradeability (%)70
Bucket digging force (KN)38.5
Ground pressure (KPa)33.5
Max. flow (L/min)110+35.6+9.9
Fuel tank capacity (L)100
Hydraulic tank volume (L)80
O- Max. digging height (mm)5750
P- Max. dumping height (mm)3980
Q- Max. digging depth (mm)3860
R- Max. vertical digging depth (mm)3040
V- Min. slewing radius (mm)2380

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. 


A- Overall length (mm)5960
B- Overall width (mm)1960
C- Overall height (boom top) (mm)1995
D- Overall height (cab top) (mm)2690
Boom length (mm)3000
Arm length (mm)1630


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