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SC400.8LC excavator developed based on so many years experience of manufacturing large excavators, and it is designed for working at mines and other adverse conditions.
Power System
It adopts 45T excavator engine with strong power up to 216KW, little emission and excellent economy fuel. And it is of energy saving and environmental protection.
Hydraulic System
The main pump matching with the engine can achieve excellent condition. Varies of power selection model according to different work load. Fulfill the functions of automatic idle speed and power increase.
The enlarged pass diameter of the hydraulic system greatly reduces the loss of hydraulic energy and fuel consumption.
Working Device
The bucket digging force is increased by 23% for the enlarged diameter of the oil cylinder. The digging resistance reduced and the work efficiency increased for the use of new bucket. The operation stability improved by using high body and high strength steel plate welding. Thus the crawler plate of high strength steel material can withstand the impact from the external rough ground. The work environment is comfortable, safe, and the cab is sealing better. Moreover the driving seat angle can adjust greater.
The product listing to further consolidate and enhance the company's large excavators in the market, to meet the various needs of the customers and enhance the competitiveness of the company.                               


Technical Parameter
Operating weight(T)39.8
Bucket capacity(m³)1.9
Engine modelCUMMINS QSM11
Rated power(km/r/min)216/2100
Fuel tank capacity(L)650
Travel speed(km/h)4.8/2.7
Swing speed (r/min)7.6
Max. climbing degree(%)70
Bucket digging force(KN)256
Average grounding pressure(KPA)70
Hydraulic pump modelM5V180DT-H
Max. flow(L/min)320x2
Working pressure(MPA)34.3
Hydraulic oil tank capacity(L)335
O-Max. digging height(mm)10110
P-Max. dumping height(mm)7060
Q-Max. digging depth(mm)7025
R-Max. vertical wall digging depth(mm)5430
T-Max. digging reach10750
V-Min. swing radius(mm)4580

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. 


Dimension Figure
A-Overall length(mm)11420
B-Overall width(mm)3340
C-Overall height(to top of boom)(mm)3485
D-Overall height(to top of cab)(mm)3220
Arm length(mm)2800
Boom length(mm)6470

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.                               

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Q:What exactly does "mining technology" mean?
Mining technology which is the Lan Xiang school enrollment advertisements, sporadic NetEase first in the region and keep abreast of Dili, after Baidu, became the popular language of network."Digging technology, which strong" and so on, become a script for a period of time, the use of the highest frequency of the stem, and in the network staged a variety of ancient, academic and other genres.The usual method is to use, poker-faced to tell a story, and then at the end of the story to "mining" digging "buried" and other related words, then ask "mining technology which is stronger, then evolved into" the question ", which makes the use of the word. More extensive.For example: then the question comes, which excavator technology is strong?. Looking for Lan Xiang in Shandong, china. Or, I'm going to Lan Xiang to learn the excavator, the New Oriental School chef, Xinhua computer, computer control excavator in the future, to stir fry and so on.
Q:What does the excavator model mean at 1:35?
1 to 35 is equivalent to using that model. 1 is 35 times as big as the object.
Q:What is the height of the 130 excavator?
Case CX130B detailed parameter configurationSpecificationsOverall work weight (kg):Twelve thousand seven hundred and fiftyBucket capacity (ISO) (M fand):0.34-0.7Boom length (mm):Four thousand six hundred and thirtyLength of bucket (mm):Two thousand and five hundredCountry of origin:performanceEarth specific pressure (Kpa):FortySlew rate (RPM):Fourteen point threeWalking speed (Km/h):3.4/5.6Climbing ability (%):Bucket digging force (ISO standard) (kN):92 (standard mode) /97 (afterburner mode)Bucket digging force (ISO standard) (kN):64 (standard mode) /68 (afterburner mode)
Q:Does the excavator include the off-site transportation of excavators?
Excluding off-site transportation, the Hebei is limited to this chapter in the major machinery, one safety, and off-site transportation charges
Q:Dump trucks, earthmoving, shovel loading, vehicle distance from 48km, according to 2014 valuation quota,
No provinces, highways, grades and other information, bad calculations, calculated fluctuations in unit prices.I borrow the earth fill group price detailed apply and adjust quota information to you, set yourself:First, 1-1-9 excavators dig earth and stonework, and pay attention to that when the volume of fill compaction is taken as the quantity of the project, and the quota of the natural compacting unit as the measuring unit, the quota adopted shall be the following coefficient:Turn left and turn right |Excavation and transportation should also increase transportation losses by 0.03. Don't forget to add extra rolls to the mill.
Q:Driving excavator documents where to test?
Two, registration requirementsOne inch photo ID and close scanningThree, charging standards1, the Safety Supervision Bureau issued the project: 400 yuan / Ben2, the Ministry of labor awarded the project: intermediate 600 yuanThe above fee includes medical examination fee and free training fee. Remark: the operation certificate of special industry (also called certificate of work is IC card)
Q:What are the differences between a hydraulic excavator and a backhoe?
You can say is that if the hydraulic excavator shovel, including backhoe, dragline and other types of construction, and only one, and generally use the backhoe excavator backhoe excavator, so apply the item
Q:Excavator standard
Excavators have the following criteria:(1) GB/T 7586-2008 test methods for hydraulic excavators(2) GB/T 9139-2008 technical condition of hydraulic excavator(3) GB/T 13332-2008 methods for measuring excavating force of earth moving machinery, hydraulic excavators and backhoe loaders
Q:How about Komatsu excavator?
No more said, just a word, Komatsu mining will not let you down. Not only the car is good, but also can preserve the value of the situation. In 2012, I bought Komatsu 200-7 at the Jincheng secondary market in Shanghai, which was 460 thousand. Last year, it was disposed of and sold for 390 thousand. So, Komatsu machines can be said to be the first choice.
Q:What is the weight of the 8O excavator?
Dragon work 85 of the machine, 8, 3, 80, that is, 8 or so

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