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Power System
With 133 power and strength, international  famous brand engine, reliability, dynamic property, fuel economy and emission  performance all take the lead, which makes it work in high attitude area and  satisfies Euro2 emission standard.
Hydraulic System
Adopting  world advanced negative flow control system, work flow quantity adjusts  automatically according to operation requirement, which accomplishes  proportional control of executive device, besides it matches with engine power,  which promotes engine power’s efficiency.
Adopting  new control valve, provided with swing arm and bucket rod maintaining system,  improves machine’s use and operating safety, enhances the regeneration of arm,  bucket rod potential energy movement. In one aspect, it can save energy,in the other  aspect, it can keep stable movement, increase preferential function of swing  arm, which can promote the hoisting speed of swing arm. Quick speed and high  efficiency.
Rotary system integrates brake, cushion  valve with anti-reverse valve, owning advanced performance and reliable  quality.
Reliable Structural Component
Well-designed  revolving platform, truck frame, work device, with finite element analysis  guarantee good mechanical property. Adopting high strength board, bucket of  easy abrasion part adopts wear-resistant material makes sure the machine can be  used in hostile environment.
Chassis  was enlarged, broadened with high stability, the main part of arm and bucket  rod was strengthened,  front or roar  swing arm adopts steel casting, which make the machine persistent, durable and  reliable.
Cab  glass is Green F preventing the sun burning drivers, equipped with safety belt,  broad visual angle, good visual reducing performance, good sound insulation and  seal effect, also equipped with high-power  luxury and comfortable automatic air  conditioner, which can remit work tiredness. Besides ROPS and FOPS cabs can be  elected.
Multifunction  colour liquid crystal was equipped, which is more beautiful, harmonized, and  the backlight is much softer; also increases multilingual prompt, with clearer  character, more information, convenient operation. Adopting advanced GPS,  constantly send information of the machine, in order to get a knowledge of the  work condition of excavator. 


Weight (T)23.6
Bucket capacity (m3)1.2
Engine modelCUMMINS B5.9-C/ ISUZU 6BG1TRP
Power (kw/r/min)133/2000  /    125/2100
Travel speed (km/h)5.2/3.5
Slewing speed (r/min)11.1
Gradeability (%)70
Bucket digging force (KN)159
Ground pressure (KPa)48.6
Max. flow (L/min)226*2
Fuel tank capacity (L)350
Hydraulic tank volume (L)246
O- Max. digging height (mm)9310
P- Max. dumping height (mm)6440
Q- Max. digging depth (mm)6875
R- Max. vertical digging depth (mm)5860
V- Min. slewing radius (mm)3975


A- Overall length (mm)9740
B- Overall width (mm)2980
C- Overall height (boom top) (mm)3190
D- Overall height (cab top) (mm)3120
Boom length (mm)5850
Arm length (mm)3050

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Q:How many meters is the height of the PC-320 excavator?
PC is the code name of Komatsu series excavator, but he doesn't have this model of 320. The current production has PC300-7 and PC360-7. Besides, does the height of the landlord mean the height of transportation or the maximum working height?AskPC-320 should be the old model. What I want to ask is the height of the workChasing the answerThe old model does not have 320, corresponding to the domestic 360 models in overseas label is 350, so you have to implement specific models, in the big arm side of the cab in the lower right corner has a square nameplate, will be marked on the specific model
Q:Dragon excavator 150 price
320DL advantages: similar models of the largest mining, durability, stability of the whole car, although high prices, but cost-effective.
Q:Excavator card good test?
Mine is for you, 11OO yuan. It's a little expensive.
Q:What is the problem of excavator holding cars?
Since your engine has been running a little bit longer, check the oil pump first. If it doesn't solve the problem, you're going to fix the engine! 2, your chain is badly worn
Q:Are excavators part of a motor vehicle? Should I buy strong insurance?
In accordance with the provisions of the basic tariff rate for compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles,The excavator belongs to the "special vehicle two: for all kinds of special vehicle traction, wrecker, cleaning, cleaning, lifting, loading and unloading, lifting, stirring, mining and bulldozing;" should buy insurance to pay strong.An accident on the road should be a traffic accident
Q:Excavator theory
The basic structure and working principle of excavator:First, the overall structure of single bucket hydraulic excavatorThe overall structure of single bucket hydraulic excavator includes power unit, working device, slewing mechanism, control mechanism, transmission system, walking mechanism and auxiliary equipment, etc..The power unit, the main parts of the drive system, the slewing mechanism, the auxiliary equipment and the cab are all installed on the rotatable platform, which is usually called the upper turntable. Therefore, the single bucket hydraulic excavator can be summarized into three parts: working device, upper rotating platform and running mechanism.The excavator is through the diesel engine of the diesel oil chemical energy into mechanical energy, the hydraulic piston pump to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, the hydraulic system of the hydraulic can be assigned to each actuator (hydraulic cylinder, rotary motor + reducer, walking motor + reducer), by the actuator to the hydraulic energy into the mechanical energy, realize the working device of rotary platform motion, rotary motion, the walking motion.
Q:What kind of excavator does Nissan brand have?
The common Komatsu, KOMATSU (Tokyo), Kobelco KOBELCO (Kobe), Hitachi HITACHI (Tokyo), Sumitomo SUMITOMO (Chiba) etc.
Q:Kobelco excavator computer alarm P0405 is what mean?
From the development of engineering machinery in recent years, the development of excavator is relatively fast, excavator has become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction. The three most important parameters of excavator are operation weight (quality), engine power and bucket bucket capacity.
Q:What does PC200 excavator mean? What does PC mean? What do you mean by 200? How big is the bucket capacity?
PC-- Komatsu excavator, 200 tonnage of 20 tons, down 0.9
Q:Is the excavator a motor vehicle?
No, not on the road. It needs a car to carry it.

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