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SC210.8 adopts world-class power system and hydraulic system, featuring convenient operation and maintenance, low fuel consumption, and low noise. The optimal configuration and excellent design achieve perfect match of stability and work efficiency. SC210.8H also has pre-warning function, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost. The high strength structural parts make it possible to adapt to various work conditions. The cab adopts high strength frame structure and adjustable suspension seat, which provides a safe and comfortable work environment.                                                            


Machine weight(T)20.9
Bucket capacity(m3)0.8
Travel speed (km/h)5.2/3.5
Engine modelCUMMINS B5.9-C
Slewing speed(r/min)11.7
Max. flow(L/min)226*2
Bucket digging force(KN)145
Hydraulic pump modelAP4VO112
Working pressure(MPa)34.3


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Q:Army MOS 12N Information?
12n Army Mos
Q:What kind of trailer do i need?
Hi as this is really a 7 ton unit which normally has to sit on a low loader a normal trailer will not do the job it needs to go on a flat bed articulated it exceeds the normal trailer weight. exceed this and the police will pull you over and the trailer and vehicle towing it would be impounded as being illegal. VOSN will take it off you as it is an irregular weight to be on a trailer with a ball hitch or clasp hitch.
Q:What do you mean by "50" in excavator PC50?
The larger the number, the greater the engine power
Q:Problem with basement flooding!?!?! plz help!?
The heater, even yet it evaporates the water, provides humidity to the section. Humidity provides to the musty scent. A dehumidifier works superb. A undesirable guy's dehumidifier could nicely be to place a fan in the basement and enable it run. (After a recent comparable situation, I enable mine run for approximately 2 days). If the subject maintains, you have gotten mould in the padding. if so, pull the carpeting up in areas that have been soaked, and cut back out the pungent padding. you are able to replace it with an identical padding offered from the interior reach ironmongery keep. in case you pull the carpeting up, it quite is advisable to spray the backing with some kind of a sterilizing spray that could kill mould/mould. desire that this facilitates.
Q:what do you do when..?
My neighbors 28 year old gelding Whisper just died about 3 weeks ago. They called a rendering plant to come pick him up. I think it is the cheapest way to dispose of such a huge carcass. Gross but I bet cremation is expensive as with hiring a backhoe probably is also.
Q:What are the differences between a hydraulic excavator and a backhoe?
According to the different work methods used excavator backhoe excavator item. Hydraulic excavator is a very abstract concept, it can be divided into positive shovel, backhoe, dragline and so on.
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Q:If a paleontologist happens to find a dinosaur skeleton?
You can't make money finding fossils unless they are on your own property. They belong to the property owner or the government.
Q:how long would it take for a vacuum excavator to remove 20 cubic yards of soft clay soil?
If you have to ask, you DO NOT have a team qualified to operate the machine. I GUARANTEE, hiring a contractor NOW, will cost less than having them fix the damage when they building collapses after you compromise the foundation. OK, I watched the video. You don't have a CLUE what the term crawl space means. If you remove the dirt, the foundation WILL collapse. Whoever told you the foundation extends 6 feet below the floor CAN'T know that, because they did not EXCAVATE to the bottom of the foundation.
Q:Are Daewoo automotive and Daewoo electronics separate companies?
yes they are an division (branch) there is also an tractor made by daewoo and also heavy equipment (excavators)

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