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SC360SD.8 is developed and produced based on years of Lishide’s technical accumulation to meet different working conditions and requirements like underwater slit clearance in city river and park. This product can be used for river dredging, river wall repair, excavation of canal and river wall, enforcement of dyke, fishpond excavation, park slit clearance and other projects. The main characters of SC36SD.8 dredging excavator are low grounding pressure, can travel and work on low carrying capacity march and can float and travel on water. The technical performance and reliability of the product has been recognized by customers through many tests of projects using practices.

Off-line of SC360SD.8 Lishide’s amphibious excavators series is more complete, can provide all kinds working solutions of large, medium and small in water and on land which can meet requirements and solve working problems for different customers. 


Technical advantages:

1)World famous brand engine, hydraulic pump, big power motor are adoptd with powerful force and reliable quality.

2)Simple and easy to apply operating system, Operation is convenient, comfortable, fast and efficient.

3)New electrical control system with automatice idling function which is more fuel economical.

4)Bigger driving force and excellent passing and flexible ability when turning and climbing. Excellent floating and travelling performance.

5) Attaching devices like bucket, dredging pump, weeding machine, breaking hammer, electric magnetic chuck are available for option according to different working conditions.


Operating weight(T)40
Bucket capacity(m3)1.17
Engine model CUMMINS 6CTAA8.3
Power rating(kw/r/min)198/2000
Fuel tank capacity(L)955
Travel speed(km/h)4
Swing speed(r/min)10.6
Climbing degree(%)30
Hydraulic pump modelK3V140DT
Max. flow(L/min)265*2+30
Working pressure(Mpa)34.3
Hydraulic oil tank capacity(L)310
A-Overall length(mm)13150
B-Overall width(mm)6230
D-Overall height(to top of boom)(mm)4225
D-Overall height(to top of cabin)(mm)4250
E-Counterweight ground diatance(mm)2140
F-Min.ground distance(mm)1180
G-Tail swing radius(mm)3418
H-Track grounding length6137
J-Track length9165
K-Track gauge(mm)3915
M-Width of track shoe1820
N-Width of rotary platform2995
O-Max. digging height(mm)11650
P-Max. dumping height(mm)8780
Q-Max. digging depth(mm)6750
R-Max. vertical wall digging depth(mm)6145
T-Max. digging distance(mm)11975
U-Max.digging dastance at ground11590
V-Min. swing radius(mm)5330
W-MAX. height at Min. swing radius(mm)10030
X-Distance between rotation center to rear3418
Arm length(mm)3045
Boom length(mm)7600

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Q:Excavator hydraulic oil how much?
In order to observe the glass tube for the middle, first of all to the standard excavator parked
Q:CAT where is the origin of the small excavator?
1.CATER American brand, made in japan.2. in terms of quality and performance is not inferior to other Japanese brands; power is the Carter Co independent models, and there is high pressure refrigeration pump; bucket capacity in the 1*5 to 2*8 range; the cab dashboard is adjustable, convertible, digital dial. So, on the control, comfort, more satisfied.3., Sino US joint ventures are made by XCMG and Carter joint venture factory.
Q:Which expert knows the excavator of this brand of Singway?
Shanghai dragon road foreign trade company purchased the domestic excavator factory, OEM production,Shanghai dragon road translates into English, is Sinoway
Q:How about Carter excavator model?
When you buy a Caterpillar excavator, you need to pay attention to the length of the arm and the bucket. Caterpillar's idea is to maximize customer satisfaction requirements, so that the same type of excavator on the configuration will be different, such as the long arm and bucket capacity, and lighting protection device, radio, etc.
Q:What does climbing slope mean?
Is the slope of the excavator climbing, what is the maximum degree of slope?,
Q:Certificate distinction of excavator operation permit
The company has its own requirements is not empty, years ago to find someone to get a long-term population, it, an umbrella four phase flow from about five
Q:The hole in the Lol excavator. Can the enemy see it on the minimap?
When you see it, the minimap will always show purple dots
Q:What is the weight of the 8O excavator?
Dragon work 85 of the machine, 8, 3, 80, that is, 8 or so
Q:Proper operation of excavator excavation
1, smooth operation methodDuring the operation, the stability of the machine can not only improve work efficiency, prolong the life of the machine, but also can ensure the safety of operation (put the machine in a flat on the ground); the drive sprocket at the rear side of the front side than in good stability, and can prevent the final drive from the impact of external force on the ground track; the wheelbase is always greater than the track, so toward the good working stability, to avoid the lateral operation; to keep close to the mining machine, in order to improve the stability and mining excavator; if points away from the machine, due to move the focus of work is not stable; lateral excavation is than mining stability, if the mining point away from the center of the machine body, the machine will be more stable, so mining point and center of body should maintain a proper distance, so that a balanced and efficient operation.
Q:Use of excavators
(1) building and building foundation excavation; (2) mining soil, stripping mining field covering layer;

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