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SC160SD.8 dredging excavator is another newly developed and produced multi-purpose excavator among Lishide series of dredging excavators which are suitable for soft land, marsh, shallow water and other working conditions. The main characters of SC160SD.8 dredging excavator are low grounding pressure, can travel and work on low carrying capacity march and can float and travel on water.

Technical advantages:

1)International brand engine is adopted, international leading hydraulic system with top performance, equiped with 10.5M prolonged working device with high efficiency.

2)Overall width not more than 4.4M, convenient for short distance transportation which saves transportation cost.

3)New electrical control system with automatice idling function which is more fuel economical.

4)Bigger driving force and excellent passing and flexible ability when turning and climbing. Excellent floating and travelling performance.

5)Suitable for shallow water and marsh working condition, can be used for river dredging, lakes exploration, wetland park building, coatsal beach exploration, tailing and mining management and other conservancy projects and marsh exploration projects.

6)12.5M prolonged working device available for option.


Main parameters of dredging exvcavator SC160SD.8
Operating weight(T)21
Bucket capacity(m3)0.45
Engine model CUMMINS 4BTAA3.9
Power rating(kw/r/min)82/2200
Fuel tank capacity(L)247
Travel speed(km/h)3.0
Swing speed(r/min)12.5
Climbing degree(%)30
Bucket digging force(KN)48.3
Average grounding pressure(Kpa)18
Hydraulic pump modelK3V63DT
Max. flow(L/min)128*2
Working pressure(Mpa)34.3
Hydraulic oil tank capacity(L)130
O-Max. digging height(mm)11130
P-Max. dumping height(mm)9115
Q-Max. digging depth(mm)6880
R-Max. vertical wall digging depth(mm)5145
T-Max. digging distance(mm)10825
U-Max.digging dastance at ground10520
V-Min. swing radius(mm)2680
W-MAX. height at Min. swing radius(mm)8950

A-Overall length(mm)10350
B-Overall width(mm)4385
C-Overall height(to top of boom)(mm)3350
D-Overall height(to top of cabin)(mm)3870
E-Counterweight ground diatance(mm)1952
F-Min.ground distance(mm)1215
H-Track grounding length3410
N-Width of rotary platform2490
Arm length(mm)4500
Boom length(mm)6000
The parameters are subject to change without notice for the technical improvement,the real machine will prevail.

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Q:if the ratio of capital to labor increases, we can expect that labor productivity will increase?
a. true more capital to labor means replacing hand shovels with excavators.
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