liquid rubber paint

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Other Names:
auto paint colors
auto paint colors
auto paint colors
Place of Origin:
Shandong China (Mainland)
Main Raw Material:
Appliance Paint,Boat Paint,Building Coating,Car Paint,Electrical Insulating Varnish,Furniture Paint,Paper Coating,Plastic Coating,Road Marking Paint,Rubber Coating
Application Method:
Liquid Coating
Brand Name:
Model Number:
DX 600
auto paint colors:
auto paint colors

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1LX12tins/ctn,
Delivery Detail:10-15 DAYS


Appliance Paint,Car Paint,Electrical Insulating Varnish, Metal paint, container paint and so on.


China auto paint colors
1.Famous auto paint brand.
2.Made from weathering resistant resins.
3.Good hiding power.

Made by Dexin Manufacure:

1.Made from Weathering resistant resins ,high quality auto coatings with economic price .

2.Good hiding power and excellent metallic effect .

3.Available in solid ,silver and pearl colors,easy to apply .

Product Technical Data
Surface Cleaning: Remove wax,silcon and other contaminations with degreaser.

Mixing Ratio

Basecoat Colors





DX-1K Basecoat



DX-1K Basecoat



DX-1K Basecoat


Spray Gun &Pressure:

Gravity Feed

1.2-1.5mm     2-4kg/cm2

Siphon Feed  

1.4-1.7mm     2-4kg/cm2

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Q:How does the pigment ink mix with the dye ink after the plug?
See if you can not clean if you can only change
Q:What can you do with paint?
Not sure if there's any difference in weight regarding liquid and dry paint.
Q:What kind of food should the painter eat?
Milk is one of the oldest natural beverages, known as "white blood", the importance of the human body can be imagined. Milk, as the name suggests, is squeezed out of female dairy cows. In different countries, milk is also divided into different grades. The most common is the whole fat, low fat and skim milk. Currently on the market of milk is also a lot of additives, such as high calcium low-fat milk, which added calcium.
Q:How to use paint properly
Home decoration selection paint a variety of ways, you can from the room decoration parts, finishes, chemical composition up, decoration can be selected according to their own requirements.
Q:Self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane brand?
Yu Xiang waterproof self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane is divided into: self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane and width of self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt polyester tire waterproofing membrane in the self-adhesive brand Yu Xiang brand to do very well
Q:What is the difference between the pigment and the dye?
Pigment is a fine powdery colored material, generally insoluble in water, oil and solvent, but can be evenly dispersed in them. Pigment is the secondary film forming material of paint, in the wood decoration process modulation primer, putty and wood coloring, but also often use the pigment. Opaque paint due to the pigment, the coating has some color and hiding power. While the pigment can also enhance the durability of the coating, weather resistance, wear resistance and so on.
Q:Car antifreeze yellow and red color What is the difference
Car antifreeze itself does not have color, the color is transferred through the coloring agent, mainly to facilitate the judgment of the leak and prevent misuse.
Q:How much is the ratio of one kilogram of paint to thinner?
General paint primer and diluent ratio: 1: 0.8, the ratio of finish and thinner: 1: 1.
Q:What is the difference between the light resistance and the weatherability of the pigment?
In the composition of the daylight, the most destructive part of the light resistance of the pigment is ultraviolet (UV). In discussing the lightfastness of the pigment, it is only an assessment of the quality of the pigment's ability to withstand the light environment in the external environment.
Q:what is the meaning of painting?
There are many levels and types of meaning for any artwork. Meaning has to do with how the painting is interpreted, and what is communicated, and the relationship between the artist and the work, and ultimately the viewer and the work.

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