Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 2BEA Series Low Noise

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Product Description:

Performance of 2BEA Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Flow Range:4.9-352m3/min

Head Range:-0.093mpa

Power Range:11-560KW


Material:Cast Iron,Stainless Steel

Product Overview of 2BEA Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
2BEA series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors is a kind of high-efficiency and enger-saving product developed on the basis of years of production experience and scientific research, combined with international advanced technology, typically used for pumping gas without solid particles, insoluble in water, and non-corrosive, so as to form a vacuum or pressure in a sealed container. By changing the materials, it can be used for pumping corrosive gases or corrosive liquids. It is widely used in papermaking, chemical, petrochemical, light industry, pharmaceuticals, food, coal, mineral processing, and other industries. 

Features of 2BEA Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
1. Use imported bearings to ensure accurate location and stable operation of the impeller . 
2. Impeller material use cast iron or welded steel, and fully guarantee the impeller stability in a variety of adverse conditions, and greatly increased the pump life. 
3. Pump body uses steel, increase the service life of vacuum pump. 
4. As the most easily damaged parts, the shaft sleeve uses high-chromium stainless steel, life expectancy has increased by 5 times. 
5. Pulley (belt drive) is standard high-precision, reliable operation and long service life and convenient disassemble. 
6. Coupling (direct Transmission) uses standard high-strength flexible coupling, flexible component uses polyurethane material, which is stable and reliable operation, long service life. 
7. 'Unique top-mounted gas-water separator to save space and reduce the noise. 
8. All casting uses resin sand casting, which is good surface quality, pump cooling well. 
9. Mechanical seal (optional) is imported, fully guaranteed no leakage in the long-running process. 
10. Casing inner wall is similar to the type of oval, ensure the best exhaust results. 

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Q:Why new water pump on Jeep making same noise?
if it is not anything else making the noise then perhaps you have a defective pump....if that jeep has a 4.0 with a manual tensioner then it is very easy to overtighten the belt and cause pre mature failure of the front bearing in the water pump
Q:How much would it be in labor and parts to change a water pump on a new Dodge Durango?
The cheapo water pump from oreillys is $46, the higher end one is around $70. As far as labor, Mitchell OnDemand calls for 2 hours flag rate time to change it out. You'll probably be looking at at least 1 gallon of antifreeze as well for what will be lost changing it out, and I would recommend changing the thermostat when you change the water pump. The 5.9 uses a timing chain, which I wouldnt recommend replacing, seeing as the vehicle has that low of miles on it. I'm not sure how much labor costs in your area, but the shop I work at charges $75 per flag rate hour. So if we were to do it, taxes and everything it would be right around $250. If you live in a big city, you'll probably be expecting to pay around $100 a hour for labor at a reputable shop. Good luck and hope this helps.
Q:water pumps?
There are a number of different types that work according to different principles. Try an internet search on water pump.
Q:how hard is it to do a water pump change on a 1999 vw jetta stick shift?
The water pump is driven by the timing belt on that engine. You don't have to take the alternator, power steering pump, or the a/c compressor off, but you do have to make sure it is timed right. Not too hard to do, just make sure the marks line up. Good luck!
Q:How do you remove a water pump from a 93 Ford Taurus 3.8?
drain radiator. remove both 21mm motor mount bolts from subframe (front and rear). drain radiator. remove overflow/washer bottle. remove drive belt. remove 8mm bolt that hold lower watertube to front cover. remove lower water tube from water pump. remove heater hoses from water pump. slightly lift engine with floor jack. remove water pump pully. remove water pump. if you still cant get it you will need to remove the 4 studs that go through the water pump. now its just that easy to do
Q:how is water pumped from deep wells?
You push it from the bottom. Home water wells have a plastic hose and a power cord along side and the pump is attached to the end and lowered down the hole and pushes the water up the hose. Oil wells are commonly pressurized, but where not that donkey engine you see in oil fields is attached to a long rod or cable and at the bottom of the hole is a pair of valves and a piston and the mechanism pulls the oil in the lower valve and pushes it through the upper valve and that pushes the previous oil up the pipe.
Q:is sump pump water clean?
The only thing it would be suitable for is flushing toilets.
Q:Bad alternator or bad water pump pulley?
Well from your description I would say it's the water pump, as that is where the residue is but if all the pullies are spinning by hand I would suggest gtting a throwaway belt and looking for yourself. Also if you had any overheating problems before than I would lean to the water pump, or if you had any dead batteries or charging problems I would lean to the alternator then. What about the A/C compressor that could also be the problem, so could a tensioner as well. So I stick with my original statement and try to get a cheap belt and look for yourself, just make sure you wear protective glasses so if it does snap you dont lose your eyes actually just be careful when you do it OK!!! Good Luck, Tony
Q:Trouble with Cam Seals and Water Pump! Help!!?
change the water pump and the timing belt. the belts on any car should be changed at 100000 miles. make them show you the water pump and explain what the problem was with far as the cam seals just keep an eye on them and keep the oil checked.a little oil leak is no big deal with that many miles. go to your local parts store and ask them about oil addittives that might help recondition the seals.
Q:Does changing the car's coolant damage the water pump?
Changing the coolant would not damage your water pump, especially not in a short period of time. Water pumps just eventually go bad and the first sign is usually a leak. If your mechanic is going to replace your water pump for 70 dollars I think that sounds very reasonable.

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