Liquid Filter Bags/Vision Filter Cloth/Needle Felt

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Liquid filter bags/vision  Filter cloth/Needle Felt



Liquid filter bags

These bags are widely used in such industries as food and beverag,bioengineering and pharmaceutical,automobile manufacturing,petroleum and natural gas,electronics and galvanization,coat,paint and ink,nuclear/thermal power plant and waste liquid filtration,fluid filtration in photographic film production process,fluid and gas purification in daily chemicals industry,filtration of various fluids in textile,printing & dyeing and paper making industries.


Materials used for liquid filter bag collars:stainless steel collars.galvanized steel collars and Ppplastic collars.


















vision  Filter cloth is mainly used in liquid/solid separation and dust collection. 

Its commonly used in smelling works, chemical plants, sugar refining, dyestuff industry, pharmacy, food industry etc.

 Not only the abrasion, but the erosion from filtrate will affect the service life of filter cloth. The following specialties are requested for the industrial filter fabric.

A. Great solid particles arresting efficiency and long service lift.

B. Higher and more stable filtration velocity, less clopping up possibility than conventional.

C. Filter cake can be easily released. The fabric is with great dimension stability and non-flexibl


New model filter cloth has high air permeability. Its service lift and filter capacity is 10 times higher than conventional filter cloth made of multifilament and staple fibers. It especially adapts to continuous production environment such as alumina, phosphate fertilizer, cement, melting, and chemical industries. New model high efficient filter cloth can widely increase the productivity and reduce the intensity of work because its great specialties.



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Q:Filter press filter cloth a piece of broken, need to change all?
Generally speaking, a bad piece of change.The replacement is based on the failure of the filter cloth, the poor filtration efficiency, and the use of cleaning.
Q:After the activated carbon is treated with alcohol, how many filter cloth can filter out?
We recommend to customers in case of alcohol treatment, activated carbon filter media filter, if the alcohol after the activated carbon filter, containing a small amount of activated carbon and other impurities in the raw material, the fine filter should choose 0.1 micron filter bag.
Q:China filter press filter cloth production of better manufacturers, preferably Jiangsu
Go to Zhejiang to buy cloth to go to the rooftop of a stall, ask what the manufacturers have no types of cloth, manufacturers what all have, what has nothing to do, I am afraid, as well as manufacturers on weight, not according to the area, the quality can not talk about, carefully!
Q:Tofu filter cloth said 20 items, 40 eyes, 60 eyes, 80 items, what do you mean?
You said 20 different mesh density, and is 1 inches (2.54cm) latitude or longitude has 20 holes, the higher number is more dense, the higher the filtration accuracy.
Q:What specifications should be used for edible oil filter cloth?
Uses: used for alkaline strong manufacturers and rubber industry.Product model: 295 - 1, 295 - 102, 295, 1, 104, 295 - 105, 295 - 107, 295 - 114, 295 - 1 ()A lot of people ask, edible oil filtration effect is bad, basically be to have in this respect:1. slow filtration rate2. filter material is difficult to clean3. mud cake relatively high oil contentWe can analyze these problems1. filtration rate is slow?Oil itself is viscous, the flow rate is much slower than water, this is real, to improve the flow rate, only to the oil heating, the higher the temperature, the faster the flow rate, in order to increase oil flow, and reduce viscosity.
Q:The monofilament filter cloth and multifilament filter what is the difference?
The warp / weft yarn, which is composed of a plurality of fiber to form a silk. According to the fiber length is divided into long fiber filament / staple fiber multifilament multifilament filter cloth on fine particle retention. The effect is good, the particles into cloth, because the fiber is not easy to clean out more, so relatively speaking multifilament monofilament filter cloth cloth regeneration effect is not good, easy to plug, the discharge is not convenient (imported cloth light.
Q:Plate filter press filter cloth with what bubble, the effect is good
This can be soaked with hydrochloric acid, which is also known as "filter treatment.""
Q:The monofilament filter cloth and multifilament filter cloth have what difference,
Simply put, monofilament filter cloth is woven by Dan Gensi, with easy to unload cake, easy regeneration, high filtration efficiency, less than 10 microns of particles, monofilament filter cloth can not reach.
Q:Which brands are better for filter cloth and filter?
Shanghai Dingji Water Treatment Technology Co. Ltd. has cloth filter technology patent. Products obtained by the Ministry of science and technology, "11th Five-Year national major scientific and technological achievements.". Pretty good
Q:What type of filter cloth for detergent impurity filtration?
I can tell you with certainty that nothing can be filtered! The number of large, no filtering, because the detergent is too thick; small mesh, filter meaningful?Make detergent, to the need to filter the point, it is enough to spell it. Friends, or from raw materials, purity, water quality, clean up a good effort!

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