Liquid Filter Bags/Vision Filter Cloth/Needle Felt /Industrial Truck Inner Filter Cloth

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Liquid Filter Bags/Vision  Filter Cloth/Needle Felt


industrial truck inner filter cloth 




Liquid filter bags

These bags are widely used in such industries as food and beverag,bioengineering and pharmaceutical,automobile manufacturing,petroleum and natural gas,electronics and galvanization,coat,paint and ink,nuclear/thermal power plant and waste liquid filtration,fluid filtration in photographic film production process,fluid and gas purification in daily chemicals industry,filtration of various fluids in textile,printing & dyeing and paper making industries.


Materials used for liquid filter bag collars:stainless steel collars.galvanized steel collars and Ppplastic collars.


















vision  Filter cloth is mainly used in liquid/solid separation and dust collection. 

Its commonly used in smelling works, chemical plants, sugar refining, dyestuff industry, pharmacy, food industry etc.

 Not only the abrasion, but the erosion from filtrate will affect the service life of filter cloth. The following specialties are requested for the industrial filter fabric.

A. Great solid particles arresting efficiency and long service lift.

B. Higher and more stable filtration velocity, less clopping up possibility than conventional.

C. Filter cake can be easily released. The fabric is with great dimension stability and non-flexibl


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Q:What glue does the filter cloth adhere to?
If it is a cylinder vacuum permanent magnetic external filter, because your filter width (people's cloth face is not wide enough) needs bonding.
Q:No leakage of filter cloth. What's the reason? Fifteen
Wash it with acid or alkali, and neutralize your material. If not, change it. It has a life span!!
Q:Do industrial filters have industry standards or national standards?
Current industrial standards or national standards for industrial filter cloth are available:FZ/T 64015-2009 woven filter clothDetermination of water permeability of woven fabrics of GB/T 24119-2009Determination of GB/T 24219-2009 woven filter cloth bubble diameterGB/T 5542-2007 dyes -- Determination of large particles -- single layer filter cloth filtration methodTest method for mechanical and physical properties of woven fabrics for JB/T 11092-2011 solid liquid separationTest method for filtration performance of woven fabrics for JB/T 11093-2011 solid liquid separationTechnical specification for weaving filter cloth for JB/T 11094-2011 solid liquid separationJC/T 768-2002 glass fiber filter clothQB/T 2735-2005, sugar making machine, filter cloth, vacuum suction filter.
Q:Press filter liquid paohuajian should use what cloth
The surface treatment technology of glass fiber fabric has experienced four generations.The first generation, silicone (silicone) treatment, after treatment, the filter material has lubricity, reduce the damage caused by bending, dust spalling improved;The second generation, silicone, PTFE resin treatment, so that the heat resistance of filter materials increased by 20~30 degrees;The third generation of silicone, PTFE, graphite treatment, heat treatment filter material can be used at 280 degrees of continuous use, bending resistance, abrasion resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance is also improved;The fourth generation, based on special resins, has improved resistance to chemical decay and dust strippingB, glass fibre cloth glass fiber bulked yarn is the use of the glass fiber puffing process soft, slightly swollen, three-dimensional structure, so that the glass fiber cloth with long fiber high strength and short fibers.
Q:What is the cause of poor dewatering of vacuum cloth?
Vacuum filter cloth damage, leakage or blockage will cause vacuum damage, resulting in this result.Dehydration effect is not good in the following aspects of the problem:1, to see how much filtration pressure, if the filter pressure is small, this problem can be solved, pressure change feeding pump, there is now as large as 1-2MPa pressure feed pump.2, to see if the density of the filter cloth is too dense or too dense, you can change the filter cloth with smaller density.3, to see if the viscosity of the filtrate is too large, too large to add a suitable flocculant. The first step: press filter operation before the whole machine must be checked: to see whether the filter cloth discount or overlap, whether the power supply is normal connection. Check after the pressing operation, first click on the "start" button, the pump starts to work, and then click the "pressing" button, the piston pushes the pressure plate pressure, when the pressing force to set high pressure hydraulic system, automatic shutdown.
Q:What filter cloth is used in refinery waste oil filtration?
Ask a professional Chengdu Hongzhou filter cloth trade Co. ltd..The main production of cloth, automatic packing machine, dust bag, packet line, filter frame, frame filter, filter plate, high strength polyester geotextile series, acupuncture non-woven filter series, high strength woven cloth industry etc..
Q:How much is the number of single PA-66 type 750A type 750B type filter cloth filter cloth type 3927?
Generally speaking, the diameter of the filter, that is, the accuracy of filtration. PA-66's 50 m, 750A, 750B 15-20 microns, of which 750B breathable larger, faster filtering, 3927, 5 microns or more points. Hope to be of help to you. These kinds of filter cloth are widely used, and are also the filter cloth that can be used in non special industries at present. Hope to be of help to you.
Q:How do you remove the filter cloth from the washing machine?
Fixed screw removal washing machine clutch and below the belt, and then do the third step, washing and dewatering shaft nut after directly with a hammer and iron shaft alignment clutch, to knock him down, to two people, one person to carry on the dehydration barrel, a person can put a drop hammer. Panasonic to clutch. Install from bottom to top when installing. The sealing surface is clean and generally does not leakThe order of the change and deceleration clutch is opposite to the order of removing the reducing clutch. That is the first with fastening screws on the supporting plate gear clutch changed, then loaded on a triangle belt and a fixed frame, the washing machine erected, the dewatering shaft installed in the clutch gear gasket, put the washing dewatering bucket and a cushion, fastening the dewatering shaft nut, square core installed gasket, wave wheel, and then use the screw impeller the fastening wheel, finally put the bucket ring and the fixed seat can be controlled.
Q:How to install the filter cloth of the filter?
Maintenance of bag filter1. Check the connection of the bag filter all the time, whether there is leakage or damage.2, do not open the lid in the bag filter pressure, otherwise the remaining liquid may be ejected, and cause liquid loss and personnel injury.
Q:What does the filter cloth used in the press filter mean?
Is the filtration of the emulsion kind of boring, such as sulfur sulfonic acid, the purpose is to increase the density.Zhengzhou Pengda ring filter supplies companyAskCan you tell me in detail how to increase the density? What's the density?Chasing the answerFor further information, please contact our company by telephone

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