Liquid Filter Bags/Vision Filter Cloth/Needle Felt/Filter

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Liquid filter bags/vision  Filter cloth/Needle Felt



Liquid filter bags

These bags are widely used in such industries as food and beverag,bioengineering and pharmaceutical,automobile manufacturing,petroleum and natural gas,electronics and galvanization,coat,paint and ink,nuclear/thermal power plant and waste liquid filtration,fluid filtration in photographic film production process,fluid and gas purification in daily chemicals industry,filtration of various fluids in textile,printing & dyeing and paper making industries.


Materials used for liquid filter bag collars:stainless steel collars.galvanized steel collars and Ppplastic collars.


















vision  Filter cloth is mainly used in liquid/solid separation and dust collection. 

Its commonly used in smelling works, chemical plants, sugar refining, dyestuff industry, pharmacy, food industry etc.

 Not only the abrasion, but the erosion from filtrate will affect the service life of filter cloth. The following specialties are requested for the industrial filter fabric.

A. Great solid particles arresting efficiency and long service lift.

B. Higher and more stable filtration velocity, less clopping up possibility than conventional.

C. Filter cake can be easily released. The fabric is with great dimension stability and non-flexibl


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Q:What is the cause of poor dewatering of vacuum cloth?
Dehydration is not good, there are several reasons: 1. vacuum is not enough, increase the vacuum pump power...Not very clear, I plan to use a newspaper, when the newspaper notice whether there are skirts, materials, filter particle size on itThe quality of this cloth is Never mind ah and runtime must always pay attention to good, once found deviation to timely calibration, don't wait until the discount is not adjusted, of course easy to damage... A piece of cloth or very expensive. After several adjustments, basically can not be adjusted, if the continuous adjustment and repair, then it is necessary to see whether the bearings are unevenIs it the power cord of the motor? If it is right or wrong, find the thread and connect it up.
Q:What do you need to notice when the filter is not removed from the machine and the filter cloth is cleaned?
Do you have a frame press filter without automatic cleaning?If the board is inside the box, cloth must be clean, cloth should not scrub, scrub cloth may lead to uneven liquid leakage, the available soft scrub brush.
Q:Jing Jin filter press diaphragm cloth badly damaged, what is the matter?
Hello, that's the case with us.The main reason is that the diaphragm needs constant tympanic membrane and pressure relief. The filter plate is used to push the filter cloth up, but the filter cloth is squeezed by the material, which eventually causes friction and tearing between the filter plate and the filter cloth.
Q:Does anyone know what kind of filter oil to filter peanut oil?
I've been filtering it out until it's filtered out. Do you know what kind of filter cloth will be better?I've been filtering it out until it's filtered out. Do you know what kind of filter cloth will be better?Chasing the answerThe filter cloth is the same. It's very troublesome to clean it.
Q:Today, change the filter for the fish tank. Why is it changed? The water is getting dirtier and dirtier
After you put on the new filter cottonPump water into the filter box, the impurities into the fish tank again
Q:Press filter liquid paohuajian should use what cloth
The surface treatment technology of glass fiber fabric has experienced four generations.The first generation, silicone (silicone) treatment, after treatment, the filter material has lubricity, reduce the damage caused by bending, dust spalling improved;The second generation, silicone, PTFE resin treatment, so that the heat resistance of filter materials increased by 20~30 degrees;The third generation of silicone, PTFE, graphite treatment, heat treatment filter material can be used at 280 degrees of continuous use, bending resistance, abrasion resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance is also improved;The fourth generation, based on special resins, has improved resistance to chemical decay and dust strippingB, glass fibre cloth glass fiber bulked yarn is the use of the glass fiber puffing process soft, slightly swollen, three-dimensional structure, so that the glass fiber cloth with long fiber high strength and short fibers.
Q:What glue does the filter cloth brush with?
Is the filtration of the emulsion kind of boring, such as sulfur sulfonic acid, the purpose is to increase the density.
Q:What specifications should be used for edible oil filter cloth?
Vinylon for clothPerformance: chemical name of vinylon cloth called polyvinyl alcohol, its strength is lower than polyester, strength is only3.52 - 5.72Cndtex. Elongation of fracture ranged from 12% to 25%. The elasticity difference, the fabric maintains the shape to be bad, the abrasion resistance is good, the durability is 1 - 2 times compared to the pure cotton. But there is one of the biggest advantages is able to withstand the strong effect, and good hygroscopicity, and easy rubber together, is a good material used in rubber industry, it is the shortcomings of low temperature, the temperature of 100 DEG C has no shrinkage, acid resistance.
Q:Drawing method and matters needing attention of filter press filter cloth drawing
Using AUTOCAD software, the general method of drawing should first understand the filter frame size, general drawing frame than under the cloth around the 3cm, mapping to know Ming frame undercurrent, determine a good liquid, show when drawing! If the use of monofilament filter cloth or twill cloth to cloth welt but also in the drawings painted, generally with the shadow said. There are other considerations, too. Let me tell you what I think.
Q:The powder is easy to adsorb and stick to the filter bag. What kind of filter cloth is better?
answerFilter cloth itself is a waste product, bad is normal.Points for attention of filter press filter cloth:1. filter cloth should not hang too loose or too tight, too loose, easy to dust, too tight, easy to pull bad.2. old bag should not be mixed, to avoid damage to different time affect the normal work of equipments.3. replace the filter bag, first use compressed air blowing, and then check whether there is a broken hole, there are broken holes repaired, to be replaced.

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