Limestone crushing equipment- heavy counter hammer crusher

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1, Materials with moisture can also be crushed
2, Hammer with excellent abrasion resistance, long service life and low change frequency
3, Production cost can be reduced up to 58% in stone prodution line when compared with jaw crusher plus impact crusher
4, Various types of machines with crushing capacity ranging from 50-800t/h are provided

Limestone crushing equipment- heavy counter hammer crusher

Limestone crushing equipment of choice - heavy counter hammer crusher

Limestone is the main component of calcium carbonate, in many areas of modern society have a high value. With the development of modern economy, limestone crushing production line from the original manual operation, to the semi-manual control, to the now fully automated mechanical operations. Limestone crushing production is gradually moving in the direction of large-scale, intelligent and environmental protection.

Many types of crusher, but for the hardness of brittle materials such as limestone, the first consideration is equipped with a heavy counterattack hammer crusher. The so-called heavy-duty equipment in terms of feed and processing capacity can meet the needs of users higher, the traditional counter-break generally used as the second break, the maximum feed size of 35, it is difficult to meet user needs, and heavy counterattack hammer crusher 1600mm material can be broken to a one-time 25mm below; In addition, the device combines the traditional counter-break and hammer broken double advantage, the material can not only be counterattack plate counterattack impact, but also access to material hammer blow and grinding , The material faster to be broken after discharge, too little powder to solve the difficult situation of stone.

  The improved heavy counter-hammer crusher can adjust the size of the material size by adjusting the gap between the adjusting liner and the hammer at the bottom to select the required material granularity. In order to extend the life of the rotor disc, but also add wear-resistant outer ring rotor, this patented design, greatly reduce the degree of rotor disc wear. The crusher internal counterattack plate, side liner, threaded plate is played on the material broken, plastic role.

Limestone crushing equipment- heavy counter hammer crusher

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Q:What are the classification of crusher generally?
This depends mainly on what you do. If it is stone production line, there are heavy hammer crusher, jaw crusher, counter crusher, cone crusher, and so on!
Q:Crusher no-load test machine should pay attention to what?
7. no dust shall be allowed in each seal.8., determine the actual power of the motor, shall not have abnormal fluctuations.9. crusher load operation test should be 5-6 hours continuously, when the operation is confirmed as normal, it can be put into operation formally.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the coarse cone crusher compared with the jaw crusher?
Advantages of cone crusher:1 、 reasonable structure, reliable performance, stable operation, high performance price ratio2, large crushing ratio, high yield, low wear3 、 frame adopts high strength cast steel, finishing process, stronger strength4 、 reliable sealing, effectively prolong the cycle of lubricant replacement and the service life of components5 、 hydraulic cleaning chamber, easy to operate and simple6, the whole machine adjustment is operated by the hydraulic system, faster and more labor-saving7, the use of compound cavity type, cube, high yield8, coarse, medium, fine and broken, complex cavity type, large choice spaceDisadvantages of cone crusher: the price is more expensive
Q:What are the common crusher parts?
The cone crusher is mainly composed of a frame, a transmission shaft, an eccentric sleeve, a spherical bearing, a broken cone, an adjusting device, an adjusting sleeve, a spring and a blanking port
Q:How to choose the proper cone crusher
According to the manufacturer's qualification; if a company to produce high quality cone crusher machine, it must have professional qualifications, advanced production technology and equipment, professional technical personnel and has a certain scale of production.
Q:There is a 110Kw motor belt, a crusher, frequency control, running about 2000 hours a year: should consume 220000 degrees, right?
There must be a connection between reactive power compensation and reactive power compensation!
Q:What is the cause of the left and right swing of the crankshaft?
Preventive measures:1) on-site maintenance personnel in the maintenance operation, should be replaced by the cone crusher scrap parts recycling, placed in the designated location, is strictly prohibited to scrap all kinds of metal waste into the ore at will.2) the maintenance staff in the dressing workshop shall strictly observe the operating rules and avoid the maintenance tools and sundries left in the equipment when they are overhauling the equipment.3) by purchasing and relying on their own technical power, the existing metal detectors can be updated or modified to improve the capability of metal detectors to detect and eliminate metals.4) feed belt guard crusher operator to strengthen the sense of responsibility, increase the material inspection efforts, found out the foreign body should be timely.
Q:What's the price of metal crusher, scrap can crusher, scrap iron and aluminium crusher?
Look at the model you want. It's around more than 10000
Q:The difference between wood double shaft crusher and wood crusher
The principle and structure are different
Q:What are the uses and functions of the crusher?
Crusher is mainly used to break stones, stone crusher according to large categories can be divided into medical stone crusher and mining machine. The principle of mining machine is suitable for mining massive stone crushing hard rock, its typical granite grain size less than 40mm accounted for 90%, the function of processing length of 100 ~ 500 mm below the material, its compressive strength up to 350 MPa, high crushing ratio, cubic particles of broken material etc.. Mining machinery refers to crushing materials in the discharge of more than three millimeters in size, accounting for more than 50% of the total discharge of crushing machinery.

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