Limestone crushing equipment- heavy counter hammer crusher

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1, Materials with moisture can also be crushed
2, Hammer with excellent abrasion resistance, long service life and low change frequency
3, Production cost can be reduced up to 58% in stone prodution line when compared with jaw crusher plus impact crusher
4, Various types of machines with crushing capacity ranging from 50-800t/h are provided

Limestone crushing equipment- heavy counter hammer crusher

Limestone crushing equipment of choice - heavy counter hammer crusher

Limestone is the main component of calcium carbonate, in many areas of modern society have a high value. With the development of modern economy, limestone crushing production line from the original manual operation, to the semi-manual control, to the now fully automated mechanical operations. Limestone crushing production is gradually moving in the direction of large-scale, intelligent and environmental protection.

Many types of crusher, but for the hardness of brittle materials such as limestone, the first consideration is equipped with a heavy counterattack hammer crusher. The so-called heavy-duty equipment in terms of feed and processing capacity can meet the needs of users higher, the traditional counter-break generally used as the second break, the maximum feed size of 35, it is difficult to meet user needs, and heavy counterattack hammer crusher 1600mm material can be broken to a one-time 25mm below; In addition, the device combines the traditional counter-break and hammer broken double advantage, the material can not only be counterattack plate counterattack impact, but also access to material hammer blow and grinding , The material faster to be broken after discharge, too little powder to solve the difficult situation of stone.

  The improved heavy counter-hammer crusher can adjust the size of the material size by adjusting the gap between the adjusting liner and the hammer at the bottom to select the required material granularity. In order to extend the life of the rotor disc, but also add wear-resistant outer ring rotor, this patented design, greatly reduce the degree of rotor disc wear. The crusher internal counterattack plate, side liner, threaded plate is played on the material broken, plastic role.

Limestone crushing equipment- heavy counter hammer crusher

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Q:Roller crusher and general crusher compared to what is a little ah? Why is it so expensive?
Roller press, also known as extrusion mill, rolling mill, grinding is a new energy-saving equipment developed in the middle of 80s, with an alternative to high energy consumption and low efficiency of ball mill pre grinding system, and reduce the steel consumption and noise function, suitable for the construction of new plants, also can be used for the technical transformation of the old factory.The use of roller press can make ball mill production increased by 50 - 110%, after the material cake after pressing 0.08mm fine aggregate accounted for 20 - 35%, less than 2mm accounted for 65 - 85%, the internal structure of small particles due to extrusion and filled with many small cracks, grindability is greatly improved. The roller surface adopts hot surfacing, and the wear-resisting layer is more convenient to repair.Roller presses are really expensive, but where is the production efficiency?! Used to use a lot of crusher can reach the output, with roller press easy to get!
Q:What are the causes of the noise in the crusher? 5 ways to solve the noise of crushing machinery
In transit controlReasonable design in general layout. In the arrangement of factories and graphic design, should be the main noise source or device away from the workshop, workshop requirements test room, office of quiet, or high noise equipment should be concentrated, which is convenient to control, field production site should be fully considered in the design of terrain and wind direction, may be appropriate to increase the soundproof wall noise processing.A barrier to prevent the noise propagation by 2, or the use of natural terrain such as hills, slopes, trees, bushes or tall buildings are not afraid of noisy or add structures.3 use of sound source directivity characteristics to control noise, such as the use of sound-absorbing cotton and other programs, such as the high pressure boiler exhaust steam, blast furnace leaked oxygen machine exhaust outlet towards the wilderness or sky, to reduce the impact on the environment.
Q:Technical parameters of 135 hammer crusher
PC series hammer crusher is broken by the impact of high speed rotating hammer and collision of materials and materials. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high efficiency, high yield and so on. PC hammer crusher is widely used in wet and dry crushing, crushing of low and medium hard materials, mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, road construction, petroleum and chemical industry.
Q:Is the impact crusher the impact crusher?
Vertical shaft impact sand making machine is broken, the horizontal back breaking crusher is the principle of distinction is very similar to the difference is the vertical and horizontal but generally do not say the impact crusher is impact crusher structure is not the same
Q:What is a through crusher?
The crusher is a new kind of crushing equipment, its features are: small size, simple structure, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, high production capacity, uniform particle size, and selective crushing effect, is a promising crusher equipment; the disadvantage is in hammer and impact plate especially easy to wear, especially for crushing hard ore, wear is more serious, the need for frequent replacement. At present due to some wear resistant materials, has been applied in some metal processing plants.
Q:What are the different uses of the common double shaft machines and single spindle machines in the waste crusher? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two crushers?
The principle of a single spindle machine is like chewing teeth, and the principle of the double shaft machine is like scissors and hooks. In terms of energy efficiency, the energy consumption of the double shaft machine is lower, and the energy consumption of the single axle machine is higher.
Q:Rotating direction of hammer crusher
The direction of rotation is determined by what is on the stand, facing the feed port, and at the right side of the feed port, it should be clockwiseThe distance between the hammer head and the screen is not fixed, and the thickness of the material can be adjusted according to the thickness of the material. The larger the distance is, the thicker the material is, and the smaller the material is discharged
Q:What is the capacity of a crusher for one month?
The Great Wall heavy, broken and cone broken output can reach 800 tons per hour, and then you can according to your stone line crusher in the specific work every day to get the crusher's monthly output
Q:What kind of powder does ferroalloy crusher have?
The proportion of the powder is not the same, ferroboron is not clear, for the rare earth ferrosilicon magnesium alloy, ferrosilicon and other 75 have tried jaw crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher three, jaw crusher is the highest rate of powder, but the highest efficiency.
Q:Principle of roll crusher, how about the output of 610*400 roller crusher?
When the roller crusher is in production, the motor is usually driven by two motors, the motor drives the bearing to rotate, and then the material is extruded and crushed, and the effect is good,. Suitable for crushing small pieces of powder processing.

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