Lime Green Color Sheepskin Rug with Soft Touch

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Product Description:

Sheepskin Carpet / Rug

Specification of our Sheepkin Carpet / Rug :

1) Material : pure Australian Sheepkin fur or pure New Zealand Sheepskin fur

2) Wool Length: 55-75mm

3)Size :  100*60cm OR 55X95cm OR Double /Quarto/Sexto/Octo Size or other customed size

4) Color : White , Beige , Yellow , Grey , Black , Brown , Blue , Green or other customed color

5) Package : 20-50pcs packed into one carton box. The carton box size is about 110cm x 57cm x 57cm or 20cm x 15cm x 15cm .

6) Usage: Home , Car

Advantages of our Sheepkin Carpet / Rug:

We have two kinds sheepskin carpet/rug , one is Australia Sheepkin Rug , another is Nealand Sheepskin Rug.

The Australia Sheepkin Rug is made of 100% pure sheepskin that is imported from Australia.

The New Zealand Sheepkin Rug is made of 100% pure sheepskin that is imported from New Zealand.

The wool of our sheepskin is extremely dense, which provides for a more comfortable and durable.

Pictures of our Sheepkin Carpet / Rug:







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Q:The cost of carpet replacement.?
You can buy carpet for under $1 a square foot. It takes about $2 a square foot to get quality carpet. Try to find it on sale. Somewhere in between $1-2 is alright - especially on sale. $3 buys very nice carpeting. Carpet comes in 15' width. It's not the most popular width, but it is out there. You should go online to Lowes or Home Depot and search carpet. Use the filter to select 15' width. If you live in the Midwest, Menards would have better deals on carpet.
Q:Stained carpet question?
You have to be careful with wool, a lot of products that can clean carpet can also damage it (though typically, good wool carpeting is very cleanable compared to the synthetics or cheaper wool). The solution is dependent upon the stain and color of the stain. Your best bet would be to have it professionally cleaned using hot water extraction (aka - steam cleaned), by a reputable carpet cleaner. By reputable, I don't mean one of the large corporately owned companies, as they seem to nearly always do a horrible job. They're very in-and-out trying to make a quick buck, though they may be cheaper. They should be using chemicals to clean the carpet, and have the proper knowledge and know how to diagnose the stain and then remove it. Even if the stain cannot be removed, a good carpet restoration person can dye it back to, or very nearly to, its original color easily. We do this all the time on all colors of carpet. Without seeing the stain, its hard to tell you what exactly might work. Also, if you don't know exactly what you're doing, and you try it yourself, you could actually make the stain worse, or set it in for good. Might be able to tell you more if there was a picture to see the stain though. Anytime you spill something on your carpet that you know is likely to leave a stain, the best thing you can do is put water on it, and just keep it wet until you can have it cleaned, preferably as soon as possible.
Q:Can carpet be heated by warm ground?
Water heating refers to the heating of water to a certain temperature, transport to the floor of the water pipe heat dissipation network, heating through the floor and heating purposes to achieve a heating way.The low temperature ground heat medium forms a gradually decreasing temperature gradient from the sole of the foot to the head, thus giving the feet a warm and cool head. Ground radiation heating conforms to the fitness theory of "warming foot and cool top". It is the most comfortable heating mode and the symbol of modern quality of life.
Q:Is my carpet moldy???
Carpet will not provide a food source for mold unless it is contaminated with organic type spills, including food, feces, vomit, possibly urine, and blood. Mold grows when high humidity is present, normally on wood or paper, which would be the food source. You do not mention what type of spills took place on your carpet, or if you have pets. Homes with pets are among the dirtiest homes on the planet. Urine stains that penetrated the carpet, carpet pad, and made it to the wood floor, will harbor bacteria living in the alkaline urine salts. They become active during high humidity conditions and produce ammonia type odors. Unfortunatly, people attempt to spot spills and stains from their carpet with out regard to proper cleaning procedures, they leave the cleaning solution and the spill in the carpet, wipe with a towel, when the solution and spill shoiuld have been rinsed/extracted from the carpet fibers. Every pro does the rinse/extraction process or they would be out of business. My suggestion, replace your carpet, carpet pad. seal the floor where it is contaminated with whatever and start over with new carpet. Have your new carpet professionally cleaned yearly with the hot water extraction process. Carpeting is a big investment, take care of it in the future.
Q:Ur parents leave u alone for the first time an the first thing u do is spill red soda on ur mother's white rug?
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Q:Rent a carpet cleaner?
Carpet cleaning machines can be rented at tool rental centers, old fashioned hardware stores , DIY stores, and even at larger grocery stores. I worked part time in high school for a carpet cleaning company. Rent a canister style machine. This machine applies water to carpet ,vacuums dirty water and is very user friendly. This style is what pros use. Here are some tricks of trade. ( 1) Clear the room of every thing / furniture leaves shadows and you will leave more indents on wet carpet. (2) Get good lighting in area.( 3) Vacuum carpet ( 4) Clean the carpet in sections/ The traffic areas of carpet will need more attention. (5) Do not over apply soap mixture/ if the padding gets too wet takes forever to dry. (6) Go over carpet indents a few times and the will blend into existing carpet. ( 7) Buy the recommended soap for the machine/ Good soap does the job right with less work/ Its a concentrate and mixes with water.(8) Upon completion the room will be feel humid and a little damp/ Box fans on the floor speed up drying time.(9) Clean the machine and reservoirs or the rental co. will charge you.
Q:how do remove wax from my carpet?
Put tissue paper/kitchen paper over the top and warm the paper with an iron. Don't have the iron on steam and don't have it too hot. Keep moving the paper around as it starts to soak up the wax as it begins to melt.
Q:Laying carpet over old?
that sounds icky unless its really old and ugly what would be the point if you don't own maybe you should come to some kind of an agreement with your landlord
Q:How do you carpet a subwoofer enclosure?
simple.just get the carpet you some contact cement at local hardware.apply cement to both carpet and can use a small paint brush,but buy cheap ones you can only use it once.allow to dry to a tacky finish.stick carpet and carful once its stuck its there to stay.also have you thought about having bedliner sprayed on or do it yourself spray liner.check atoumotive supplier or local bedliner co.
Q:How do you get wax out of the carpet?
Use an iron and a lot of cleans cotton or linen rags (nothing pilly or plushy, like towels). Pour a bit of boiling hot water on the spot and pick and scrub at it to get out what you can, and scrape at it with a butter knife is it's really on there thick. Then, use the iron for a FEW SECONDS over another clean rag to help suck up the crumbs and bits that you dislodged by picking and scraping. Repeat as necessary. And be rough about it! A few lost fibers of carpet aren't going to mar the look of the carpet as much as the stain will. Carpets are built tough. They can take the scraping and scrubbing and picking. Now, if the candles are heavily colored like red or black, that's another story. Follow up the removal of the wax with a steam cleaning of the carpet, with a heavy dose of Resolve carpet cleaner (and some Clorox Clean-up spray with Bleach if the carpet is light enough, but only DIRECTLY on the discoloration.)

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