Lightweight fireproof expandable polystyrene sandwich panel

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200000 m²/month

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Packaging Detail:expandable polystyrene sandwich panel Standard exporting packing: wrapped with plastic thin film, wedge protect by hard paper then pack on wood pallet. Packing size: 1500-3000*610*1000mm.
Delivery Detail:within 10 working days


expandable polystyrene sandwich panel 
1. lightweight: 83.9kg/m2 
2. fireproof: A1 
3. hanging force>1000N 
4. heat insulated


Product Description

Fireproof waterproof expandable polystyrene sandwich panel



Features of EPS cement sandwich wall panel:




1. Heat preservation and Energy saving  


    The EPS grain used in the core of the sandwich wall panel has good heat preservation function,  can adjust the indoor temperature at a constant range, can save the energy used for air conditioning and heating. Victor stone EPS cement Sandwich wall panel is a perfect material to build thermally insulated wall. 


2. Light weight and anti- seismic


   The weight of EPS sandwich panel is only 1/10 of the traditional brick, it can allow you to build higher buildings and it will save 2/3 cost on foundation, beam, column structure. The panel-column connection has good Seismic performance, the index come up to 8.5. It can also apply to soft geology areas' buildings.


3. Fire proof


   Tested by the National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials, Victor stone EPS Sandwich panels' fire resistance duration is 4 hours ,Class A1 non-combustible.


4. Sound insulation


   The EPS Polystyrene grain inside the core of the Victor stone Sandwich panel has good sound insulation and sound-absorption performance.


5. Water proof


   Tests prove that the water containers made by our panel without plastering can hold water without leaking.


6. Space saving


   Our panel is thinner than the traditional blocks, it can increase the saleable area by 8~10%, save construction space and reduce the cost.


7.  Easy construction and time saving 


   Our panels can be cut and drilled, uses dry way construction. Acheived the assembly installation, the speed is 6~7 times faster than the traditional wet way construction, greatly reduce the construction period.



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Q:Can glued wallpaper be glued to the sandwich panel?
According to material classification: can be divided into inorganic insulation materials, organic insulation materials and composite insulation materials three types. Inorganic insulation materials are common: YT inorganic reactive wall insulation materials, rock wool board, glass beads insulation mortar, foam cement board, glass wool board and so on. Organic insulation materials are: molded polystyrene board, extruded polystyrene board, phenolic resin board, polyurethane plate and so on. According to the shape classification: can also be divided into plate, powder and so on. According to the fire rating: divided into A-class non-flammable type, B1 grade flame retardant, B2 grade combustible type. Inorganic insulation materials are A-class materials, organic insulation materials up to B1 level.
Q:What kind of manual sandwich panels can be done? What is the difference between a manual sandwich panel and a mechanism sandwich panel?
the bottom of each pole should be set at the bottom or pad
Q:What is the difference between rock wool sandwich panels, EPS sandwich panels and polyurethane sandwich panels?
Can do the insulation that is the foam board, the so-called insulation of the extruded board with high Ji floating reed kill the devil ghost Tong Kankan Kun resistance, low linearity, low expansion characteristics of the structure of the closed-cell rate reached 99% Above, the formation of vacuum layer, to avoid air flow cooling, to ensure its long-term stability and stability, relative to the foam polyurethane 80% of the closed-hole rate, the leading advantage is self-evident
Q:What is the export tax rebate rate? The The
(Polyurethane waterproof coating, asphalt, etc.); small gap, you can directly hit the silicone sealant; the same time, you can use the silicone sealant, Above all have to ensure that color steel plate fixed firmly, or if loose will damage the water
Q:Sandwich board after spraying the primer to paste the wallpaper how to paste!
The price of the foam board depends on its density, the higher the density, the more expensive the price
Q:Reinforced concrete and metal sandwich board how much difference
JGJ130 has regulations. Not more than 0.4L, and not more than 500mm
Q:What is the difference between the board and the core board? The The
General I-beam cross-section height of not less than 160mm
Q:Will the Yanmian sandwich panels do external wall insulation wall can paste tiles? Do A-class insulation of the external wall insulation materials can be posted what kind of it?
Single row of scaffolding, that is, the entire frame by a row of pole composition; due to its small range (generally only used in decorative construction), poor stability, erection height is small, has gradually withdrawn from the construction market
Q:The general company to re-change the new version, the replacement is very troublesome. Our company's exterior wall decoration board convenient installation, thermal insulation, waterproof moisture, noise reduction noise are interested can consult.
This is hard to say, depends on your house shape, height, height, regular rectangle of the province, the polygon will be more.
Q:What is the weight per unit area of 100 thick rock wool sandwich panels?
First, the electricity management: ⒈ temporary electricity must be "" construction site temporary electricity safety technical specifications "JGJ46-88" compilation of electricity construction organization design and development of safe electricity technical measures and electrical fire protection measures. ⒉ temporary electricity engineering drawings must be drawn solely by the electrical engineering and technical personnel, after the approval of the technical person as a temporary basis for construction. ⒊ temporary electricity construction organization design content and steps: ⑴ site exploration, to determine the power line into the total distribution box (cabinet), the distribution of electrical box location and line direction. ⑵ load calculation, select the wire cross-section and electrical type, specifications. ⑶ draw electrical plan, elevation and wiring system diagram.

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