Lightning Rod

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Quick Details of Lightning Rod:

Discharge Capacity:  200kA(10/350us)

Amplitude Damping Radio:  ≥70

Gradient Damping Multiplying Radio:  ≥48 

Time of Activate in Advance:  60μs 

Currents Limiting Impedance Value:  ≤ 3Ω 

Earthing Resistance:  ≤ 10Ω 

Wind Load:  ≤ 36m/s 

Weight:  7.5kg 

Height:  0.6m 


Specifications of Lighting Rod:

It has a double early streamer emission device:

·An early streamer device

·An electro atmospheric condenser


·Main structure made of stainless steel.

·Deflector set made of resine.


The Technical Parameters of  Lightning Rod:

























Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Detail:According to you requests

Delivery Detail: Within 7 days

 The Lightning Rod


 Lightning of Rod Package


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Q:How to choose domestic lightning arrester in rural area?
Lightning protection, then divided into direct lightning and induction thunder; direct lightning belongs to the outside lightning protection, induction mine belongs to the internal lightning protectionWatch against lightning: the general is to use lightning rod, lead off the line, grounding
Q:Selection of lightning rod for Substation
Lightning rod is generally customized according to height, the appearance can be optional.
Q:Is it necessary to install lightning arresters for outdoor cranes?
There are also some people who are accustomed to turning off the TV, computer and so on when the thunder begins. In fact, this method can not protect the security. Due to the sensitivity of computer and VLSI is unusually high, the lightning arresters installed even in computer facilities building, electromagnetic induction and electrostatic induction lightning strikes, still can form high voltage shock wave, the electronic equipment damaged. A thunderstorm came, it is best not to use the computer, the power is not just turn off the electrical lightning, because the ground is connected to the current strong lightning produced by electrical wires and eventually to the earth, so just turn off the electric power supply, will be through the current into the ground, so just shut the power does not guarantee complete security only, unplug the appliance plug, completely withdraw from the circuit, in order to ensure safety. In addition, in the work or many can not turn off the power supply, to ensure the safety of electricity, or need to choose a large power supply lightning protection socket.
Q:Why can not the anchor pipe of the air pipe be pulled on the lightning rod and lightning protection network?
But the fixed cable stress, if lightning or lightning network connection, may make the grounding system of circuit breaker, this is very dangerous, so ventilation construction quality acceptance standard for air conditioning in a main control project is strictly prohibited fixed riser in pull zipper lightning and lightning protection network.
Q:About lightning protection, grounding, how deep is the need to bury?
In fact, the concept of lightning protection is wrong, usually under the guidance of the mine to the surface.
Q:Lightning conductor; ground wire; safe distance
Lightning conductor, also known as lightning protection needle, is used to protect buildings, tall trees and other devices to avoid lightning strikes. A lightning arrester is installed at the top of the protected object and connected with the specification wire and the underground leakage net buried in the ground. Lightning rod specifications must comply with the GB standard, each lightning protection category required lightning rod height specifications are different.
Q:What principle does lightning rod use to avoid electricity?
These huge trees were also charged with a great deal of electricity, and the trees were knocked down by the accumulation of electricityIn the same condition, probably due to the high building safe and sound arrester. In many towers are in a metal, like a needle, the needle upright things, this is the lightning rod.
Q:Does the wind pack the lightning rod?
Can be installed, but lightning simply for the lightning protection effect of fan and the poor, this is because the fan being struck by lightning during high-speed operation, by a lightning rod can not do within a short time after this may cause loss of shunt, the fan.
Q:Is there a lightning rod and does it turn off when it thunders?
- the correct switch before opening the computer to open the host monitor power supply, off the opposite; do not force the shutdown.In the computer correctly placed gently, away from heat, moisture, dust, avoid direct sunlight.- do not use the computer in
Q:I think in the installation of lightning grounding grid, how to install, grounding angle to much; a total of how long, how much the root.
The lightning rod is composed of four parts, namely, the lightning receiving device (the needle point of the lightning rod), the supporting rod, the grounding lead and the grounding body. The needle with a thicker wire, wire, with a thick iron rod can be better; wood, and metal rods; grounding wire can be a little rough wire or other metal strip, and the upper end and the lower end of the needle is buried underground grounding body connected by welding connection must be. The ground lead must be connected with the whole wire and choose the shortest distance from the ground body, so as not to bend. Grounding is a metal object buried in the ground. It is usually made of steel pipe, angle iron, steel needle and so on. The length should be 1 ~ 2m. Buried depth is not less than 2m. The earthing of lightning rod can not be mixed with other earthing parts, so it must be grounded independently.
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