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Quick Details of Lightning Rod:

Discharge Capacity:  200kA(10/350us)

Amplitude Damping Radio:  ≥70

Gradient Damping Multiplying Radio:  ≥48 

Time of Activate in Advance:  60μs 

Currents Limiting Impedance Value:  ≤ 3Ω 

Earthing Resistance:  ≤ 10Ω 

Wind Load:  ≤ 36m/s 

Weight:  7.5kg 

Height:  0.6m 


Specifications of Lighting Rod:

It has a double early streamer emission device:

·An early streamer device

·An electro atmospheric condenser


·Main structure made of stainless steel.

·Deflector set made of resine.


The Technical Parameters of  Lightning Rod:

























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Packaging Detail:According to you requests

Delivery Detail: Within 7 days

 The Lightning Rod


 Lightning of Rod Package


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Q:Can the housing of the lightning rod and the electrical equipment share a ground electrode?
According to the electrical lightning protection and grounding setting requirements, buildings can be used combined grounding, grounding joint setting total grounding, each of not less than 2-3, common time is needed to each layer and potential in the electrical equipment of the equalizing ring is arranged at the front end of each equipotential connection box is connected on the roof, lightning protection lightning protection zone and after the lightning deflectors and the equalizing ring to achieve.
Q:What kinds of lightning rod are divided into?
Types of lightning: lightning arrester / special lightning / pre discharge lightning lightning arrester: suitable for petrochemical storage, broadcasting, gas station, building, beacon, communication base station, meteorological station, military bases, radar room, bank building special lightning rod: applicable for high buildings microwave communication station, radar beacon, base station, communication station, military bases, radar room, bank building, astronomical observatory and other important places.
Q:House lightning can be welded directly to the house frame reinforced concrete
7, thunder and lightning, should not swim in the outdoor.8, thunder and lightning, if the shelter conditions are not allowed, should immediately knees squat, bend forward, knees holding hands.9, as soon as possible into the building with good lightning protection device, close the doors and windows, must not stay on the top floor.10, do not rely on the outer walls of the building, columns, not close to, but can not touch the metal pipe or metal doors and windows and other live equipment.11, in the power and telephone, and television and other outdoor signal lines are not equipped with lightning arrester, as far as possible not to watch TV, call, and do not use other electrical appliances, it is best to unplug the plug.12, do not take a shower at home, especially solar water heaters installed on the roof, but also in the range of direct lightning protection, we must pay special attention to.13, sitting in the car is safe, do not get off when the thunder and lightning occurred, it is very dangerous.14, do not enter without lightning protection measures of isolated or post shelter shed.
Q:I would like to ask the correct method of making lightning rod, the best drawings
Lightning practice simple: you can use galvanized pipe set is small, each 80cm, 4 segment welding, on top of the smallest with 16mm, and the head seal made pointed, and then fixed on the house top, then the best with the lightning rod for wire
Q:When the lightning rod is set at a height of 36 meters, what is the protection radius of the lightning rod at the height of 9 meters?
When the lightning rod height more than 30 meters, the height of the influence coefficient of P=5.5/ h=5.5/ (36) =0.9166 tick tick
Q:How much is it to install a lightning rod for a 150 square meter two story building?
Of course, the roof can also be made clear of the lightning belt, can protect the building on the list.
Q:Consult an expert: what is the purpose of installing lightning arrester on 10KV?
The circuit breaker generates overvoltage when it is put into inductive load (i.e. operating overvoltage). According to this principle, the no-load transformer will produce over-voltage when it is put into operation. The principle of the voltage transformer is a transformer, so it needs to install a lightning arrester. Busbar protection.
Q:How to install household lightning rod?
The bearing plate is fixed on the anchor bolts embedded on a ribbed plate welding, and the lightning rod is set up, looking straight, is looking after welding, and welding on the correction, the other three side board. Finally, the lead line will be welded on the bottom board to remove the paint.
Q:Why is the roof only used as a lightning conductor? Not a lightning rod?
The lightning belt was formerly known as the lightning protection design code for buildings, which has been abandoned in the latest edition of the GB50057-2010 code for lightning protection design. If the lightning belt is suspended, it is called a lightning line; if the line is laid in mesh, it is called a flash network. In short, eventually, is a type of lightning arrester, calculation of the scope of protection of buildings, should be carried out according to the principle of the rolling ball method.
Q:What is the lightning rod?
In the People's Republic of China national standard GB50057-2010 "lightning protection design code for buildings", the name has been abandoned, instead of "lightning rod"".
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