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This series of tyre are with Solid matrix, popular pattern, strong adhesion, excellent traction performance and traction trafficability, low heat generation, large load capacity, abrasion resistance and cut resistance.

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Q:What are the main raw materials for tire manufacture?
Mainly with natural rubber, carbon black, butadiene, styrene butadiene, steel generally so few
Q:Use of radial tires in bikes ?
They provide the friction with the ground sufficient to propel the bike forward when pedaled. The front tire also rotates side to side, allowing the rider to steer the bike.
Q:roadbike tires?
I would get training tires since they are less prone to flats and are more durable. You may want to get Kevlar reinforced tires, which range from the Performance Bike no-name brand (Forte) for less than $10 each to Conti Gator Skins at about $30 each. I'll put up with the extra weight of training tires rather than spend half my time fixing flats.
Q:Tire pressure?
here is the deal the car manufature designes the car and rates it for normal driving conditions as long as your normal this will be ok some times the dealer is wrong ie the ford explorer famos for the tires going bad yes the tires were defective however the problem was made worse bu the low tire presure causing higher heat lower presure causes heat buildup in the tire now to much presure will give you a stiffer ride low profile tires require a higher presure so the tire wont flex around curves or when you hit a chuck hole if you cary extra weight like i do you need extra presure i run 50 psi in the rear and 45 psi in the front to get the ride i need tire presure always increases when its hot so if you max out when cold you may be to much warm so i would stick with manufacture persure unless you alter something like addtng low profile tires thain i would go with manufacture presure ,,or,, tire max presure - 5 psi wichever is the highest
Q:What is the effect of the tires on the car tires?
Look at it, you will find the car tires have such a pattern. This is not to look good, but to ensure the safety of vehicles driving. Why do you say this way? If the car is only on a very dry road, the tires do not pattern is also very safe. Can be a rainy day, no pattern tires are easy to slip, this is because there is a thin layer of water film between the road and the tires, water film to reduce the friction between the tire and the road. At this time, the car will be staggered to open up, would like to stop but not stop. If the tires are patterned, the water will drain from the groove of the pattern, and the tires and the ground are still tightly attached together, so it is not easy to slip. Vehicles in the city, tires on the pattern are generally straight jagged, it can help eliminate the car when the noise emitted. In the field of vehicles, tires on the pattern is deep and wide, can be tightly "bite" live on the ground, even in the snow, not easy to slip.
Q:Car tire symbol
LT light truck PR tires level V speed of 240 km MA this is not clear, it seems not what standard code
Q:What is the cost of replacing the car tires?
To see the car use, if it is business with the car is: operating costs - car fees if the management of the car into the use of: management fees - auto
Q:Is the car tires easy to ignite?
Not easy to be lit, if easy to ignite the words, the car on the road running is not very dangerous.
Q:How to maintain the best tire tires?
Use the appropriate tire pressure The automobile factory has special provisions on the tire pressure, please follow the mark, do not exceed the maximum value. Tire tire pressure is too low or too high will affect the tire's own life and fuel consumption. Tire pressure is too high will focus on the body in the tread center, resulting in rapid wear center tread. And tire pressure is too low to make the tire grounding area is not uniform, wear increased, increase the rolling resistance, increase fuel consumption. Around the tire pressure to be consistent. When the side of the tire pressure is too low, driving, braking the vehicle will be on the side of the deviation. Also note that the same axle on the two tires should be exactly the same pattern specifications, different manufacturers, different patterns of tires can not be used for both front wheels, or there will be deviation phenomenon.
Q:Make up a car tires how much money
Tire business license about 20 million it, how long is the evidence that rely on the relationship

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