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Product Description:

Mark & model  :  Multi-storey steel structure, light/heavy steel structure (constant section/ variable cross-section welded H-shaped steel, cross column, box beam/box column), steel truss structure, design and construction of grid project, assembled house, mobile house, assembled villa, metallic roof panel, metallic thermal insulation wallboard.

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2013-09-23

H.S.Classification  :   Furniture & Toys  Furniture   9405 Lamps & lighting fittings nesoi & parts thereof etc.

Product profile  :  Light Steel Villa
Specification: Maximum span is 9m
Notes of Product:
The light steel villa is featured as quake-proof, hurricane-proof, environmental-friendly, energy-saving, light structure, low basic bearing capacity and more usable floor area. The composite leading indicator of light steel villa is much better than that of traditional reinforced concrete structure with its excellent performance of thermal-insulating and soundproof.
Quality Standard: Industrial Standard
Origin: China
Commodity Classification: Light Steel Villa
Descriptions Features Application House Type Descriptions
The light steel structure has high stability
The light steel structure load-bearing system adopts the multi-ribbed plate wall structure composed of high-frequency welded galvanized square steels and structural slabs. The thickness of wall structure ranges from 150-300mm. The structure is featured as excellent integrity and light dead weight, which is equipped to fight against the earthquake of larger than 8 degree and hurricane with wind speed of 50m/second.
2. Industrial production
The light steel structure is composed of high-frequency welded galvanized square steel tubes, V-shaped connection elements and fasteners. It is easy to control the quality of all components which are prefabricated in the factory and the size control reaches up to the millimeter level which provides an excellent foundation for the following decoration project.
3. Convenient construction
The construction of light steel structure house fulfills the factory prefabrication and site assembly; 100 percent strength of the house will be achieved as soon as all the components installed without discontinuous construction, improving the productivity hugely; all components are processed accurately according to the drawing; it is easy to learn the technique of installation and the worker shall conduct the construction expertly after two-day training; it is only one to two weeks to complete the installation of the main structure of a villa about 200-300 square meters.
4. Being suitable to the foundations of various geological conditions
The dead load of the light steel structure house takes only a quarter or a fifth of that of the traditional reinforced concrete structure, which could be built on the foundations of lower load-bearing capacity such as the mountainous area or hilly ground without special treatment, cutting the cost of basic construction significantly.
The environment has limit effect on the construction
The construction of light steel structure house is site assembly which could be conducted under various climate environments. The building of the house could be undertaken in most area of China all the year round.
6. Flexible layout of indoor space
Compared with the components of reinforced concrete structure, the steel components of light steel structure house enjoys a higher strength-weight ratio and the house span of which reaches up to more than 9m, offering the dwellers much more flexible layout of the room and making the personalized dwelling come to true.
7. More usable floor area
The thickness of the wall of light steel structure house is around 150mm, which cuts the structural area greatly and increases the usable floor area to 92 percent of total area, 10-15% improvement compared with the traditional building. All tubes of water and power systems could be put up in the wall and floor structures conveniently without extra design and construction.
8. Diversified appearances
The excellent workability of steel structure offers architects a good chance for the development of diversified construction designs and styles without the restriction of traditional building materials, enriching the residential landscape greatly.
9. Comfort and energy-saving
The perfect heat-insulating and soundproof structural design with 150mm glass wool thermal barrier is proved to offer the heat-insulating performance of 500mm brick wall and thermal conductivity of the external wall is only 0.36; the soundproof performance of light steel structural walls could achieve more than 50dB; The excellent heat-insulating and soundproof performance not only offers dwellers a comfortable living condition, but saves energy about 60-70percent compared with the traditional reinforced concrete structure house.
10. High reuse of materials
The main structure of light steel house adopts high-frequency welded galvanized square steels which could be recycled completely while the reuse ratio of supporting materials reaches up to more than 80 percent, satisfying the environmental-friendly demands of residential buildings.
Application Anti-wind capability: >1.5 KN/m2
Snow load design value: >1.55 KN/m2
Anti-seismic intensity: 9 degree
Shock resistance of external wall: 250kg concentrated impact load
Fire endurance: >4h
Soundproof performance: >65db (external wall)
Designed service time: 70 years

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Q:Villa (self-built buildings) feng shui to pay attention to what?
As the saying goes, one fight two life three feng shui. Rural construction are stress "feng shui". Now introduce some of the folk feng shui related to the building.
Q:What kind of villa is good?
One said that the development of the villa community must have a good environment, there is sufficient green area and rich landscape content
Q:Buy second-hand villa need to pay attention to what?
but not the same landscape you dig the "silver" are also different.
Q:Is the area of the villa terrace not included in the building area of the villa?
The size of the villa terrace is not included in the villa's building area.
Q:Why is someone called him called "Do not wild?
1 is not wild, is the "villa" another title, perhaps some people first saw the "villa" rhetoric, because of wrong or do not understand and read wrong.
Q:What is the thickness of the villa's floor and the maximum load it can bear?
All floors will never exceed the thickness of the drawings marked, so your floor thickness can not exceed 120 mm
Q:What is the height of the general villa?
single layer of about 4.0m high, this is not necessarily, according to the design of the situation
Q:Villa room function how to divide the most appropriate?
storage room, factory, tea room, recreation room, recreation area, fitness area
Q:What kind of apartment is the villa?
Independent villa that is unique, private strong single villa, this type is the villa's oldest one, is the ultimate form of villa architecture.
Q:How to design villa lightning protection system?
the use of pillars of the main tendons for the line; lightning rods directly to buy finished products

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