Light Bus Radial Tyre 195R14C LY366

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Product Description:

Size:195R14C LY366

Application:The tyre is used to light truck,light bus,mini bus

Pattern characterisic:

1,Three Longitudinal groove greatly enhance the drainage of tyres on wet land

2,Interlaced Tread Pattern Block

The interlaced tread pattern block on tyre shoulder can promote the cross-country performance of tyres

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Q:What are the main raw materials for tire manufacture?
Natural rubber, carbon black, cis, butadiene, steel wire
Q:Is the wheel tires bigger and bigger?
The big ring is nice and the tires are widened. Advantages: stability, good handling. Disadvantages: fuel consumption increased, sacrifice a certain comfort. Low-grade car with small steel ring cheap, fuel-efficient. Small Japanese cars such as Nissan series of tires are very narrow, flat than the value of large, comfort will be better. Tire has a flat ratio, the smaller the value, the more flat.
Q:What circumstances need to change car tires
Wear serious or puncture
Q:How long can a car tire be used?
The life of the car tires is four years or eight thousand kilometers, whichever comes first. If there is damage, more than 5, you need to replace in advance, if the side is damaged, 1 that need to be replaced. If the road is often not very good road, tire wear serious, need to replace in advance.
Q:What brand of car tires good?
SUV tires better brand is Goodyear and Pirelli, SUV is divided into ordinary cross country tires, urban cross country tires and all-weather cross country tires. That is, the tire model, the characteristics of urban cross-country tires is relatively fine pattern, the tire is more wear-resistant suitable for running the city and told the road. Relatively speaking, all-weather cross-country tires larger pattern, strong grip, but wear faster, may not be suitable for urban roads.
Q:What is the standard for car tires?
Tire type and specification: International standard tire code, expressed in millimeters as a percentage of section height and flatness, followed by: tire type code, rim diameter (inch), load index (permitting bearing quality code), promise With speed code. For example: 175 / 70R 14 77H 175 represents the tire width is 175MM, 70 means that the flatness of the tire cross section is 70%, that is, the cross section height is 70% of the width, the rim diameter is 14 inches, the load index 77, the allowable vehicle speed is H level
Q:Volkswagen Sunny car tires how long to replace
Tread deformation or bead damage can not continue to use.
Q:Tire question?
"All-season" tires are intended for use in a broad range of climates in rain, dry and "light snow" conditions and from temperatures of around freezing up to 100-deg F. All-season tires are not designed to work in deep snow, ice conditions or very cold temperatures. The only "all-weather" tire on the market is the Nokian WR and the newer WR G2 which is a rare and expensive piece of kit but well worth it. These tires meet U.S. and Canadian standards for severe winter use and thus have the mountain and snowflake symbol on the sidewall. All-season tires don't have that. The WR's while not quite as good in the worst winter conditions as the best dedicated winter-only tires like the Bridgestone Blizzak are infinately better in winter conditions than even the best all-season tires. And unlike dedicated winter-only tires such as the Blizzak the WR's can be left on the vehicle all-year round and provide warm-weather performance comparable to a high-quality all-season tire. This saves the cost and trouble of owning two sets of tires and having to switch them twice a year. I have used these tires myself on one of my vehicles for the last 3 years and can attest to their performance. If you care about winter traction the best option is to have 2 sets of wheels, one shod with a quality performance tire optimized for best performance in warm weather and another with dedicated high-quality winter-only tires. Barring that, a tire like the WR gives superior winter performance to regular all-season tires and while expensive, are still cheaper than 2 sets of tires.
Q:Summer car tire pressure is how much is appropriate?
This is because the tire pressure is set to take into account the weight of the body, the chassis height and other vehicle factors.If the depot is no special provisions in the winter or summer is not required special adjustment It is of course recommended that you measure the tire pressure at room temperature, preferably at room temperature. The above mentioned tire pressure recommended value refers to the cooling tire pressure as defined below: at least three hours after stopping or no more than 2 km of tire travel. Only measure the tire pressure at the time of the hot tire. Please subtract the measured tire pressure by about 0.3 bar (= 4 psi) and the tire cooling inflation pressure....
Q:Make up a car tires how much money
Patch 20 30 Mushroom Nail 70 80

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