light bulk density perlite vermiculite fire board

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Product Description:


Density 220-+10% 
compress strength >=0.49 
thermal conductivity 298K-+2K 
working temperature 900C 
linerashrinkage 923K(650C)

Perlite insulation board


Product introduction:

Perlite insulation board , is also called FEG waterproofing perlite insulation board, its main ingredient is

 expanded perlite particle,reinforced fiber ,mixing in heat resistant inorganic natural sepiolite, inorganic 

modified binder and high temperature resistant polymer moisture repellent, by the physical synthesis 

technology, in the specific temperature condition, pressure forming.




1.light weight,, water proofing, sound proofing, heat insulation character. 

3.Good water-proof property,

4.low thermal conductivity, 

5.light bulk density, .

6.high strength,

7.excellent chemical stability, 



10. any processing, nontoxic.

11.In 1200C tem condition, fire endurance can be up to 90-120 minutes 




1. Ships, core board of fire door in house, industry furnace, public buildings ‘s roof, 

swimming pool, barn, Cold Storage, boiler.


2. Heat and cold project 







Thermal Conductivity(w/m.k)


Compression Strength(Kpa)


Quality Moisture Rate(%)


Hydrophobicity (%)


Working Temperature(°C)


Common Size(mm)

600*300  1050*950, 

Min. Thickness:25mm





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Q:I am getting a Crocodile Gecko tomorrow. What all do I need?
A huge disadvantage is that there may be asbestos in it. Asbestos causes cancer and disease. On the other hand, vermiculite is a light-weight, fire-resistant, and odorless material and has been used in numerous products, including insulation for attics and walls. As long as it is not contaminated with asbestos, it is a safe and very effective insulator.
Q:corn snake about to lay eggs should I incubate in moss or vermiculite?
Q:Some Questions about seeds?
Any garden center should carry it. Home Depot Lowes do, too. It's commonly used for plants, to mix with soil.
Q:What is vermiculite? Is it expensive to sell?
A substrate for soilless culture. General agricultural stores inside to buy, and do not sell, you can ask the boss to contact you, and now use is very common. Not very expensive
Q:Is the vermiculite the leopard gecko egg is sitting on supos to be cold and moist?
Use open container with moist vermiculite and place in the incubator. The eggs should be half buried. The temps should be at 30-32C for a mixed brood. Higher temps for females and lower for males. You can spray once a week and also at this time is let in some fresh air, since eggs need oxygen. Was your sulcata mated, been in contact with male? The eggs could be infertile. Anyway, as the other people has suggested, these tortoises get huge and too many unwanted ones. It might be cool to incubate your first clutch, but I would not recommend doing it and trying to make a buck. Good luck.
Q:What is vermiculite steel tile?
Steel tile in the roof angle from 15 to 90 degrees, the roof tile on, down, left, right of the buckle, ensure that when the wind pressure, the rain will not penetrate; horizontal nail fixed way, effectively avoid rainwater immersion. The utility model can be directly hung on various roofing so as to effectively solve the waterproof problem and save a great deal of waterproof expenses. Even hail from a typhoon that is often followed by a typhoon,The steel tile does not cause water leakage when it is cracked like ordinary roofing tiles.
Q:Where can i find Vermiculite?
He will use x bushels of 50%, and 6 - x bushels of 100%. The result will be: .50 * x + 6 - x = .6 * 6 = 3.6 -x/2 = -2.4 x = 4.8 4.8 bushels of 50/50 mix contains 2.4 bushels of pure vermiculite adding 1.2 to make it 6 and you have (2.4 + 1.2) / 6 = 3.6 / 6 bushels of pure vermiculite = 60%. He can also do it this way, using his whole 5 bushels: Let x = amount of 100% vermiculite to add. 5 bushels of 50% vermiculite = 2.5 bushels of pure vermiculite. 2.5 + x = .60 * (5 + x) [ existing vermiculite + added = 60% of total ] 2.5 + x = 3 + .60 x .40 x = .5 x = 1.25 bushels added. Then he will have 6 1/4 bushels of the new mix. which will be 60% vermiculite. ( 3.75 / 6.25 = 0.60 ) If he then throws away 1/4 bushel of the new mix, he will have the desired mix in the desired quantity.
Q:Do you prefer Vermiculite .or. Vitameatavegamins?
Put your regular brown rice in a blender or food processor and process until the consistency of whole grain flour, which will give you brown rice flour.
Q:Growing mushrooms steps ?
If you want a specific answer, you need to ask specific questions... How much does something extremely light weigh? What are the dimensions of a small scale application? How much is the smallest space possible? If you can't afford aerogels, how much can you afford? How much heat are you worried about? What is the highest temperature the insulation will see?
Q:Is vermiculite cancerous?
either or, think its 6 of one and half dozen of the other...insulation kit sounds easier to mess with...vermiculite is ok if your adding it as you build the chimney...

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