Light 2-in-1 stick(HEPA filter ) vacuum cleaner #S07

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2160 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:


Model: S07




Light 2-in-1 stick VC (HEPA filter )





600W-800W nominal power

Cord length 5m

Dust bag capacity 1.5L

2pcs accessories and one hose  for handy VC

With telescopic metal tube

Turbo brush available


Product size: 377*125*170mm

GB size: 580*155*145mm

Master carton size: 588*495*295mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 2160/4500/4800pcs



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Q:Is it just me, or are vacuum cleaners getting more and more VIOLENT each day?
Thank God someone else has caught on to their diabolical scheme. Were it not for the keen perception of my two guard dogs, Nicky 8 pounds and Toby four pounds,I would have been ambushed in my own home. It was just luck I had a loaded rifle in my hands, Nicky and Toby were putting up a good fight but there's only so much they can do to defend me from an 80 pound maniacal vacuum cleaner. The government is behind this, you know.
Q:Are the answers to the questions about vacuum cleaners written by shills for Mr Vac and Mrs Sew?
I dunno. I like kirby myself
Q:finite math- minAn appliance repair shop has 5 vacuum cleaners, 12 TV sets, and?
x = number of weeks for first repairman y = number of weeks for second x + y ≥ 5 3x + 2y ≥ 12 3x + 6y ≥ 18 graph to get the corner points the corner points are (2,3) and (4,1) z(x,y) = 250x + 220y z(2,3) = 1160 z(4,1) = 1220 thus x = 2, y = 3
Q:If Jesus was killed by abortion instead of crucifixion, would Christians wear vacuum cleaners or coat hangers?
It would have to be wire coat hangers because they are against legal abortion and want everyone to go back to the good old days of back street abortionist's or butchers. Some people might get confused between Jesus Joan Crawford both JC...remember that movie Mommie Dearest about her featured wire coat hangers quite prominently.
Q:Why don't vacuum cleaners work as stomach pumps?
Vacuum cleaners have suction that is way too powerful to use on internal organs. Didn't you see the 1000 Ways to Die episode where the idiot used a shop vac to perform his own liposuction and disemboweled himself and bled to death? Same principle. Besides, pumping the stomach would not help with food poisoning, which comes from bacteria or toxins in the food. By the time you use a pump, the bacteria or toxin is in the bloodstream and your vacuuming action is futile.
Q:Hotel? Housekeeping? Vacuum Cleaners?
RE: Hotel? Housekeeping? Vacuum Cleaners? My dad just got a job as the Manager of a Hotel. What vacuums are good for housekeeping and don't cost alot?
Q:What Vacuum do I get?
Dyson ball
Q:Dyson Vacuum Cleaners?
My husband and I own a housecleaning company and sometimes our customers request we use their personal vacuums as opposed to the one we supply when we clean. We have used Dyson's on several occasions, and personally, they are completely overrated. The suction seems to be good, however, so are most vacuums nowadays. It is also complicated to unhook the hose/nozzle and the nozzle is so long, it is impossible to angle it into small areas. It is heavy as well. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone (and for the record, don't buy into an Oreck either - they are even worse and are just as expensive). For our company, we use the Eureka Smart Boss. It was rated a best buy by Consumer Reports and has the Good Housekeeping Seal (something Dyson doesn't have). It's suction is great, the hose is easy to manuver, and it has a sealed Hepa Filter. The only con about it is the weight but then again, most vacuums do weigh around 20 pounds. There is also a new vacuum Eureka came out with recently called the Eureka Capture. It looks like it will be a good vacuum as well and it looks stylish coming in three different colors.
Q:What is a Good Pet Vacuum Cleaner?
Yes, Washing machine................Soak your pet in soap water..........and then put him in washing machine...............and wash him........and do not put him in dryer.............just dry him outside in scorching heat of the Sun..............!!!!!!!!!!
Q:What is a good hand vacuum?

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