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Todetermine the accurate length of yarn, reference to tests of Yarn lineardensity, yarn count and Yarn strength.

fiber lengthmeasuring tester fiber fineness tester

To determine the accuratelength of yarn, reference to tests of Yarn linear density, yarn count and Yarnstrength.


ISO2060.2, ISO2060,ASTM D1907

Instrument characteristics

1.Timingcog belt of direct transmission, No-lap skid

2.Countintby Optocoupler

3.Importelectronic tension sensors, dynamic display the around yarn tension, noadditional tension impact (Btype)

Technical parameters.

1.Testingspindle numbers: 6 magentas

2.Spindlesspace: 60mm

3.Winchcircumference: 1000±1mm

4.Winchspeed: 20~250rpm(Stepless speed regulation)

5.Palygorskiteyarn laps: 1~9999

6.Shakeyarn peciprocating distance of horizontal travel:35±0.5mm

7.Singleyarn tension range:0~100±1cN

8.Powersource:AC220V  50Hz  100W



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Q:Fire high temperature exhaust fan is a centrifugal fan?
For axial fans, high efficiency and large size, to a large extent, the utilization rate is higher than the axial fan.
Q:How can a more intuitive distinction between centrifugal fans and axial fans?
2, axial fan, that is, with the fan axis of the same direction of the air, such as electric fans, air conditioning fan is the way the fan running fan. Known as "axial flow"
Q:What are the models and specifications of the axial fans?
Axial fans can be divided into steel fan, anti-corrosion fan, PVC fan and stainless steel fan.
Q:High altitude on the blower flow, pressure impact?
The use of wind turbines in high altitude areas to consider the choice of altitude on the impact of the density on the wind pressure to the following table to find the different altitude of the gas density m 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 density kg / m3 0.98 0.93 0.88 0.78 0.7 fan Selection of air flow according to design requirements
Q:What is the difference between high pressure air blower and medium pressure air blower?
High-pressure fan, also known as high-pressure blower, is different from the general centrifugal blower fan.
Q:What is the working principle of the suction blower?
And because the leaf block, can not get the air from the front, only from the rear of the blade to get the air, if the blade made of cylindrical tube, the air on the directional movement, and produce the effect of suction.
Q:380V axial fan has five lines how to take?
At the same time, the best way to measure the wiring before the axial flow of three lead-out line between the two DC resistance to see if the same. If the same, that is really three-phase 380V power supply,
Q:How to install the axial fan?
1, to see where you want to install, the ground is still underground, the room whether there are windows, etc., because of its consideration to the number of ventilation (in addition to the kitchen, bathroom and other places, the general number of ventilation to take 10 times per hour;
Q:What kind of duct valves are required in the exhaust duct and near the fan?
Mechanical exhaust system due to the fan as a power, can effectively control and distribution of air volume (which is the biggest difference with the natural ventilation), so the system piping (ie duct) need to set the air volume control valve.
Q:How to see the axial fan is good or bad?
The Axial fans are often used in situations where the flow rate is high and the pressure is low. The axial fan is fixed and moves the air

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