Leisure Plastic Chair

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Product Description:

Feature of Plastic Chair

Material: PP Plastic seat and back, wooden legs


Color: red,black, white, yellow etc

Plastic Injection Mould


modern design and beautiful shape , light and easy to move, high quality and resonable price

It's widely used as garden chair, leisure chair etc.

Package of  Plastic Chairs

Standard export Package or as per your kind request

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Q:What's the standard size of a wardrobe?
Wardrobe method:1. pay attention to the veneer of the boardRegular manufacturers are dipped in paint thickness, high temperature, high pressure treatment of environmental protection melamine panels. High surface strength, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance. If some of the poor quality, although on the surface appears to be very smooth and beautiful, people feel good, but with a nail gently draw, there will be obvious scratches.2. pay attention to the style of the wardrobeEspecially when buying wardrobe on the Internet, first of all, to choose their own love style style, taking into account the wardrobe style, size, style and whether the whole bedroom decoration style like collocation, space integration etc..3. pay attention to the environmental protection of materialsGreen environmental protection should not be ignored. The wardrobe production cannot use some adhesives, paint, especially man-made sheet (fiberboard, particleboard, plywood), these materials will be more or less certain components containing formaldehyde, so when choosing to use the nose to smell, to see if there was pungent smell, at the same time to carefully check the manufacturers product specifications. The content is in accordance with the national standard.4. pay attention to the material of the wardrobeWhen buying wardrobe, we should pay attention to its material is solid wood or board wood, colored trees are beech, maple, maple wood, oak, black walnut, etc., the material is different, the price is different, according to their actual needs.Height of 5. door panelsDoor thickness and height worthy of your attention to see, the general plate thickness to 18MM, 25MM or even thicker, less than this thickness of plate variable type; and single block height is best about 2.8 meters.
Q:What is the size of the wardrobe door?
Generally, the skirting line of the cabinet is 5mm higher than the skirting line. When the skirting height is unknown, the general design is 100mm. Some decoration company in order to achieve the integrity of the wall, often used to do a cut OTC design than the high ceiling, some baseboard, so that the entire cabinet height control in less than 2400mm. It makes a whole wardrobe to the door, and not divided into two sections, but this high door, his family generally do not work, can not guarantee the deformation, is outside the door must be customized, customized alloy frame of the door, in order to ensure the same shape, of course, the price will be more expensive.
Q:How do you measure the area of a wardrobe carpenter?
Second: wardrobe projection area. That is, the wardrobe's height * length.Third: wardrobe high * long *2.5, so count, the area will not be less.
Q:Inside the wardrobe, the compartments are too big. What should I do
The principle of arranging the wardrobe is that it can be hung up as far as possible, and it is also beneficial to the maintenance of clothes. The space below will be stored in bins, as well as small boxes of cashmere or shirts that can be fully used and sorted. Socks, pants, suspenders, whatever. Roll up and put them in the box. According to this principle, my wardrobe has always been very tidy and, more importantly, it doesn't clutter up other things. This is the key
Q:How many kinds of boards do cabinets and wardrobes have? What materials are they?
Ambry commonly used is solid wood particle board, moistureproof effect is good, the brand of good dot has green moistureproof factor from cut face, it is red in Europe commonly. But this kind of board density is small, the gap is big, the hardness is ordinary, but with glue quantity little, more environmental protection. The wardrobe with most 18 thick MDF, the material hardness, strength of wood particle board is better, but the glue, formaldehyde emissions relative to boarde1grade, but as long as the regular brand of general change run have got off, can reach E1 standard, basically no harm to the human body, but also some manufacturers with the wood particle board, suitable for small cabinets, cabinet with relatively large recommendations or MDF, more stable. I think, as long as the regular brands are OK, but we must see if there is no brand signs on the plate, so that we can rest assured. Such as STANLEY, Sophia, Yishi Li, are also good. Also useful carpentry, but the effect and environmental protection is relatively worse!
Q:What about a lot of white powder in the closet?
The sight is damp and mildew! First with a soft cloth to wipe off it, so when the weather is fine and multi window ventilation, or open air conditioning dehumidifiers, or hair dryer blowing also has the effect of!
Q:Family wardrobe sliding door, push and pull when there is a piercing squeak, I would like to ask you great God, how to repair?
It may be that the ball is slipping at the same time. Try rubbing the wax. It may be that there are too many things in it, the shaft is crooked, and the things in it are arranged. You try. I have been a carpenter for many years, and the answer might help you.
Q:What materials should I buy to find a carpenter's wardrobe?
Clothing and accessories: installed in the wardrobe, clothes hanging with matching settingsShut up: kasanuiDrawer slide: installation of drawersDrawer lock: installation of drawersHandle: the door must be openedCabinet feet: it can be used to raise the distance between the wardrobe and the ground.Mirror: need to install it to the mirrorPaint: solid wood can be painted manuallyPipe hinge installation: pull door mustOther hardware and accessories: nails, nails, screws, white
Q:3 meters long wardrobe is not a cabinet, a cabinet to do?
No matter how big the cabinet is composed of a small cabinet, each cabinet is composed of different sizes of small cabinets, 3M cabinets are generally composed of 4-5 group of small cabinets, do not believe it, can Home Furnishing 100 ask designer will know
Q:Bedroom wardrobe size standard
Drawer top surface height is best less than 1250mm, especially older people's room, more should consider in 1000mm or so, so use more smoothly, height in 150-200mm, width at 400-800mm.If the use of sliding doors, is 2 doors, it can not be designed in the 1/2 position, is 3 doors, it can not be designed in the 1/3 and 2/3 position, otherwise the drawer is not open, and 4 or more will not consider the location.

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