Ledger End for Sacffolding and Formwork Systems

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ledger end
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Disa Line

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ledger end
equipped with disa sand process line
common and special properties of casting irons

ledger end


1. More than 20-year experience in casting Iron production & trading service.

2. Packed with advanced equipment and ready for your OEM projects

1) Disa sand processing line

2) Japan FBO Modeling line

3) detection device of SC sand,

4) American Inductotherm medium frequency furnace

5)CMM and Spectrometer

3. Our team consists of 200 experienced craftsmen

4. ISO9001-2008 have gained

5. Professional for OEM production

6. Competitive price supplied

7. One-stop service supplied

8. Rich experience in packing, loading and arrangement of shipment

9. Surface of Zinc plating, Hot dip galvanizing & E-coating available

BOM of Main Facilities:

Name of Equipments
American Inductotherm Medium Frequency Furnace
Online Detection Device of SC Sand
Denmark DISA Sand Processing System
Power Station
Japan Sinto Medeling Line Bisector
Universal Material Experimental Machine
High Speed Carbon and Sulfur Anylyzer
Sand Analysis System
Metallographic Analyzer

Capacity of Production:

Gray IronHT150~HT350GG15~GG35150~350FC15~FC35G150~G350No.25~No.50F11701~F13501
Ductile IronQT400-15GGG40400-15FCD40370/1760-40-18F32800
vermicular cast ironsRuT260GJV30016112/JV/300S~ 500SC250250

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Q:The construction scheme of high rise and external cantilever scaffold!
Cantilever scaffold erection scheme1, the basis of preparation (omitted)2, engineering survey:This project is the building of electricity production, Handan power supply company, located in the main street and Chaoyang Road Interchange, a total construction area of 17747.8m2, the ground layer ten, partial eleven, annex four, underground two floors, the total height of the building is 44 m, frame structure, the project frame adopts double row cantilever beam pick the scaffold in a layer, five layer nine layer is arranged in the cantilever beam. The scaffold scaffold.
Q:Is my scaffold peircing ok? x?
If it gets worse you should swear loudly at yourself for being so stupid.
Q:looking for a scaffolding job in dubai can anyone help?
Hi okorder.com, we are Dubai based scaffolding contractor.
Q:How much is the amount of material used to build a square meter double row scaffold? Urgent!
(less than 12 meters), such as how many kilograms of steel pipe, the number of fasteners
Q:The latest JGJ130-2011 construction fastener type steel pipe scaffolding safety technical specifications
Schedule A.0.2 role: the calculation of scaffolding, the need to calculate the bearing capacity of the scaffolding
Q:What are the safety requirements for the dismantling of construction scaffolding
(3) prior to the dismantling of scaffolding, the scaffolding should be retained on the material, debris and other clean, and should be removed by the removal of mechanical equipment, electrical and other pipelines, such as demolition, or to be protected.(4) the dismantling of the scaffolding should be unified command, should be approved by the construction plan, the requirements of the work instructions, from top to bottom in the order of the upper and lower levels are strictly prohibited demolition operations.
Q:Is there any requirement for the installation of the disc scaffold?
Regardless of the site is the use of their own disc foot accessories, or rental of disc scaffolding accessories, before use should be carried out preliminary calculations, see how many accessories,
Q:According to the standard set up double scaffolding scaffolding to the number of meters per square meter
This is not necessarily the type you want to see the scaffold (open / closed) and set the height of the local wind.
Q:In the construction of steel pipe scaffolding steel pipe and steel stamping fastener usage ratio is how much?
Our company produces cheerin card stamping steel by the National Institute of architectural design and reasonable design, set all fasteners advantages, good use, portability, beautiful appearance, the overall mechanical state. The best selection of high-quality alloy steel and accessories manufacturing, strictly ensure product consistency, quality is guaranteed. The surface treatment of zinc plating and good anti-corrosion performance. Have patience, fracture, strength, deformation, durability, good uniformity and steel, non slip effect is the best.
Q:Scaffolding Piercing Help?!?
in my opinion you should ride it out and just clean it more often. not only will the piercings give you trouble if you try to change the earring now, the piercings themselves will move slightly and you won't be able to put an industrial bar back through it. if you can live with these go through with it, if not, wash often, rotate the bar constantly and avoid sleeping on it and getting your hair caught up in it. like you said, piercings in the cartilage are very sensitive and need time and nurturing so that they can heal properly.

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