LED Trailer Lamp high performance good warning effect

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100% waterproof LED TRAILER LAMP
It consists of high performance LED with good warning effect,working electric current is very low, only 10% of common trailer lamp, and induction speed is faster.Its structure is compact. It can be installed easily and used in any weather. Features: Use LED technology and strong signal, Customer can ask for changing installaion way and different certified ways(GB/E-Mark/DOT). Very low working electric current, shock proof, compact constructure, Light weight.Technical Parameter: Rated Voltage:12、24V. Working voltage:12、24V





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Q:How to adjust the car headlights level and up and down
Car headlights behind two with a Phillips screwdriver into the thread to screw, one is raised low, one is far closer
Q:What are the main factors that affect the price of car headlamps?
There are headlights of the power, headlamps brand, headlamps quality, as well as car brands, models, whether the need to decode, and the agents have profits and freight.
Q:ABS Braking System; Low coolant light?
What type of car is it?
Q:Car headlights halogen good or hernia is good
Headlamps xenon lights are good. Halogen lamps: car headlamps with a lot of low cost, brightness can also. Xenon lights: is now a popular trend of the lights, many cars are modified, the benefits Is a high brightness, white or blue light, a large range of radiation to the driver a good vision and safe driving, and the remaining electricity, is several times the halogen lamp, the price of your point, from a few hundred to tens of thousands have, 1500 or so enough.
Q:How to bypass auto theft security system on my 95 cadillac seville sts?
95 Cadillac
Q:Car lights division of the two lights system of four lights how to point, there are cars of the lights.
Take the headlamps, the two lights is like Jetta, the side of the headlights only a lamp bowl, a light bowl is only a headlamp bulb, the headlamps have two filaments, one is the low beam , One is the high beam, this light to open the light when the electrical system will automatically close the light to close, so far and near light can not open at the same time.
Q:Car headlamps plexiglass how to repair
Directly for one
Q:Car headlamps can not buy how to do
What car can not buy.
Q:Car headlights modified to pay attention to what?
1, pay attention to the conversion of the headlamp brand and quality of the current car headlamps of a wide variety of modified parts, the price difference is huge, fish head, especially the car headlamps and directly related to the night driving personal safety, so must be particularly careful choice. More common halogen bulbs, from 30 yuan a pair of 400 yuan to have a pair of bad cards do not not only the brightness is not high life is limited, but also may burn the line; and from the HID xenon headlamps, different brands The price difference is also obvious, but because the HID xenon headlamps is a process and technology is very complex parts, bad HID is often very short life, pressure box and light bulb are easy to burn, and color temperature brightness and scattering angle Often do not meet the requirements, so the best choice has a certain reputation of the manufacturers products, not a small loss. 2, modified headlamps must comply with regulations overseas for car headlamps regulations and restrictions on many, especially xenon headlamps, for its color temperature, brightness and angle are clearly defined. Although the current domestic laws and regulations in this regard is not the key, but also must be selected in line with overseas safety regulations modified HID, because these regulations are based on the security requirements of the bottom line to develop, can not take their own life joke. In addition, the current domestic cities also have restrictions on car headlamps local regulations, in the first change before the first try to find out about.
Q:Auto: Service Engine Light, what to get checked?
There is a problem with the vehicles emission system. Go to Autozone or Advance Auto and they can tell what the error code is and direct you to someone that can fix it, if you do not want to do it yourself.

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