LED Trailer Lamp high performance good warning effect

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100% waterproof LED TRAILER LAMP
It consists of high performance LED with good warning effect,working electric current is very low, only 10% of common trailer lamp, and induction speed is faster.Its structure is compact. It can be installed easily and used in any weather. Features: Use LED technology and strong signal, Customer can ask for changing installaion way and different certified ways(GB/E-Mark/DOT). Very low working electric current, shock proof, compact constructure, Light weight.Technical Parameter: Rated Voltage:12、24V. Working voltage:12、24V





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Q:What is the danger of car headlamps?
Causing the death of the accident occurred at night, due to the brightness of the lights caused by the accident is not unusual. If there is water in the headlamps will affect the light transmittance, especially at night the line of sight will be greatly reduced, will make the direction of the lamp irradiation changes, affecting other vehicles and pedestrians, while serious interference with the driver's normal line of sight. If the water is serious, the bulb and circuit will be damaged.
Q:how can you disconnect the security system in alero auto?
This is part of the on board computer system. You are looking at a dealer issue to repair. Cannot be disabled and the car still run.
Q:Car bulbs
6000K 8000K refers to the color temperature of the lamp is not the brightness of the brightness of the unit is lumens really admire upstairs 50,000 Renderado have come to say so you see a lot of xenon lights are blue and halogen light is not so blue more blue On behalf of the higher the color temperature at noon the sun color temperature is about 4300K 6000K color temperature looks a little blue 8000K is relatively blue and there is the brightness of the HID are generally more than twice the halogen so do not worry about the light and focus Do better than the halogen and so much better than the color temperature, then about 6000K or so there is the higher the color temperature, the ability to penetrate the less the lower the color temperature penetration of the better if it is foggy night is too Big impact so the color temperature can not be too high (upstairs said more than 80,000 is estimated that you can see the UV?
Q:What do I need to use speed lights?
I agree with DeepBlue. I use a bunch of YN460's with some cheap radio triggers, You'll also want some lightstands and umbrella mounts. Example shots: flic.kr/p/9bWK3U flic.kr/p/8mggaa sphotos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak... Basically, you'll put a receiver unit under the flash and put a transmitter unit on your camera. The transmitter will tell the flashes to fire when you press the shutter release. Remember not to set your shutter speed higher than your flash synch speed (usually around 1/200th max) or you'll end up with a large black band.
Q:Car lights a fuel door on the dark is how the matter
The bulb surface turns black and affects brightness. Filament for a long time to use thinning, power is not enough, so the lights dim, but the line may also have bad contact.
Q:what is brake warning light in an auto dashboard?
when the brake light comes on it could mean a lot of things. but most of the time its from low brake fuild. look the brake fulid under the hood and see how full it is. or you can look at the ground where your car was siting and see if its leaking some where. if all of that is fine then could be a sticky brack calber.
Q:What are the four kinds of car headlamps
Laser headlamps. Advantages: laser headlamps in the irradiation distance can be irradiated to the front of the 600 meters range, while the use of LED high beam models can only be irradiated to 300 meters. This setting also allows the owner in the sparsely populated areas to get better security. Laser headlights hold the future trend. Audi and BMW have been openly competing to show its laser headlamps. From the current actual situation, the biggest disadvantage of laser headlamps is the cost is too high, is not conducive to universal. If you can solve the high cost of laser lights this problem, then, the laser headlamps is likely to become the future of the automotive industry, the popularity of Disadvantages: Although the advantages of laser headlamps more than LED headlamps, but the cost of its popularity is the biggest constraint , Compared to LED headlamps gradually in the 150,000 yuan level models on the popularity of laser headlamps can only be used in the luxury brand of high-end models, from the real "with the people" there is a long distance.
Q:Why do car headlights fog
The main reason is that the temperature inside the lamp when the external high humidity into the interior of the lamp, and in the lamp inside the water vapor condensation caused by the formation of water mist, in order to ensure the balance of pressure inside and outside the headlamps, headlamps are designed With the dust function of the ventilation holes, under normal circumstances the fog will disappear naturally, if the water inside the lamp to accumulate too much need to remove the fog operation. If the fog can not be removed, or condensed into more water, it may be caused by the headlamps lax, should go to the repair station maintenance, to determine the quality of the problem should be possible to claim claims.
Q:Car light bulb, what brand of good?
Like Oswl's very good.
Q:Emission Control system leak?
A code p0455 most likely means one or more of the following has happened: •A loose or improperly affixed gas cap •A non-conforming gas cap not factory/original brand) •Other leak or damaged piece in EVAP system

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