Led Strip Light New style 12w led power , 24v 12w waterproof led power supply

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100000 m/month

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Product Description:


1) LED Chip Model: SMD5050

2) Input Voltage: 12v

3) Power: 14.4w/m

4) Power Source: DC

5) Length: 5m/reel

6) Size: W1cmxT0.22cm

7) Long lasting: 50000 hours
8) Number: 60 bulds/meter

9) Warranty: 2 years

10) View Angle: 120°

11) Customized: yes

12) Protection Rate: IP20

13) Colors: white, red, green, yellow, blue, warm white, orange, pink, purple, RGB 


1) Window displays 
2) Building outlines 
3) Stairway lighting 
4) Indirect cove lighting 
5) Pathway safety lighting 
6) Restaurants and bars 
7) Signs and graphics


1. Easy installation and save cost on power supply

2. Transparent PVC house, high transmittance, bent resistance

3. Flattening appearance, small volume

4. Pretty appearance as quality

5. 70%-80% energy-saving

6. Long life-span (50, 000 hours)

7. Fashion design and different types

8. Easy to install and use

9. No risk of mercury emission, environmental protection 



1) For wholesale:
5m or 10m Strip light enwind plastic roll, then put into carton with the accessories

2) For retailer:
5m, 10m on roll with controllers and cable/plugs
Buyers pay the fee for special package (color boxes, spools)


Sunrain Profile:

1) We are a large-scale lamps manufacturing enterprise

2) We founded in 2004 and already established 5 factories and 1 trading company

3) We specialize in producing novelty lights, such as LED Rope Lights, Rope Lights, Energy Saving Lamps

4) We focus on Quality manufacture our lights in accordance with CE,GS, RoHS certification

5) We meet and exceed global quality standards
6) We now ship well over half of our output to countries and regions worldwide


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Q:Advertising lights left shift to the right microcontroller program
The eight light emitting diodes L1 L8 respectively connected to the P1.0 MCU and P1.7 interface, the output is "0", the LED light at the beginning of P1.0 - P1.1 - P1.2 - P1.3 -, - P1.7 - P1.6 - P1.0, and bright, repeat, this is a compilation of crystal 12M:: ORG 0 START: MOV R2. #8 MOV A, #0FEH SETB C LOOP: MOV P1, A LCALL DELAY RLC A DJNZ R2, LOOP MOV R2, #8 LOOP1: MOV P1, A LCALL DELAY RRC A DJNZ R2, LOOP1 LJMP START DELAY: MOV R5, D1: MOV R6, #20 #20; D2: MOV R7, #248 DJNZ R7, $DJNZ R6, D2 DJNZ R5 D1 RET END, of course, also can use C language to write: #include #include // #define uint unsigned int contains the displacement function of #define uchar unsigned char uchar temp I; / / data type unsigned char 8 void delay (uint); void (main) {temp=0xfe; P1=temp; while (1) {fo R (i=0; i<8; i++) {temp=_cror_ (temp, 1); / / the right one delay (800); / / set the delay time P1=temp;} for (i=0; i<8; i++) {temp=_crol_ (temp, 1); / / left a delay (800); / / set the delay time P1=temp;}}} void (delay uint z) uint y {/ / delay procedures; (for; z>0; z--) for (y=248; y>0; y--;})
Q:What are the advantages of solar advertising light boxes compared to other light boxes?
7, green environmental protection: solar energy advertising lamp box, the use of renewable energy, will not threaten human beings and damage the environment. Solar energy advertising lamp box life can reach more than 20 years, the battery board life can reach more than 20 years.Solar energy advertising lamp box is widely used in urban public streets, parking lots, hotels, tourist areas and other public places where night crowds are crowded.
Q:The advertisement lamp cloth has a ball pen scratch, which affects the luminous effect of the lamp cloth. What can be done to remove it?.
There are a lot of clever pen oil cleaning cleaning method, cleaning with alcohol can be Fengyoujing ballpoint pen oil, commonly used perfume and women also have this magical effect, as long as the perfume in the handwriting, and soon will be able to remove traces of boiled milk drops in cotton and oil in the pen traces can also remove traces repeatedly.1 stains in the water (40 C) with benzene or benzene with a cotton ball dipped in scrub, then wash with detergent, rinse water (warm water).2 soaked with cold water stains, with carbon tetrachloride or acetone gently wipe, then wash detergent, rinse with warm water.
Q:What lamp does the advertisement lamp case use?
This is made with LED beads, with long service life, and energy saving. (usually 5--10 years, and 1000 small beads for 30 hours of electricity.) With conjoined and single, conjoined good welding, the brightness of a single plant is relatively high, it is recommended to use elliptical, because this is both the front and side are bright, bright light angle, high brightness.
Q:Selling tablets and selling lights is more promising. (advertising lights, fluorescent lights, decorative lights, etc.)
It all depends on the wisdom of the investors
Q:How about the advertising lights for LED?
if you are referring to is connected with the power supply,
Q:Night scene, advertising lights, feeling too much, what happened?
The environment is too dark. If you use the metering light, it will cause the light to explode. Use manual photography to adjust the exposure
Q:What are the advantages of Hefei organic glass acrylic advertising light box?
In Paris, New York, Tokyo and other international metropolis in the bustling business district, can be seen everywhere acrylic logo beautiful figure, for countless international well-known enterprise brand image to add infinite charm. Then, Hefei acrylic advertising box lights what are the advantages of the following small series on the acrylic advertising light box material advantages: 1, fire resistance is not spontaneous combustion, and has self extinguishing. 2, reasonable rain, moisture-proof, open structure, easy maintenance. 3, ornamental materials glittering and translucent, smooth finish, very texture and beauty,
Q:Double lamp without advertisements (double-sided printing cloth + iron + installed 1 square meters of how much money?)
It's 100 dollars, because it's 70 on one side
Q:What's the best for restaurant advertising lights?
4, Jiaozi Stuffed with Mackerel is Qingdao Specialty: to Kowloon fish trapping, fresh and delicious, lead a person to endless aftertastes. 5, the sky road snacks, racket ah, not to be missed. The map is located in the sky road greatly marked sky garden in the city center, Carrefour delicacy street, north. Beware of cheating cases. Dengzhou road beer Street catering street, close to the Tsingtao Brewery factory, can often drink the hot from brewery brewing. 6, the seafood Hot pot: all kinds of fish do fish, oyster (oyster), eight, squid, shrimp, clams, tube (a small squid), all seafood are basically can be used to rinse after eating, drink soup, very delicious. 7, Pipa shrimp (sometimes called Xia Hu): Guangdong Hongkong is also called pee shrimp, Stephen Chow is the movie "God of cookery" in energy-saving kind of shrimp juice best, there are spicy fried. 8, eight (Octopus): congbao eight, eight mix, are good. 9, there are some restaurants offer relatively rare like starfish, sea urchins, sea intestines of these small seafood. Qingdao cuisine features ten flavor snacks: Qingdao hotels Yeongju mackerel traditional snacks, has 50 years of history. Steamed red oyster: Qingdao red house catering center characteristic brand, Zuo Jia eat jiangcu. MEG: Qingdao City Xinya jelly delicacy seafood delicacy. Valley Village: Qingdao Valley Village prawn noodle exclusive launch. Seafood clams: Qingdao seafood brand. Squid: US Dahl beauty of Darfur barbecue shop franchise. Big fish light fish set: wonton King fast-food restaurant exclusive launch, only Qingdao unique. Casserole fish: Vanward spring hotel features brand. Abalone seafood jade noodles: Abalone Island Restaurant exclusive launch. The Great Wall seafood stove: the Great Wall restaurant is the exclusive business, has become a public specialty cuisine.

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