LED Street Light High Power ZD910 Series

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LED Street Light High Power ZD910 Series Description

Engineered far energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, LED Street lighting  ZD910 series is a versatile, high-performance street lighting solution,designed specifically for street and road way applications.

The  ZD910 maximizes energy savings and provides uniform and comfortable white light. Easily retrofitted onto existing mounting systems, it’s simple and affordable to invest in state-of-art technology.

Main Features of LED Street Light High Power ZD910 Series

*Long lifetime
*High uniformity
*Energy saving and maintenance free
*Unique design preserving the character of the street and road way environment
*incorporates the latest LED technology
*Module design & Long lifetime
*Light distribution technology & High uniformity

LED Street Light High Power ZD910 Series Images

LED Street Light High Power ZD910 Series Sepcification

ModelLED source brandSystem WattsLuminaire EfficacyLuminous fluxCCTPFColor RenderingBeam AngleLifetimeLuminaire Dimension


SFT-ZD910-2CREE XP-G7095665057000.9575145°×75°50000491×310×164
SFT-ZD910-3CREE XP-G10095950057000.9575145°×75°50000589×310×164
SFT-ZD910-4CREE XP-G130951235057000.9575145°×75°50000687×310×164
SFT-ZD910-5CREE XP-G160951520057000.9575145°×75°50000785×310×164
SFT-ZD910-6CREE XP-G200951900057000.9575145°×75°50000883×310×164
SFT-ZD910-7CREE XP-G230952180057000.9575145°×75°50000981×310×164
SFT-ZD910-2GCREE XP-G7085595057000.9575140°*70°50000439×310×163.8
SFT-ZD910-3GCREE XP-G10085850057000.9575140°×70°50000514×310×163.8
SFT-ZD910-4GCREE XP-G130851105057000.9575140°×70°50000589×310×163.8
SFT-ZD910-5GCREE XP-G160851360057000.9575140°×70°50000664×310×163.8
SFT-ZD910-6GCREE XP-G260851700057000.9575140°×70°50000739×310×163.8
SFT-ZD910-7GCREE XP-G230851955057000.9575140°×70°50000814×310×163.8

FAQ of LED Street Light High Power ZD910 Series

*Why do LEDs have a higher initial cost than conventional light sources?

LEDs are made of electronic components which need to be packaged together to offer long lasting efficient light sources to the end user. Apart from the LED chip itself which has sapphire and gallium in the semiconductor, the process of packaging with materials like ceramic, rare earth phosphors, silicone, solder and gold wire add to the overall cost. White LEDs require further tests for calibration and standardisation.


*What are the economic advantages of using LEDs over conventional light sources?

Although the initial cost of conventional light sources is less than LEDs, they do not take into account the operational and maintenance cost of the lighting system. LEDs, having a longer life , reduce maintenance and lamp replacement cost.  This reduces cost of labour to replace lamps and the cost of new lamps at the end of lamp life cycle. LEDs, also consume less energy.  Thus the overall cost of a LED system can thus be significantly lower than conventional lighting systems. Most applications with LEDs offer a payback period as low as 3-4 years.


*What are the strategies in the development of LED technology that are helping to reduce the cost of LEDs in the future?

Some of the strategies reducing the cost of LEDs in the future are:

Reduction in the production process.

Simplification and reduction in the number of components.

Introduction of new materials.


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Q:What are the components of a LED street lamp?
LED lights a lamp, road lamp, aluminum, and mirror (or mirror). Now, large W is the integration of LED lamp, lamp shell and heat radiating aluminum design beautiful integration and good, suitable for high power LED lamp is used. Professional integration of high-power LED street lighting manufacturers, telephone contact below.
Q:Method for connecting cable between street lamp and street lamp
Construction is generally in accordance with the map. If there is no picture, we often use: 1, a cable, in the location of the lamp to build a manual well, with T-shaped connection method, and then lead wire to the inside of the lamp line. 2, the cable from the base through the wire hole into the lamp post, cut off the required two or more lines, respectively, with the wiring nose pressed the same color line, then the insurance into the line end.
Q:Is there a place where trees can hold LED solar street lamps?
Solar street lights rely on the top solar panels to install light energy, as long as the tree can not block the top of the solar panel, to ensure that it is full of exposure to the sun, does not affect the work.
Q:LED lamp with air leakage to help the thunder?
There is no air leakage with LED lights for the role of lightning protection. The function of the switch of leakage air breaker is to work by current. To enable the street circuit with lightning protection function, must use a surge protector, installation and circuit breaker in parallel. It works by limiting the overvoltage and cutting off the circuit as long as the voltage exceeds the set point to protect the electrical equipment.
Q:How much is the power supply voltage of street lamp LED?
220V AC through the LED power, converted to DC 35V voltage supply to the chip, LED chip can only withstand DC 35V voltage!
Q:Want to do a LED street lighting, do not know how to start, please recommend books or websites, can understand the whole process of doing LED street lights!
Generally, the light source is connected with the heat radiating body, and also has auxiliary heat radiation
Q:Do you know the assembly process of the LED street lamp?
The visual appearance of a lamp shade, a lamp cup, no scratch, burr, crack, deformation and other undesirable phenomena. Take a set of samples for trial installation to confirm the size and location of the screw holes in the fittings. Visually check whether the circuit board and the polarity of the components are clearly defined; whether the copper foil is bulged or not; use the multimeter to test whether the circuit (aluminum substrate) has an open circuit or a short circuit. Check the LED luminous color and brightness, color temperature is consistent with the required, LED light surface scratches, whether the welding pin is bright. Load power supply parameters and actual values confirm whether consistent. 3 aluminum substrate screws, Palm / white two 6cm long power cord is appropriate?.
Q:Can you install LED street lights in your own yard?
In their own yard, you can install LED street lamps, which conforms to the national policy of promoting environmental protection and energy conservation.
Q:Is there any difference between intelligent street lamp and intelligent LED street lamp?
The difference is that the light source of the latter has been defined as LED. The light source of the former is not defined and can be a variety of light sources.
Q:Why do street lights use bat wings to match the light curve?
This is according to the common high-pressure sodium lamp street light distribution, and now the LED street lamp is just imitating him, oh, no one knows what to do later.

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