LED Programmable Single Color LED Display CMAX-S2

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Product Description:


single color led display 
1.flip,moving text 
2.Epistar/Silan LED 
3.programmable,color&size optional 
4.PC control


Product Description:

Why single color led display? 

single color led display bring you these advantage: 

1. Release different information and advertisement.

2. Text, picture and video version optional.

3. Computer control to program your advertising.

4. Epistar/Silan brand p10 LED.

5. Light weight sign to save shipping cost.

6. Size optional or customized.

7. Display date, temperature and humidity.



Color options:

1) Single color: red, green, blue, yellow, etc..

2) Double color: red+green+yellow, red+blue+pink

3) Full color: can display 7 kinds of colors

Before send inquiry to us, please confirm which color you want to buy; in our advice, if you just need to display text, single or double color is ok; if you need to display video or picutures, it must be full color.

Size options: 

1) 23x71cm, 23x103cm, 23x135cm, 23x167cm, 23x199cm, 23x224cm, etc...

2) 39x71cm, 39x103cm, 39x135cm, 39x167cm, 39x199cm, 39x224cm, etc...

3) 55x71cm, 55x103cm, 55x135cm, 55x167cm, 55x199cm, 55x224cm, etc...

4) 71x71cm, 71x103cm, 71x135cm, 71x167cm, 71x199cm, 71x224cm, etc...

5) 87x71cm, 87x103cm, 87x135cm, 87x167cm, 87x199cm, 87x224cm, etc...

6) 103x71cm, 103x103cm, 103x135cm, 103x167cm, 103x199cm, 103x224cm, etc...

More size is available, we can customized any size for you; before send enquiry to us, please confirm which size you need.

Service environment options:

1) indoor--normal brightness+not waterproof

2) outdoor--high brightness+waterproof

You can also have the semi-outdoor, semi-outdoor means made with outdoor module and indoor frame. Before send enquiry to us, please confirm service environment.



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Q:LED outdoor display which part of the composition
Banking, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprise management and other public places. With media display, information release, traffic guidance, creative display and other purposes.
Q:16: 9LED What is the approximate size of the display?
Ie the effective screen is the diagonal size representation. And the aspect ratio of 16: 9 is that we say widescreen, the unit is inches. From this we can calculate the scale factor. (The old TV used in the ratio of 4: 3 also we said the narrow screen)
Q:Production of LED display the basic raw materials which ah?
Circuit board, light-emitting diode, 138,245D, 4953, driver IC, capacitor, resistance, mask, bottom shell, bracket, magnetic column, waterproof glue, waterproof pad, pin, cable, power cord, power supply , Box, steel structure, control system (synchronous receiving card, send card, adapter board; asynchronous card)
Q:Led display what format can be displayed
LED display is also flexible, you can achieve: with a TV screen overlay text information, panoramic, close-up, slow motion, effects and other effects of real-time editing and playback (need to configure another non-linear editing equipment) Window display different screen and text functions • to meet the requirements of the use of theatrical performances • graphic effects display function:
Q:How to identify the quality of led display quality
Led display driver IC: the current development of led display driver is a bit crystal, Mingwei, and some domestic drive IC;
Q:How do I choose the dot pitch of the LED display?
According to the brightness of the lamp, waterproof level is divided into indoor and outdoor single color, indoor and outdoor full color series;
Q:LED display how to install it?
LED display according to the application of different areas, divided into a variety of installation methods, there are: fixed installation, rental hoisting, stadium fence installation.
Q:Led display and led lighting What is the difference?
LED display and lighting are LED light-emitting diodes as light source. The difference is that the application of LED: LED display using dot matrix, the combination of different colors of light-emitting diodes, through the control system, power system, signal system and other forms of control, composed of LED device array display screen; and LED Lighting is a monochrome diode excitation, the pursuit of brightness, gray and white balance.
Q:What is the difference between an LED display and an LCD monitor?
Notebook LCD screen commonly used is TFT. TFT (Thin Film Transistor) refers to the thin film transistor, each of the liquid crystal pixels are integrated in the pixel behind the thin film transistor to drive, which can be high speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information is the best One of the LCD color display devices is now the mainstream display device on laptops and desktops.
Q:Led display speed how to tune
If you need to display the time / temperature, select the "Show time / temperature" option, and then click the "Time / Temperature Settings" button to pop up the following dialog box to set the time, temperature display format, color, font size, display length.

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