LED Light Bulbs with Good Quality and Low Price

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IP Rating: custom   custom Power(W): 20
Color Temperature: custom Lamp Body Material: custom

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:led high bay light package:strengthen Carton + EPE ; one carton for one fixture
Delivery Detail:3~25 days for led high bay light


DLC ETL Listed 
Factory direct sales LED lightings 
led highbay, shoebox, canopy, wallpack, street 
5 years warranty

Supertek factory wholesale LED Lightings, DLC ETL Listed.


Unique Features&Benefits of Supertek LED Lightings
Unique FeaturesBenefits
DLC listedHigh Quality, Energy Saving, Economic
LM79 Reports, IESDetailed performance and parameters.
Various CertificatesETL, CE, CB, SAA.
To fullfill the market demands.
Lighting SolutionCustomized Solutions by experienced Engineers
5 Years' warrantyLong Life, Energy Saving, Low Cost
Factory PriceFactory price from Supertek
High Quality Raw MaterialsLED ChipsCree X-TE, BridgeLux VE29, Philips Luxeon, Seoul
Fixture DriversMeanwell, Inventronics
Cooling SystemHigh Thermal Conductive, slim heat sink



LED Lightings


LED Lightings and Applications
ProductsWattageTo ReplaceApplications
High Bay Light
60W-500W200W-1500WWorkshop, warehouse, supermarket, industrial, outdoors
Shoe Box Light60W-500W200W-1500WParking lots, streets, off road areas, outdoors
Canopy Light40w-200w120W-600WGas station, parking garage, warehouse
Wall Pack10W-160W30W-500WBuilding walls, workshops, parks, malls, museums, courtyards.
Street Light20W-260W60W-800WStreets, parking lots, off-road areas, outdoors
Flood Light10W-200W30W-600WGyms, billboards, parks, parking lots, gas stations, warehouse
Acorn Light30W-100W100W-300WGardens, parks, walkways
Security Light 
30W-50W100W-150WBuilding walls, gardens, roadways
Vapor Proof Light30W-180W100W-500WWorkshop, warehouse, supermarket, wet locations



1.Top quality raw materials.

Selected Cree led chipsBrigdelux COBMeanwell driversspecially designed cooling system.
2.Heavy duty fixture.
Features a high impact lens over a series of LED modules, sealed in durable die cast aluminum housing
3.Uniform color consistency.
Engineered with proprietary binned LM-80-rated LEDs chips, which provide uniform color consistency
4.High lumen Output.
High efficacy LM80 Approval LED chips to ensure excellent performance.
5.Excellent cooling system.
Each LED module features an independent heat sink for optimal thermal management and ease of replacement.
6.Waterproof for Outdoor use.
IP65 or IP54 Rated for Dust proof and Water proof.
7. 50,000 hour life.
Life is more than 17 years operating 8 hours a day.
8. Wide voltage operation.
120V-277V 50/60Hz system voltage.
9.Energy Saving, Economic and 5 Years Warranty.
3 times energy saving than Halide Lights and HID.
10. Dimming drivers.
Dimming drivers provide adjustable light levels that maximize energy savings while providing the exact amount of light level needed for that task.
11.Various Certificates.

Holding certificates for different countries to meet the quality demands and help client expand the business in their markets, Including CB, CE, FCC, SAA, ETL, Etc.

12.DLC Listed

Check here for more info of our DLC Listed LEDs 

13.Environmentally friendly.
Constructed without mercury and operates without emitting IR or UV radiation.


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Highbay HB35BShoebox SB12AWallpack WP05ACanopy CP11BStreet light RL33A
Highbay HB41AShoebox SB11AWallpack WP02ACanopy CP21AStreet light RL21A
Highbay HB11AShoebox SB06AGrow Light PG01ACanopy CP22AStreet light RL31A

LED Light Bulbs with Good Quality and Low Price

LED Light Bulbs with Good Quality and Low Price

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Q:How much is the voltage across the 20 LED lamps in series?
Each LED is about 3V, and the 20 series is 60V
Q:Performance and characteristics of LED lamp string
1.LED lamp string can handle perforation lamp string processing;2.LED lights string may through seven colors and full-color controller to achieve colorful jump, gradient, monochrome, full-color, fluttering and other effects.
Q:The color temperature of LED light string
Refers to a standard blackbody heating, the temperature rises to a certain degree when starting from the color red - Orange - red - white - blue, gradually changed, a light source and the blackbody with the same color, we will at the time of the absolute temperature blackbody called the color temperature of the light source.
Q:The number of lights in the LED string
Different LED number of LED light band price is different, and this is also to distinguish LED lamp belt price is an important factor.
Q:What is the principle of the LED series?
Led 2 polar tube inside chip oscillator circuit, and the general appearance led 2 polar tube without distinction, only connected to the power supply of two kinds of color turns light, 1 seconds, I bought the 5MM red, blue autoflash. From the appearance of the series, but not necessarily in series
Q:Rated voltage of LED lamp string
You are the light string and see how much you a lamp, the lamp voltage for LED in 3.0-3.4V, for intermediate values of 3.2V, N=220/3.2=68.75 so many beads. In fact, we are in terms of LED is a DC device, there is no voltage rating, mainly to see his current value, the work must be steady flow. The power 0.06W LED current is 20MA, the power 0.2W LED current is 60MA, the power is 0.3W, the LED current is 100MA, the power is 1W, the high power LED current is 300-350MA, and so on in turn, ah, I=P/U
Q:The top LED lights always burn the bulb in series
A simple circuit based on resistance current limiting can only be adjusted with current resistance.
Q:How does the LED light string flash?
What kind of light? What about the flash?If you are talking about the pulse drive mode of LED, then it is for heat dissipation and energy saving.
Q:What's the average luminous current of an ordinary LED lamp string?
General LED patch to 0.2W, 0.5W, 0.2W lamp current is 60mA, 0.5W beads 150mA,
Q:I want to do a string of LED lights that can use batteries. About 55 or so. The lights are 5MM blue. How can I work? Urgent urgent!!
You can use the 4~6V battery, through the 4W, 2~3 Europe (6V with 3 Euro, 4V with 2 Euro) current limiting resistor, to the LED lamp power supply. The parameters of each lamp are: 3V, 20MA, in parallel (polarity). If you don't quite understand, you can also ask a science and engineering student (preferably a teacher) to help.

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