LED Lamps LED T8 Tube LED-P-T8-WV-Glass-CT

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Cool White Lamp Body Material: Glass    
IP Rating: IP20 Power(W): 20

Product Description:


• Wide voltage mains input
• Advanced coating technology
• Flicker free driver
• LED dummy starter
• Long lifespan, install and forget



• Use in different regions                                                                                                                                                  
• Even, balanced light                                                                                                                                                                      
• Stress free ambient light                                                                                                                                                             
• Prevents overheating toward end of lifespan                                                                                                                             
• Lasts 2 times longer than conventional T8 tube with electronic system                                                                                 



Product DescriptionPower
CRICCT(K)Average Lifetime(hrs)Energy Level
LED-P-T8-600mm-10W-WV-3000K-Glass-CT 10 1 900 90 80 3000K40,000 A+
LED-P-T8-600mm-10W-WV-4000K-Glass-CT 10 1 1,000 100 80 4000K40,000 A+
LED-P-T8-600mm-10W-WV-6500K-Glass-CT 10 1 1,000 100 80 6500K40,000 A+
LED-P-T8-1200mm-20W-WV-3000K-Glass-CT 20 1 1,800 90 80 3000K40,000 A+
LED-P-T8-1200mm-20W-WV-4000K-Glass-CT 20 1 2,000 100 80 4000K40,000 A+
LED-P-T8-1200mm-20W-WV-6500K-Glass-CT20 1 2,000 100 80 6500K40,000 A+


LED Lamps LED T8 Tube LED-P-T8-WV-Glass-CT

LED Lamps LED T8 Tube LED-P-T8-WV-Glass-CT

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Q:Use LED fluorescent lamp tube to replace, the line of original daylight-tube seat should be refitted
So old ballast, the ballast uninstalled, directly to the card on the two old fluorescent lamp wire short respectively, and then to the outside power, install the LED fluorescent lamp with respect to OK
Q:Does the installation of LED fluorescent bulbs need to be positive and negative
It depends on whether your power is external, or is it built in, so if you have an external one, you don't have to have it built in,
Q:How is the T8LED fluorescent lamp installed?
The first step is to make sure that the lamp is powered by a single end, or a two-stage power supply, and the second step is to use the direct or new direct.
Q:The difference between LED and fluorescent lamps
Fluorescent tube filled with low-pressure argon or argon neon mixed gas and mercury vapor, and the inside surface of the fluorescent tube in the glass is coated with phosphor fluorescent paint, has made of tungsten filament in the ends of the tube coil. When power on, first of all, current through the filament heating and release the electronic, electronic tube gas into plasma, and make the tube current increase, when the voltage between the two groups of filament lamp began to produce discharge after more than a certain value, the mercury vapor from 253.7 nm and 185 nm wavelength ultraviolet, fluorescence phosphatic fluorescent paint on the surface of the pipe inside can absorb ultraviolet light, and release the lower wavelength of visible light. The color of the light is controlled by the proportion of phosphor, while the glass tube avoids harmful ultraviolet rays and other harmful substances
Q:A 30-watt light bulb can be used for a change of LED lamp
Of course you don't rule out that the lamp you bought is bad. I hope I can help you.
Q:Is there a ballast in the LED lamp? Or do you need a ballast?
Fluorescent lamp tube is need to use ballast, whether inductance type or electronic type, need to give lamp tube a high-voltage pulse to light. Leds, unlike leds, need a completely constant current to drive it, so the LED driver is a driver for constant current constant pressure.
Q:Ordinary fluorescent lamp ballast can be replaced with led daylight lamp tube
Finally, the LED fluorescent tube is installed, and the head of the lamp that has a brand logo will be inserted into the base of the base.
Q:Why don't leds and light bulbs adjust brightness by dimming switches
There is something that can be supported, usually for a price that is inexpensive, because the traditional ones don't do the dimming
Q:This kind of fluorescent tube is always easy to burn.
The ballast of fluorescent lamp (fire ox) quality is not good, change him a new be ok!
Q:How to remove fluorescent lamp tube
Rotate the tube 90 degrees and remove from the gaps seen above. Is there a gap between the ends of the lamp holder? If you have to rotate it. If there is no gap, just look at the ends of the lamp holder, a paragraph should be active, you hold the lamp, it toward the activity period of pressure, on the other side can be removed. That's two

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