LED Lamps LED T5 Batten CT Home Shopping Mall Office Hotel

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$6.50 - 7.15 / pc
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TT or LC
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2000 pc
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100000 pc/month

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Cool White Lamp Body Material: Plastic    
IP Rating: IP20 Power(W): 18

Product Description:

• Plastic unibody design with integrated connector
• Broad range of lengths and color temperatures
• Energy effcient

• Easy, accessory free installation
• Easily retrofit conventional fixtures with LED
• Up to 50% energy savings compared to conventional T5 batten 

Product DescriptionPower
CRICCT(K)Average Lifetime(hrs)Energy Level
LED-E-T5 batten-310-3.5W-3000K-CT(+acc.)4 1 240 69 75 3,000 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-310-3.5W-4000K-CT(+acc.)4 1 260 74 75 4,000 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-310-3.5W-5700K-CT(+acc.)4 1 300 86 75 5,700 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-570mm-7W-3000K-CT(+acc.)7 1 480 69 75 3,000 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-570mm-7W-4000K-CT(+acc.)7 1 520 74 75 4,000 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-570mm-7W-5700K-CT(+acc.)7 1 600 86 75 5,700 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-870-10.5-3000K-CT(+acc.)11 1 710 68 75 3,000 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-870-10.5-4000K-CT(+acc.)11 1 770 73 75 4,000 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-870-10.5-5700K-CT(+acc.)11 1 900 86 75 5,700 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-1170-14W-3000K-CT(+acc.)14 1 950 68 75 3,000 20,000 A
LED-E-T5 batten-1170-14W-4000K-CT(+acc.)14 1 1,030 74 75 4,000 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-1170-14W-5700K-CT(+acc.)14 1 1,200 86 75 5,700 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-1170-18W-3000K-CT(+acc.)18 1 1,600 89 75 3,000 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-1170-18W-4000K-CT(+acc.)18 1 1,600 89 75 4,000 20,000 A+
LED-E-T5 batten-1170-18W-5700K-CT(+acc.)18 1 1,600 89 75 5,700 20,000 A+


LED Lamps LED T5 Batten CT Home Shopping Mall Office  Hotel

LED Lamps LED T5 Batten CT Home Shopping Mall Office  Hotel

LED Lamps LED T5 Batten CT Home Shopping Mall Office  Hotel


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Q:Is it healthy to hang a towel with a bad fluorescent lamp
You're talking about fluorescent powder. Because of the high amount of Hg in the process of charge of fluorescent powder, the main source of its harm is its Hg vapor.
Q:How does the T8LED light tube replace the fluorescent lamp tube
Tube at both ends a firewire, on the other side is zero, the two feet per head are connected together, by one or two can be, if with neon bulb starter, starter can be twisted off, then remove ballast two joint together can change LED bulb.
Q:The reason for the slow start of an old-fashioned daylight tube
The regenerator is a light that USES neon to discharge heat and causes the two metal plates to close, and then it takes time for the contact to turn off when it is cooled.
Q:Are LED lights like regular daylight bulbs
LED lights, like many ordinary lamp belongs to the point light source, looks very dazzling, direct words must be harmful to the eyes, if from the perspective of protecting our eyes, suggestion choice electrodeless lamp, surface light source, the light is soft, is relatively good
Q:Ordinary lamp tube is replaced by the led for video
Common fluorescent lamp and LED lamp drive circuit principle of completely different, so the common fluorescent lamp ballast, all can't use the starter, need a full set of updates for the LED lamps and lanterns. There's no point in wiring video.
Q:Can the T5 light tube be free of ballast?
A friend, no matter what lamp tube, should start with a ballast. You don't have to.
Q:What about the quality gap between leds?
You can look at the whole of the lamp tube first, see the mark on the lamp, mark, model, rated voltage, rated power, etc. And then see if the lamp tube is made of fine workmanship, and how it feels.
Q:The same thing is 5w, is this LED tube power or is this a fluorescent lamp?
Yes, the power is the same, the power consumption is the same. But leds are brighter than daylight.
Q:How much energy does normal lamp tube compare with LED light tube?
The standard lamp tube 27w is equivalent to the 9w of led lamp tube, led lamp tube is nearly 3 times more energy than normal lamp tube, and the led life is longer, can generally usable 30000h hours.
Q:How to replace old lamp tubes with LED tubes
LED fluorescent lamp, does not need a ballast, regenerator. Simply remove the ballast from the traditional fluorescent lamp holder, and then install the LED fluorescent lamp.

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