LED Lamps LED Bulb A60 A70 P45 Home Retail Shopping Mall

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Cool White Lamp Body Material: Aluminum    
IP Rating: IP20 Power(W): 3

Product Description:

• Dimmable from 10-100% brightness
• Wide light diffussion angle up to 300°
• Broad range of wattages and caps
• Energy effcient

• Tune light intensity to suit your environment or the time of day
• Light where you need it
• Easily retrofit conventional fixtures with LED
• Up to 80% energy savings compared to incandescent bulb, 35% compared to CFL


Product DescriptionPower
CRICCT(K)Average Lifetime(hrs)Energy Level
LED-E-A60-E27-DC-3W-3000K-CT 3 /250 83 80 3000K20,000 A+
LED-E-A60-E27-DC-3W-6000K-CT 3 /300 100 80 6000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-B22-DC-3W-3000K-CT 3 /250 83 80 3000K20,000 A+
LED-E-A60-B22-DC-3W-6000K-CT 3 /300 100 80 6000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-E27-DC-5W-3000K-CT 5 /500 100 80 3000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-E27-DC-5W-6000K-CT 5 /500 100 80 6000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-B22-DC-5W-3000K-CT 5 /500 100 80 3000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-B22-DC-5W-6000K-CT 5 /500 100 80 6000K20,000 A++
LED-3.5W-220-E14-P45-3000KOP4 1 220 63 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-250-E14-P45-4000K-OP4 1 250 72 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-250-E14-P45-6000KOP4 1 250 72 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-220-E27-P45-3000KOP4 1 220 63 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-250-E27-P45-4000K-OP4 1 250 72 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-250-E27-P45-6000KOP4 1 250 72 >806000K20,000 A+
LED3.5W-220-B22-P45-3000K-OP4 1 220 63 >803000K20,000 A+
LED3.5W-250-B22-P45-6000K-OP4 1 250 72 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-320-E14-P45-3000KOP5 1 320 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-350-E14-P45-4000K-OP5 1 350 78 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-350-E14-P45-6000KOP5 1 350 78 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-320-E27-P45-3000KOP5 1 320 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-350-E27-P45-4000K-OP5 1 350 78 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-350-E27-P45-6000KOP5 1 350 78 >806000K20,000 A+
LED4.5W-320-B22-P45-3000K-OP5 1 320 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED4.5W-350-B22-P45-6000K-OP5 1 350 78 >804000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-500-E27-A60-3000K-OP7 1 500 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-550-E27-A60-4000K-OP7 1 550 79 >804000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-550-E27-A60-6000K-OP7 1 550 79 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-500-B22-A60-3000K-OP7 1 500 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-550-B22-A60-6000K-OP7 1 550 79 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-650-E27-A60-3000K-OP8 1 650 82 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-750-E27-A60-4000K-OP8 1 750 94 >804000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-750-E27-A60-6000K-OP8 1 750 94 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-650-B22-A60-3000K-OP8 1 650 82 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-750-B22-A60-6000K-OP8 1 750 94 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-650-B22-A60-3000K-OP9 1 650 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-750-B22-A60-6000K-OP9 1 750 83 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-650-E27-A60-3000K-OP9 1 650 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-750-E27-A60-4000K-OP9 1 750 83 >804000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-750-E27-A60-6000K-OP9 1 750 83 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-12W-1000-E27-A70-3000KOP12 1 1,000 88 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-12W-1100-E27-A70-4000K-OP12 1 1,100 92 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-12W-1100-E27-A70-6000KOP12 1 1,100 92 >806000K20,000 A+
LED12W-1000-B22-A70-3000K-OP12 1 1,000 88 >803000K20,000 A+
LED12W-1100-B22-A70-6000K-OP12 1 1,100 92 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-E27-14W-3000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 3000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-E27-14W-4000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 4000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-E27-14W-6000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 6000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-B22-14W-3000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 3000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-B22-14W-6000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 6000K20,000 A+


LED Lamps LED Bulb A60 A70 P45 Home Retail Shopping Mall

LED Lamps LED Bulb A60 A70 P45 Home Retail Shopping Mall


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Q:Who knows where the broken LED bulb is?
The most common problem is that 1, the drive power is broken 2, the light source due to excessive or excessive flow leading to necrosis
Q:What are the characteristics of LED bulb?
LED bulb advantages: energy saving: the same brightness, power consumption for ordinary energy-saving lamps 1/4. Environmental protection: no harmful substances such as mercury, no pollution to the environment. (experts point out that mercury contained in a fluorescent energy-saving lamp can contaminate 180 tons of water sources). Economy: as a result of electricity saving, electricity costs can be reduced, and the cost of the lamps can be recovered for one and a half years. A family can save tens of thousands of yuan a month. Low carbon: saving electricity is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions. Long life: LED lamp life of 50 thousand hours, six hours a day, that is, 20 years of life. The price depends on how many watts you need, and the price varies with the wattage. Now the family uses "lightning man" led, very good, the price, quality, those are good, you can go and see. Hope to help you.
Q:Is it possible to manually weld LED bulb bulbs?
Well, the lights go straight up, aging, usually 24 hours of aging, testing, you have to open 10 seconds, 10 seconds off, so non-stop switching for 2 to 4 hours
Q:How does the LED bulb look good or bad?
You are not the light source, in addition to a treasure bully ordinary consumers can't tell the difference between good and poor light source, all blow themselves jingyuan. I think you can see for yourself, not necessarily expensive or cheap but wafer, it certainly can not be said. Big power of a simple 1W bar, poor beads 1-3 cents, the wafer will be 1.3-2 dollars. There are several tiles, and how much does it cost?.
Q:LED what is the glue between the aluminum base of the bulb and the cooling aluminum?
It is best not to direct contact with glue, glue because the thermal conductivity of aluminum than a lot of difference, even a thin layer will reduce the heat out of the speed of the screw can be used to aluminum plate and aluminum fastening together, the contact surface is smooth, when necessary, can use some conductive silicone grease amount
Q:What brand of LED bulb is good in quality?
The price of these lamps is very low, but the quality is not guaranteed at all. The purpose of this article is to teach consumers to distinguish the quality of LED bulbs on the market so as not to be cheated. So, which brand LED bulb is good, choose a good brand, first of all should first understand how the quality of its products
Q:How to identify Ic constant current LED bulb?
Hello, LED market is now very confused, this problem is the use of LED lamps of the users are more concerned about the problem, the so-called IC constant current drive power refers to the LED lamp (commonly known as the transformer) with a constant stream of multifunctional IC chip, the IC is generally 5-8 feet (depending on the model and decision scheme), role is to ensure that the current through LED lamp is controlled in a relatively constant parameter, ensure the long-term stability of LED lamp work at constant current. When the input or output voltage is changed, the current through LED remains constant, so the constant current IC of the LED light stability and service life is directly related to the IC also includes internal short circuit protection, overtemperature protection function of open protection etc.
Q:LED what is the plastic shell of the bulb? What plastic material is better? What do you need to pay attention to?
LED is the most important heat, light will not be so serious, the thermal conductivity is relatively high Aluminum Alloy, so LED manufacturers usually choose to use aluminum shell
Q:LED bulb w can replace 40W incandescent lamp
The standard of luminous flux according to the luminaire is lumen (LM). Incandescent lamps are w 11-12lm per 40w=440-480lm
Q:I want to ask for high power LED bulb lamp wire inexplicably broke, and in large quantities. Is the quality of the lamp?
A sense of self is the following 1. package production process of wire bonding or partial welding weld. Whether the station is too large.2. through the current impact blanking line3. package factory using gold thread may be too fine

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