LED Lamps LED Bulb A60 A70 P45 Home Retail Shopping Mall

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Cool White Lamp Body Material: Aluminum    
IP Rating: IP20 Power(W): 3

Product Description:

• Dimmable from 10-100% brightness
• Wide light diffussion angle up to 300°
• Broad range of wattages and caps
• Energy effcient

• Tune light intensity to suit your environment or the time of day
• Light where you need it
• Easily retrofit conventional fixtures with LED
• Up to 80% energy savings compared to incandescent bulb, 35% compared to CFL


Product DescriptionPower
CRICCT(K)Average Lifetime(hrs)Energy Level
LED-E-A60-E27-DC-3W-3000K-CT 3 /250 83 80 3000K20,000 A+
LED-E-A60-E27-DC-3W-6000K-CT 3 /300 100 80 6000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-B22-DC-3W-3000K-CT 3 /250 83 80 3000K20,000 A+
LED-E-A60-B22-DC-3W-6000K-CT 3 /300 100 80 6000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-E27-DC-5W-3000K-CT 5 /500 100 80 3000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-E27-DC-5W-6000K-CT 5 /500 100 80 6000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-B22-DC-5W-3000K-CT 5 /500 100 80 3000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-B22-DC-5W-6000K-CT 5 /500 100 80 6000K20,000 A++
LED-3.5W-220-E14-P45-3000KOP4 1 220 63 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-250-E14-P45-4000K-OP4 1 250 72 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-250-E14-P45-6000KOP4 1 250 72 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-220-E27-P45-3000KOP4 1 220 63 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-250-E27-P45-4000K-OP4 1 250 72 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-250-E27-P45-6000KOP4 1 250 72 >806000K20,000 A+
LED3.5W-220-B22-P45-3000K-OP4 1 220 63 >803000K20,000 A+
LED3.5W-250-B22-P45-6000K-OP4 1 250 72 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-320-E14-P45-3000KOP5 1 320 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-350-E14-P45-4000K-OP5 1 350 78 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-350-E14-P45-6000KOP5 1 350 78 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-320-E27-P45-3000KOP5 1 320 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-350-E27-P45-4000K-OP5 1 350 78 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-350-E27-P45-6000KOP5 1 350 78 >806000K20,000 A+
LED4.5W-320-B22-P45-3000K-OP5 1 320 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED4.5W-350-B22-P45-6000K-OP5 1 350 78 >804000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-500-E27-A60-3000K-OP7 1 500 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-550-E27-A60-4000K-OP7 1 550 79 >804000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-550-E27-A60-6000K-OP7 1 550 79 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-500-B22-A60-3000K-OP7 1 500 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-550-B22-A60-6000K-OP7 1 550 79 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-650-E27-A60-3000K-OP8 1 650 82 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-750-E27-A60-4000K-OP8 1 750 94 >804000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-750-E27-A60-6000K-OP8 1 750 94 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-650-B22-A60-3000K-OP8 1 650 82 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-750-B22-A60-6000K-OP8 1 750 94 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-650-B22-A60-3000K-OP9 1 650 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-750-B22-A60-6000K-OP9 1 750 83 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-650-E27-A60-3000K-OP9 1 650 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-750-E27-A60-4000K-OP9 1 750 83 >804000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-750-E27-A60-6000K-OP9 1 750 83 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-12W-1000-E27-A70-3000KOP12 1 1,000 88 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-12W-1100-E27-A70-4000K-OP12 1 1,100 92 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-12W-1100-E27-A70-6000KOP12 1 1,100 92 >806000K20,000 A+
LED12W-1000-B22-A70-3000K-OP12 1 1,000 88 >803000K20,000 A+
LED12W-1100-B22-A70-6000K-OP12 1 1,100 92 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-E27-14W-3000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 3000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-E27-14W-4000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 4000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-E27-14W-6000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 6000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-B22-14W-3000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 3000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-B22-14W-6000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 6000K20,000 A+


LED Lamps LED Bulb A60 A70 P45 Home Retail Shopping Mall

LED Lamps LED Bulb A60 A70 P45 Home Retail Shopping Mall


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Q:LED bulb lamp drive power electrical connection, will delay a few seconds before the lamp light, and power creaks, who know what it is!
Power supply has noise, it is the design of transformer, winding, the design of switch power supply.. Engineering reference..
Q:LED what does "A60" mean by bulb 60? And what does "MR16" mean?
MR is a reflector that is represented by a plurality of reflector groups, and 16 represents the maximum outer diameter of 1/8*16*25.4=50
Q:Why can't the voice switch control the time of the LED bulb?
Current problem. The current is too weak. You don't have to use an electric meter to see if you can work properly without a light bulb. Change the timer switch.
Q:In a bulb, the ambient temperature of the LED is LED, the temperature of the air in the bulb, or the temperature of the aluminum substrate
The lamp is normal body temperature measurement temperature lamp, lamp heat sink temperature is the key, if the heat do good, heat sink temperature is close to the junction temperature, but the temperature are generally measured lamp pin temperature, plus a rise coefficient estimation of heat sink temperature, so as to estimate. The temperature of the lamp. The temperature of the aluminum substrate and the heat sink is relatively surface, and the superficial and relatively useful temperature depends on the junction temperature, which is related to the life of the LED. So the temperature near the pin or heat sink is more realistic.
Q:LED what is the glue between the aluminum base of the bulb and the cooling aluminum?
A lot of sticky glue can live it yourself have not tried to guess 502 good brothers of this kind of glue can be, but do not know good heat resistance and high power LED heat is still very large, if you are a small power never mind
Q:What brand of LED bulb is good in quality?
Look at the bulb of the bulb. The so-called bubble shell refers to the transparent glass shell in front. In incandescent lamps, all are made of glass. But in LED bulbs, though they can be made of glass, they rarely do.. Because the LED bulb weight than incandescent lamp 5 times or more, if made of glass, fell on the ground, it broke the possibility of large. As a result, more LED bulbs are made of plastic to prevent them from breaking. And the LED bulb went out because the heat from the radiator, so the bulb Everbright is visible light, infrared heating has little, so the use of plastic to make foam shell will not damage due to heat.
Q:How does the LED bulb go with the power?
voltage range as long as the 36V can be achieved, for example: voltage range 24v-80v is very good,
Q:Why is 3W's LED plastic bulb so cheap on the market? Is there any drawback to the price difference between aluminum and aluminum?
One point price must be a sub goods, this is wrong.Plastic cheap because the cost is relatively low, can not talk about grades, plastic LED mainly for the application oriented,
Q:What is the 15 Watt lumen of the LED bulb?
The chip is better, but it's also 80lm/w's light effect, so the 15W flux is 1200lm's.. The chips are even lower
Q:I want to ask for high power LED bulb lamp wire inexplicably broke, and in large quantities. Is the quality of the lamp?
The second continued the problem: welding line, this work continued not done!

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