Led Indicator Smart Power Bank, High Capacity Mobile Power Charger

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Color: Black/White Battery: Li-Polymer Certificate: CE/ROHS
Material: IMD

Product Description:


Product Description 

Specification of 10400mah mobile power bank case:


Item nameDual USB power bank
Unique selling private mold ,UV painting ,temperature control ,Dual USB output
Inner Packinggift box
Outer  PackingCarton
Carton Size54.5*31*43.5cm
Per Carton50pcs/ctn


Picture of 10400mah mobile power bank case:


Led Indicator Smart Power Bank, High Capacity Mobile Power Charger 


Packaging & Shipping


  Basic Accessory (free)  

Charging Cable


Connector  (for iphone4/micro/mini)


Manual user


Warranty Card


Gift box  (Black)



  Optional  Accessory ( chargeable )  


For iphone5s/Nokia and other special connectors


EU Adaptor/USA Adaptor and other special adaptors


3in1 multi cable/2in1 multi cable and other multi cables 


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