Led Holiday Light 10m/150LEDs LED String Lightings

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led holiday light 10m/150LEDs LED string light 
IP65, indoor and outdoor use 
110V/220VAC, 24VDC 
customized as your request

led holiday light 10m/150LEDs  LED string light



Christmas is coming! What are you going to need to decorate your house for holiday? Surely you will not miss the LED Christmas string light. Not only it lights up your home, but also everyone in the family instantly feels the spirit of Christmas- the love and the warmth.


Features and Benefits:


1. Our LED Christmas string lights adopt high quality LED as light source, they are 3 times brighter than others.


2.  They are energy-saver. You will save up to 90% energy using our Christmas lights.


3.  IP 65, can be suitable for indoor and outdoor using.


4. Input voltage: 110V/220VAC or 24VDC.


5. Colors available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, White, Warm White and RGBY.


6.  Our Christmas lights flash in 8 different modes like steady on(the classic type), in waves, sequential, slow-glow, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, or in combination.


7.  With standard plug for different countries, no further socket adapter needed.


8.  Lifespan can be up to 50000 hours.


Item NoShape of LEDLED QtyLengthInput VoltagePowerIP GradeLED color
TACS-100-HStar100pcs10M110V/220VAC8WIP65Single colors and Multi-color
TA-CB-50-HBall50pcs5M110V/220VAC7WIP65Single colors and Multi-color
TACS-96-LStar96pcs10M24VDC8WIP65Single colors and Multi-color

led holiday light 10m/150LEDs  LED string light


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Q:What are the power connections for the LED light string?
If you do not want to use a power to control each LED lamp string, can switch power to buy a relatively large power for the total power supply, then put all LED light on the input power (all parallel wire size is not enough, can also extend) unified by the total power switch.
Q:How do you connect the LED lights?
Connect the first LED positive pole to the negative electrode of the second LED and then connect the first LED negative pole with the second LED positive pole to the power supplyConnect the positive pole of each LED with the positive pole of the positive electrode, and then connect to the power supply. This is the parallel connection
Q:Who knows how the controller of outdoor LED lights can be protected against water?
You can use the plastic wrap, mouth down, so even if again under the rain is not bad. Or glue the entire controller to the point where the water is likely to enter the water.
Q:The number of lights in the LED string
15 lights, 30 lights, and 60 lights refer to the LED band. How many LED components are welded per meter length?
Q:I want to do a string of LED lights that can use batteries. About 55 or so. The lights are 5MM blue. How can I work? Urgent urgent!!
You can use the 4~6V battery, through the 4W, 2~3 Europe (6V with 3 Euro, 4V with 2 Euro) current limiting resistor, to the LED lamp power supply. The parameters of each lamp are: 3V, 20MA, in parallel (polarity). If you don't quite understand, you can also ask a science and engineering student (preferably a teacher) to help.
Q:The color temperature of LED light string
Refers to a standard blackbody heating, the temperature rises to a certain degree when starting from the color red - Orange - red - white - blue, gradually changed, a light source and the blackbody with the same color, we will at the time of the absolute temperature blackbody called the color temperature of the light source.
Q:LED lights string broken, how to repair?
Connect the electricity. Can be shorted one by one. It's shining. This is just short of bad beads.
Q:How much is the voltage across the 20 LED lamps in series?
Each LED is about 3V, and the 20 series is 60V
Q:Performance and characteristics of LED lamp string
1.LED lamp string can handle perforation lamp string processing;2.LED lights string may through seven colors and full-color controller to achieve colorful jump, gradient, monochrome, full-color, fluttering and other effects.
Q:220vled water lamp string how to connect, that is, 220 of the electricity
The time of the water lamp is controlled by adjusting the capacity value of the capacitor.

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