LED Grow light 20W- plant light- agricultrual lighting- IP66

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP66 Color Temperature: 2100K LED type: COB
Size: SLG-20W Body material: Aluminum Alloy Working lifetime(Hour): 50000
Power(W): 60 Certification: CCC,CE,CQC,EMC,Energy Star,RoHS,UL,VDE CRI (Ra>): >25
Lamp luminous flux(lm): 4000 Working Temperature(℃): -25-50 PF: >0.75
Input voltage(V): 110-220 Warranty: five years

Product Description:

Product description

Agricultural lighting/grow lighting/plant lighting - Applying SUNFOR AC LED technology - AC LED light engine


Plants need different spectral in different growth cyclt. after sustained research, we made a huge breakthought in this area.

we built up multistory shelves to supply light with out LED, thus, the basic needs of plant could be completely satisfied during its normal grwth.


Analyzing the correspondent spectral of different plants, we developed different lamp fixtures. combining with the smart dimming systme, we were able to assure that the plants could be receive a ppropriate light during the growth cycle.


Sunfor Changcun subsidiary company  took advantage of our LED supplementary lighting to plant cherry. only 3.5 hours a day of supplying light, we were so gald to see that all the Cherries were ripe and advanced 30 days than the normal growth. the selling price of the pipe cherries 2 to 3 times expensive of the normal prices. 

LED Grow light 20W- plant light- agricultrual lighting- IP66

LED Grow light 20W- plant light- agricultrual lighting- IP66



LED Grow light 20W- plant light- agricultrual lighting- IP66

As the essential means of agricultural lighting, artifical light can satisfy lighting needs of different plants during different growth cycle by altering the light spectral, light intensity, and the exposure


                             Light engine luminescent spectral 


  • Applying light engine, smaller fixtures, simpler structure, quick installation, strong integration, easy replacement and maintenance, fitting for multistory shelves, and minimizing the cultivation area.

  • Applyying AC driver technology, more energy-saving, cheaper, longer service life, higher reliablity.

  • Applying phosphor film, satisfying the lighti needs of different plants, custom-made in accordance with the real needs of customers.

  • independent intellectual property rights assure the market expanding. 

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Q:What is the effect of LED plant growth lamp on greenhouse cultivation?
The blue (470nm) and red (630nm) LED plant lights just provide the plants with the light they need. Blue light can help plant photosynthesis, promote green leaf growth, protein synthesis, fruit formation; red light promote the growth of plant roots, help flowering and flowering, and play a role in increasing yield. Therefore, the ideal choice is to use the two color combinations. In the visual effect, the combination of red and blue lights appear pink. LED plants light red, blue, LED ratio is generally between 4:1 and 9:1 is appropriate, usually optional 6 9:1. Different plants need different light ratios, such as stems and leaves, which require more blue light, and flowers and plants need a little more red light.
Q:Have you ever used a LED plant lamp?
Yes, potted plants can be used, but this lamp is usually used in plant plants to grow plants to promote growth, and the effect is very good. Home is generally not necessary. Just take out and bask in the sun.
Q:LED how much is the illuminance in the agricultural greenhouse? How many watts per square metre?
You want this kind of plant growth lamp, the wavelength of large to about 550nm, large to the illumination requirements: minimum 80, 120, 200 higher, it is recommended to use the light, 5-7W per square is required.
Q:Is the LED plant lamp suitable for growing vegetables in the greenhouse? Will the cost be high?
As for the cost, it depends on the time you want to do in the industry.
Q:Can you make a plant growth lamp without plant knowledge?
But in the light of different properties of different plants, and even the long day plant, but also need to rest, do not recommend 24 hours of light on plants.
Q:LED plant growth lamp Market in foreign countries
Taiwan, for example, uses LED lights as an orchid to postpone flowering and the availability of a light environment in a confined environment. But I personally think that the use of less or less, although the benefits sound a lot, but the Japanese do the actual production of plants, factories or fluorescent lamps.
Q:The irradiation range plants fill light how much?
Generally use fluorescent lamp, if the funds are more, it is recommended to use halogen lamps. You can simulate daylight. About the range of illumination, the different brand models should be different. It's hard to answer you.
Q:Ordinary white LED lamp can be used as LED lights plant it
You can achieve the same effect as a vegetable light by increasing the amount and power of the white light LED. But it needs to be explored. LED plant lights are much more expensive than white light, so that's not necessarily a big difference in cost, other than electricity. Electricity is indeed a relatively large expenditure.
Q:High pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, plant growth lamp and LED plant growth lamp
1, LED is more energy efficient, about 1/4 of the energy consumption of high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp2, high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp are only suitable for greenhouses, not for multi-storey plant factories3, high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp are not suitable for breeding stage, LED is suitable for all stages of plant growth4, high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps are much cheaper than LED5, high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp life is much shorter than LED (only 1/2)
Q:Is it harmful for plants to grow led plants?
Of course, there are hazards, because the light source of this light is mainly composed of red and blue light sources, using the most sensitive light band of the plant, red light wavelength using 620-630nm and 640-660nm, blue wavelength using 450-460nm and 460-470nm

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