LED Grow Light 12W PAR LED Grow Light LED Plant Light Bulb E27 15w Led Grow Bulb

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 Parameter :


Product Dimension


Characteristics :

1.Unique design, the temperature of the light body below 60℃ after long working.
2.Can replace the traditional HPS directly.      
3.Environment-friendly, no UV and IR.      
4.The temperature of the LED when working is 62℃.      
5.The lumens depreciation per 1000 hours is 3%-5%.      
6,Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with any indoor garden,  hydroponics 
or soil based.      
7,The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and 
environments, the same as the parameter .      
8,Environment-friendly, no mercury and other harmful heavy metal.
9,Use high quality LED trips as lighting resource.      
10,The wavelength can customize, our suggestions on the wavelength are red (630nm or 
660nm), blue(460nm), red LEDs are good for promoting the fruiting and flowering stage, while 
the blue LEDs promote the growth, striking roots and leaves.
11,Customers can choose the different ratios, for example, with the mixture of red ,blue, 
orange, white and yellow lights, provide the plants nutrient light. Our suggestion is red: 
blue=8:1 or 7:2, red: blue: orange=7:1:1.     

Attention :

1.Do not use the lights in dripping water or anywhere where they will get wet, water and electricity can be a dangerous mixture.    
2.The working environment for LED aquarium  light is -20~40℃,45%RH~90%RH.    
3.To protect the light, Pls cut off the power when there is a lightning strike.   
4.Don’t touch or move when the light working.    


Application :

Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with any indoor garden, hydroponics or soil based. Can be used in green house, flower exhibition, bonsai, garden, green house, sowing,breeding, farm and so on.





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ODM&OEM are warmly welcomed !!!


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a)We can accept payment terms of T/T, Western Union, PayPal


Samples and trial order accept PayPal ,T/T & Western Union. normal order accept T/T &Western Union 


b) 30% ADVANCE DEPOSIT after buyer's confirmed payment, the balance should be paid before shipping when goods are ready.

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Q:Power is not recommended to choose large, a power consumption, two heat is too high, there may be damage to plants, choose 100 watts or so more appropriate.
It depends on your plant's requirements for light conditions and the installation height of the lights in the plant. The power of LED ranges from 1W to several hundred W.
Q:Is LED plant growth lamp really useful?
Of course, there are hazards, because the light source of this light is mainly composed of red and blue light sources, using the most sensitive light band of the plant, red light wavelength using 620-630nm and 640-660nm, blue wavelength using 450-460nm and 460-470nm
Q:Which is the best of all lights, plant lights and red and blue LED?
Light plant lamp is divided into light formula (Light Recipes) and optical spectrum (Full Spectrum) two.The light formula is two or more combinations of violet light, blue light, red light, white light, far infrared, etc. the wavelength ratio is determined according to the type of plant. The ratio of red and blue is a combination of the light formula.
Q:I want to shed fertility vegetable seedlings with LED growth light, light color proportion is the most appropriate?
What's your color ratio? In general, plants use red light. Other parameters are wavelengths and light hours
Q:LED how much is the illuminance in the agricultural greenhouse? How many watts per square metre?
To see you Peng how high we can recommend some of your site we can see http://www.sundunled.com above has a very detailed explanation, in addition 90W LED 3M high growth light irradiation of 28 square meters, 5 meters high 300WLED growth light can illuminate 120 square meters, 3 meters high 120WLED growth light irradiation can be 78 square m! Thank you very much!
Q:Where can I buy a plant growth lamp? Is this the name of this lamp?
Never heard of growth light, I only heard lights. Some people use T8/, some use red and blue lights from the aquarium, some use LED, and there are also metal halide lamps
Q:Which heroes know method of making LED light plant?
LED light plant is a plant growth lamp, must need sun light in accordance with the law of plant growth, and plant lights is the use of the principle of sun light, a lamp lights instead of the sun to provide a better environment for the growth and development of plants.
Q:Can bright LED white light be used for plant lighting?
I can tell you useful, but the effect is not obvious. In fact, just blue light and red light. When I didn't fill light is with a flashlight to light flashlight, charging 10 yuan, the top cover layer plastic bag is blue, because the seedling, the torch light's wavelength is 500-600 itself, and after plastic cloth around 400-460 is just the light wavelength. I was in the box so the seedling, hung on the box above 20CMM flashlight, flashlight about 6 hours after no electricity, charging during the day, a month after the effect is very obvious, a lot less than sturdy seedlings. But buy lights and give up flashlight, flashlight effect or not light effect is good
Q:What greenhouse greenhouse plants under construction need to fill
The main function of Gwitt greenhouse plant growth lamp for light, with heating effect, heating effect is obvious. Its closest to the solar spectrum, where UV light can also play a role in the prevention and control of plant physiological diseases and diseases and insect pests.
Q:LED plant growth light for plants to do how to configure the fill light, red and blue in proportion to the ratio?
According to the light needed by plant photosynthesis, we basically use plant lights as a combination of red and blue, all blue and Quan Hongsan forms to cover the wavelength range required for photosynthesis. In the visual effect, the combination of red and blue lights appear pink. Red light promotes plant germination and flowering, and blue light promotes plant growth, allowing you to select a more appropriate wavelength and color ratio to promote plant growth.

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