LED Flood Lighting 9W Normal Mode FB23401

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Product Description:

Model   No.FB23401
LED TypeHV SMD2835
Beam Angle100°
Minimum   luminous flux(lm)600
LED Watt9W
Environmental   Temperature﹣20℃~60℃
Environmental   Humidity0%~95%
Safety ClassI
Safety TypeIP65
Carton   Dimensions(cm)88×29×15

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Q:How many white balance ratios of LED lights are there in LED displays?
White is the RGB color mixing proportion according to the brightness, brightness when the green light is 69%, red brightness 21%, blue brightness is 10%, color mixing human eye feel is pure white. But the chromaticity coordinates LED red and green and blue as a result of the process and other reasons can not reach the whole spectrum of effect, while the control including the deviation of color brightness color from white light, called color.
Q:The problem of LED lamp belt for home decoration
First of all, T5, T4, those lights do not consider, the price is high, installation trouble, the effect on the ceiling is not as good as the lamp belt evenly.Flat two, that is a single lamp arrangement, 30 meters, 60, 90120 of the light density. Flat three flat four is double bead and three bead array arrangement, this density can be larger, higher brightness.
Q:What are the categories of LED products?
(1) high directivity. Typically a pointed epoxy package, or a metal reflective cavity package with no scattering agent. The half value angle is 5 degrees to 20 degrees or less, and has high directivity, which can be used as a local illumination light source or combined with an optical detector to form an automatic detection system.(2) standard type. Usually used as an indicator lamp, with a half value angle of 20 degrees to 45 degrees.(3) scattering type. This is an indicator light with larger viewing angle, and the half value angle is 45 degrees to 90 degrees or more, and the amount of the scattering agent is larger.
Q:Solar lawn lamp related issues
Photosensitive sensorNeed solar lawn lamp light control switch, the designer often will automatically switch lights with photosensitive resistance, in fact the solar cell itself is an excellent light sensor, do it with a photosensitive switch, photosensitive resistance characteristics than good. For solar lawn lamp using only a 1.2VNi Cd battery, solar battery module is composed of four solar cells in series, low voltage, voltage lower under weak light, and the days without black voltage is less than 0.7V, resulting in optical switch failure. In this case, the problem can be solved by adding a transistor directly coupled with amplification.
Q:What are the common indoor and outdoor LED lamps?
Common indoor LED lamp: LED bulb lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED ceiling lamps, UFO LED lamp and LED downlight, LED indoor lights, LED ceiling lamps, LED lights, LED track lights, LED spotlights, LED radar sensor lights, LED candle lamp, LED grille lamp, LED support eye lamp etc.
Q:Is a solar lantern a lawn light?
Solar energy can be made into lawn lights, but lawn lights do not have to be solar.
Q:What's the LED water lamp?
The principle is very simple. The triode acts as a switch in the circuit. When the circuit is connected, the left LED is first lit. The base is connected with a capacitor to connect the collector of the next triode. When the capacitor is fully charged, the next triode is turned on so that the second LED lights up, and so on. The time of the water lamp is controlled by adjusting the capacity value of the capacitor.
Q:Why lawn lamps are gradually replacing traditional courtyard light?
Although lawn lamps and garden lamps are garden decoration lamps and lanterns, but no one can replace who, the effect is different, can only say from the material, light source, innovation.
Q:General installation steps of lawn lamps?
General installation steps of lawn lamp:1 、 pre embedded pipe;2, foundation casting;3 、 power line threading;4 、 lamp wiring;5 、 lamp installationAttention: the lawn lamp must make the safe reliable grounding!
Q:What kind of equipment is needed to produce LED screen lamp and how big is the investment?
Specializing in the production of outdoor lighting facilities and all kinds of street lamps, LED lights, is the production of outdoor lighting and sales of high-quality outdoor lighting, street lamps and engineering facilities of professional manufacturers. Main production: landscape lamp, lamp, road lights, garden lights, LED lights, solar lights, LED lights, lawn lamp, underground lamp, electrodeless lamp, lifting lamp, lighting engineering, and related accessories business.

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