Led Elidy Warm White Light 25*3W For DJ Market

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Product Description:

Led Elidy Warm White Light 25*3W For DJ Market

Product description

Led pixel-Art is a LED matrix module capable of projecting volumetric graphics, simulating a 3D effect. The cutting-edge optic design combines warm white 2800K° LED source with special optic reflectors which allow a unique reproduction of 8° tight light beams. The generated effect is a wall of LEDs, performing a long through projection of sharp beams in the air which are brighter than conventional LED screens. Led pixel-Art is a matrix composed by 5x5 high efficiency  LEDs with dimensions of 30x30 cm and on-board modular rigging system to build wall or matrix in every sizes.The innovative electric design and the quality of components and drivers applied offer a stepless and linear dimmer, useful to perform same dimming curve of halogen fixtures, allowing its fitness for theatrical application or wherever is required high performance dimming capabilities.Led pixel-Art is an ideal tool for rental companies: superslim design, lightweight, user friendly, power supply and control electronics are on board and it doesn't need any external driver. The user interface comes through a controller with graphic LCD display for user settings, diagnostic and addressing through both supported DMX and Art-Net protocols  

Product specifications

Voltage :
LED Quantity:
25 pcs of 3W Edison warm white Led
Color Temp:
Control mode:
DMX 512/SD Card /PC control (LP player&Madrix software)
Pitch :
30 bulit-in SD card programs.and 15 normal programs.(For the Normal size ONLY)
DMX Channel:
7 / 25 Channels
4kgs.(with the handle)

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Q:How does the 300W beam lamp fit the 1024 console?
First meet the lights, select the interface, match the success, you can check the address code lights, light above the tune, you can control
Q:The difference between the 8 and 16 prisms of a beam lamp
Linear mixing of 8 colorsPattern plate: 17 replaceable patterns + white lightPattern flow effectPattern sway effectSpecial effects: cut light and switch bulb functionEight prism effectAutomatic focusingAmplification functionStrobe effect 1-10 times per second0-100% precise dimmingMovement: horizontal 540 degrees, vertical 280 degreesHorizontal vertical motion 16 bit fine tuningHorizontal vertical movement speed regulation
Q:How to directly adjust the beam light address code on the platform?
First you have to control the lamp, the lamp has the best Ming library, so you can directly with light control, if not you can write your own library of light, such as LED, light is the 8 channel, then he is what you define per channel, red, green, blue, flash. Light is a 16 channel definition pattern, focus, and so on, but it is possible to define your own channel and the lights are not the same, but the lamp specification has a specific channel, and 1024 stage production lamp library software, you can also download a.
Q:King Kong, 1024 console, led, light beam, go along
To find the console corresponding to the location of the bubble button, see the instructions on the bubble out the value of the general is transferred to the value, and so on a few seconds out
Q:The connection of a beam lamp with a beam light
Connect the signal line, electrify, adjust the address code, you can control on the console above, carefully look at the instructions of the channel table.
Q:Beam lamp console programming
Don't push it too high. Some light beams have channels that regulate the X/Y axis speed and hit a few.
Q:The light beam motor reset failed and the serial port error occurred. What's the situation, the problem there?
Suggest landlord one by one investigation method. LZ you can uninstall monitoring software, reinstall, try!
Q:On the night of lighting engineers repairing the lamp?
If you don't shake your head, check the motor. If the light doesn't work, look for the bulb or transformer
Q:How many beam lights can the Pearl control station control at one time?
The use of compatible and stage lighting system DMX512 and DMX1024 systems, stage lighting lamp control station can directly replace the DMX controller, each line can control the 512/1024 channel, let the neon lights into the stage lights, DMX neon lamp driver equivalent silicon box, each driver can only set the channel address, each channel has 256 levels of brightness output MOSFET, the output power control, effective control of neon light interference on the power supply and sound system. Neon advertising can also use the system, a DMX controller can control the 1024 Road, you can connect the computer system to realize the controller do not disassemble the replacement program, even if the artificial replacement chip a large sign only a few chips, DMX neon lamp driver can disperse the installation, retains the advantages of split controller, no synchronization problem, as long as the speed adjustment machine can, signal line connection is 0.5 (24WG) shielded twisted pair wire connection, a DMX controller can connect 128 drives, the high-end billboards can use this system
Q:Which great God can teach me the sunshine 512 computer light control console,
Shake head lights, one stroke did not run, and the other began to execute the command, so it was shaking back and forth, the time can not be transferred too fast

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