Led Elidy Warm White Light 25*3W For DJ Market

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Product Description:

Led Elidy Warm White Light 25*3W For DJ Market

Product description

Led pixel-Art is a LED matrix module capable of projecting volumetric graphics, simulating a 3D effect. The cutting-edge optic design combines warm white 2800K° LED source with special optic reflectors which allow a unique reproduction of 8° tight light beams. The generated effect is a wall of LEDs, performing a long through projection of sharp beams in the air which are brighter than conventional LED screens. Led pixel-Art is a matrix composed by 5x5 high efficiency  LEDs with dimensions of 30x30 cm and on-board modular rigging system to build wall or matrix in every sizes.The innovative electric design and the quality of components and drivers applied offer a stepless and linear dimmer, useful to perform same dimming curve of halogen fixtures, allowing its fitness for theatrical application or wherever is required high performance dimming capabilities.Led pixel-Art is an ideal tool for rental companies: superslim design, lightweight, user friendly, power supply and control electronics are on board and it doesn't need any external driver. The user interface comes through a controller with graphic LCD display for user settings, diagnostic and addressing through both supported DMX and Art-Net protocols  

Product specifications

Voltage :
LED Quantity:
25 pcs of 3W Edison warm white Led
Color Temp:
Control mode:
DMX 512/SD Card /PC control (LP player&Madrix software)
Pitch :
30 bulit-in SD card programs.and 15 normal programs.(For the Normal size ONLY)
DMX Channel:
7 / 25 Channels
4kgs.(with the handle)

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Q:Guangzhou beam lamp manufacturers which good?
The three line Shijing side with a lot of brand-name, is cheap, with a hole a, is not recommended. Pure hand dozen, beg adopt.
Q:On the night of lighting engineers repairing the lamp?
This is a good repairAskCan you teach me? Or give me some information, thanksChasing the answer
Q:For 200W (BEAM200) bright light!
Manufacturers should have an electronic version of it, you can call manufacturers to consult ah
Q:Which one is good for beam lamp manufacturers?
The Pearl River Road brands, high price, stable quality, suitable for the nouveau riche, Hyun Tao Mayen second tier brands, moderate price, quality is reliable, suitable for small and medium buyers, cheaper than the big song and Xiangming, the quality and the service is awesome. The three line Shijing side with a lot of brand-name, is cheap, with a hole a, is not recommended. Pure hand dozen, beg adopt.
Q:How to maintain the beam 200W beam lamp, lighting board and high voltage board?
You can't do it yourself. Send it back to the manufacturer or send it to my factory. I'll fix it for you or change it. Besides, it's not expensive to buy. Guangzhou -- a Mintel light
Q:The beam light is very dim. What's the matter?
It may be very dark or light bulb, dusty lens.
Q:280W beam lamp
Therefore, this kind of light heat is different from the traditional computer head lamps, the wick is relatively small, and no external isolation layer, so that if the heat like the traditional lamp, that is, the bigger the better cooling mode, is not feasible, it will lead to continuous arc bulb ionization ionization effect lamp life. If the heat is not enough, the bulb will blow up soon. So, this beam requires a constant temperature system.
Q:Beam lamp, lighter is not the same manufacturer, you can install it?
Best to find the original match, but the general 200W is universal
Q:How can I control the beam light?
There's a switch. Just put that on;Sound controller
Q:The light beam cannot use the empty platform and automatically restarts with an empty platform
Familiar with console, see others edit video, slowly accumulated experience

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