Led Directly Replace Tube T8 1500Mm 25W Price Led Tube Light T8

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Led Directly Replace Tube T8 1500mm 25w Price Led Tube Light t8



 - Good heat dissipation and excellent driver
- BV DLC ETL TUV SAA C-tick CE RoHS Certification Approval
- High quality & competitive price
- Energy saving up to 80% high intensity
- Inner power efficiency more than 87%
- Constant current driver with heat protection systerm,can work under unstable voltage
- Isolated power supply is available
- Minimum maintenance costs
- No Modification, no need rewire
- No RF interference, No flickering or buzzing   
- Solid State, high shock/vibration resistant  



- Houses, offices, exhibitions, meeting room
- hotels, restaurants, schools, factories, hospitals
- workshops, storages, roads, streets, etc


 ETL TUV SAA C-tick CE T8 LED Tube Light

 Type Length Watt Voltage Lumens LED Quantity Model No.
 T8 370mm 5W 100-240V 5OOLM±10% 48PCS LY-T8L370-5W
 T8 450mm 7W 100-240V 700LM±10% 72PCS LY-T8L450-7W
 T8 600mm 9W 100-240V 900LM±10% 80PCS LY-T8L600-9W
 T8 600mm 12W 100-240V 1200LM±10% 144PCS LY-T8L600-12W
 T8 830mm 12W 100-240V 1200LM±10% 120PCS LY-T8L830-12W
 T8 900mm 13W 100-240V 1300LM±10% 120PCS LY-T8L900-13W
 T8 1200mm 18W 100-240V 1800LM±10% 160PCS LY-T8L1200-18W
 T8 1200mm 20W 100-240V 2000LM±10% 192PCS LY-T8L1200-20W
 T8 1200mm 22W 100-240V 2200LM±10% 216PCS LY-T8L1200-22W
 T8 1500mm 24W 100-240V 2400LM±10% 240PCS LY-T8L1500-24W
 T8 1800mm 25W 100-240V 2500LM±10% 256PCS LY-T8L1800-25W
 T8 2400mm 33W 100-240V 3300LM±10% 330PCS LY-T8L2400-33W
 T8 2400mm 44W 100-240V 4400LM±10% 432PCS LY-T8L2400-44W
 Note LED Brand:   Lumenmax SMD3014
 CCT.: Warm White 2700-3000K     Pure White 4000-4500k    Cool White 6000-6500K
 Materials: AL+ Milky PC / Clear PC/ Stripe PC
 Base: G13 Bin-pin / Fa8/ Rotating/Single Pin
 Others Contact us for more information! ContactInfo:  http://www.lonyung.com/en/recruit.html


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Q:Why does the led fluorescent tube have water vapour in it? What causes it?
The starter down. When the regenerator was knocked down, my home was my own scissors and cut off the ends of the two ends of the regenerator. Then attach the severed head to the insulation tape. search Put the base back to the original. The head of the LED fluorescent tube will be plugged into the base current
Q:What are the advantages and differences of the LED panel lights?
11.8 mm, the thinnest can do 8.5 mm, are light will be more than three times thicker than the side light, thin is a kind of fashion, especially for lifting the panel lights, also not the thinner the good, the thickness of the lamp body is designed according to the application environment and optical standards, guide plate with the thickness of the guide plate, the thickness of the lamp body with light body, too thin may influence the luminous efficiency of lamps and lanterns and optical and physical parameters, etc
Q:What is the price of an ordinary daylight lamp outside?
That's exactly what I wanted to ask.A dozen dollars, a cheap ten dollars.I hope my answer will work for you.
Q:I hope my answer will help you
There is a minimum of a spring, which can be applied to each side, and if one can be pressed in, it can remove the lamp. I hope my solution will help you
Q: The title What is the color temperature of the leds?
There are two types of traditional daylight lighting, the warm color of 3000K and the positive white 6500K, and the leds are almost as close as the two colors.
Q:Is there a greater value in switching from a normal daylight lamp to an LED energy-saving lamp?
I can give you a detailed example of your problem: LED fluorescent lamp tube 6w can replace the normal daylight lamp tube 20w, 9w can replace 30w, 12w can replace 40w, 15W replace 45W, 18w can replace 60w, save more than 70% electricity; LED life can theoretically reach 5-100,000 hours, nearly 10 years. Q: how much electricity do you need a year if your company owns 10,000 40W, regular daylight bulbs (plus a rectifier, for example, 46-49 watts)? A: common light bulb: 365 days * 15 hours * 46w * 10,000 lamp tube / 1000W (1 hour) * charge 1 yuan = 2518500 yuan. LED bulbs: 365 days * 15 hours * 12W * 10,000 tubes / 1000W (1 hour) * charge 1 yuan/degree = 657,000 yuan. On the data, the cost can be recouped within a year, saving as much as $3 million in electricity bills within three years.
Q:What happens to the daylight bulbs
Look first at your switch connection is not good Vanguard is loose, and then the lamp wire is loose or not The last check the fluorescent lamp is the aging change a new one
Q:What causes the red light on both ends
There are two kinds of red light on both ends of the fluorescent tube: 1, if it is the use of long tube, gradually from both ends of black, red in the end, there is a gradual process, is basically a lamp aging, filament will burn out the precursor, exchange tubes can troubleshooting; The lamp tube USES all the time normal, occurrence afore-mentioned phenomenon suddenly, that most is the rectifier is caused by failure, change rectifier can.
Q:Can leds be used for a regular fluorescent lamp?
LED lights do not use ballast! They work in a completely different way.
Q:I have LED lights on fluorescent lamp tubes, and I have tested five times a dc
Let's say a light bead is working at 3v voltage and the current is 300ma. To get it to 3.1 volts, the current can reach 400ma. 220v market volatility is large (200-250) sometimes higher. At the very least, you need to add resistance.

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