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LED chip red / yellow original Taiwan wafer chip, Taiwan and Thailand adopted a green hub original chip, professional gold package;

High efficiency, high brightness LED light source, a larger perspective; constant voltage / constant current power supply, reduce decay;

Mask design high transmittance, the light intensity distribution is more uniform;

Pure PC material, fire-retardant, UV aging;

By the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Safety Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center, meets GB14887-2011;

Through the European Union CE, EN12368, RoHS, German TUV certification;

Multiple sealed, dustproof and waterproof grade: IP65;

Life of up to 80,000 hours.

Motor vehicle lights are a group of lights from red, yellow, green, three non-patterned circular units, guiding motor vehicles.

Non-motor vehicle lights from red, yellow, circular units of a group of light green bicycle pattern consisting of three inner guidance of non-motorized traffic.

When the green light to allow vehicles to pass, but the turning of the vehicle may not hinder the release of the straight vehicles, pedestrians.

Yellow light when a vehicle has crossed the stop line can continue to pass.

When the red light vehicular traffic.

In non-motor vehicle is not set intersection lights and crosswalk lights, bicycle and pedestrian lights should be in accordance with the instructions of motor vehicle traffic.

When the red light, turn right vehicle was released without prejudice to the vehicle, the case of pedestrians can pass.

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Q:How do I find someone to auction electrical engineering equipment?
There is a good chance that if it is old equipment, it won't be worth much. There is also a chance that some of the old amplifiers and circuit board materials contain hazardous material or chemicals that need to be disposed of properly. A first step would be to take the parts numbers off the equipment and enter them into google. There is a good chance that the stuff you have is not going to be worth anything, if there are pieces that are worth much you could sell those, and then ship the worthless stuff off to a electronics recyclers.
Q:How can i replace the 12V DC in with a battery instead of using a wall charger?
You want to replace a battery charger with a battery? Makes no sense. 12V is quite a voltage - you need 8 1.5V batteries, or a 9V and 2 1.5V batteries, but that only take scares of voltage. You also need POWER (amps). Say you power 20 W of speakers, that requires about 1.6 A - not a trivial current for common batteries. Think car battery (which is not very portable )
Q:Electrical Engineering anyone?
Sky is the limit! Beside all the obvious electrical engineering jobs such as circuit designer (both digital or analog), system engineer, semiconductor process or equipment engineer, power engineer, communication engineer, product engineer, device engineer, QC engineer, field service engineer, etc. You can be an astronaut, mission control engineer (for NASA), technical marketing or sales engineer (with MBA), apply for medical school, and God forbids be a professor in engineering (with PhD), Simply too many to list.
Q:1992 f-150 alternator and electrical problems.?
change the alternator and make sure the belt is good and tight ! your voltage regulator is inside the alternator and it,s acting up !
Q:Software Engineering or Electrical Engineering?
I think that there is an abundance of computer science people out there. However, how many people do you know, know how to use an oscilloscope? Electrical Engineering is going to be the new Computer Science in 10 years, I think. Computer Science had its time during the dot com boom. It's downhill from here.
Q:whats the difference between Electronics and electrical engineer?
There really isn't a great deal of difference. In common usage 'Electrical Engineering' tends to imply high power systems while 'Electronics Engineering' implies lower power (signal processing) levels. But they're really about the same. And 52K is a fairly good salary. The average young engineer out of college makes about 50K to 60K. I believe the median for EE's today is around 70K to 90K. Doug
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Science says 4,500,000,000
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both electrical and mechnical are good field.
Ideally you want one common ground for everything. With multiple grounds, you might get voltage differences between ground points (if there are significant currents flowing) which can affect measurements. For noise isolation, some prefer to have separate grounds for power, analog and digital circuits which can be okay as long as you tie them together at a single-point ground.
Q:What is the AC Voltage at which domestic electricity is supplied in India ?
If you measured the supply you must be in India. Why don't you call the electricity supply people and ask them what their official figure is? You should also ask them within what limits the variation is controlled. The difference in the figure stated on an item of electrical equipment, i.e. 230 vs 240, is irrelevant. They all will have a margin, maybe plus or minus 10 or 15%, within which they will work satisfactorily.

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