LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light

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Remote Control Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

1.Real moving flame

2.Natural,non-toxic no smoking and non-polluting,

3.High quality and competitve price

4.Fast delivery time


Directions for use
Candles are 3 inch diameter and use 3 AAA batteries, not included.
All Candles Use the Same Remote
All Sizes Work Together
Remote Has 17 Foot Range



1.Christmas gift ,Valentine gift, Gift presenting, valentine craft

2.Home, party, bar, office decoration

3.Birthday, valentine, wedding, christmas decoration 

4.Business gift


Product type

Remote Control Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

Item No

Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle(MS-A037)


Paraffin Wax






box(color box or white box )

Delivery time          

30days after order confirm for Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle


2000Sets For Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

Payment term

L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc


CE and RoHs


Remote wax led candle




















LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light

LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light

LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light

LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light


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Q:Are there any LED light sources that can adjust the wavelength?
The LED spectrum is narrow, the common red LED wavelength is about 650nm, the infrared LED wavelength is about 940nm, the general single LED product spectrum range is 40~50nm. It is difficult to implement continuous optical LED from 600nm to 2500nm. At present, the existing products can not be achieved, there is no hope in the short term.
Q:How to promote LED light source
(1) improve the quality of products, improve the common use of products. For the first white Wo think product is the foundation of enterprise, the enterprise can not do a business quality is a prerequisite for burn the bridge after crossing it, so the two sides continue to cooperate. Improve the core competitiveness of products has become a lot of LED lighting enterprises have to pay attention to the problem. (2) through traditional channels of publicity and promotion, the current seemingly e-commerce seems to have swallowed the traditional channels of the situation, but for the LED industry, the channel is still the most worthy of the reputation of the promotion platform. The long-term accumulation of trust has become a block stone for consumers to buy LED light source products. Therefore, the channel is still king, wo Bai suggested that LED lighting enterprises should rapidly develop channels to capture the future market. (3) government helping advertising media now the country to vigorously develop energy-saving environmental protection industry, for our lighting companies are considered homeopathic push boat we should respond to national policy call by some traditional television, the advantages and role of newspaper media to promote to vigorously promote the LED light source. Again with the new network media viral propaganda and promotion. Wo Bai believes that the promotion and development of LED light sources, the whole society and market practitioners to complete together, so that the future will quickly enter the civil market, and ultimately become a new generation of energy-saving light source.
Q:LED backlight LCD TV, good for the eyes?
Compared with liquid crystal is also reflected in the aspects of environmental protection compared with the traditional CRT, this is because the LCD has no high voltage components like CRT, so it may not appear as X ray high voltage lead to exceed the standard, so the radiation indicators generally lower than CRT.Although the LCD screen is much smaller than the average display, it is more likely to make our eyes tired and even cause headaches, because of the high brightness of the lcd. The researchers pointed out that when the brightness of the display reached 100cd per square meter (luminous intensity unit of La Kan), it would have an impact on the eyes. But they tested the liquid crystal display, its luminous intensity is more than 300cd per square meter, and some even reached 400cd - 500cd.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of LED light source
Pure colorSince the spectrum of typical LED is narrow, it does not have the full spectrum as an incandescent lamp. As a result, LED can be freely combined with a variety of combinations, especially for decoration and so on. Bright and saturated, pure, without filters, available RGB elements transferred into different colors, can realize changing, changing, light mixing effect, color effect is excellent. The brightness can be adjusted continuously, the color purity is high, and the color dynamic transformation and digital control can be realized.
Q:How can LED point light distinguish between good and bad quality?
Three see 1 brightness of the 2 water level 3 to open the view to see the waterproof welding and assembling process.
Q:Is there any difference between laser near infrared or LED near infrared?
The advantage of laser light source is its good color and high energy. The wavelength of semiconductor laser is <10nm, which avoids the phenomenon of color channeling. The instrument using laser light source has good precision and multi-channel efficiency.
Q:What is the luminous flux of the LED light source of 1W?
90-100lm, 100-110lm, 110-120lm, 120-130lm, 130-140lm, you see what is it used for lamps, 1W high power LED lamp "Guangzhou weilizi Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd." is very stable.
Q:Is backlight important for LCD TV?
Conventional LCD uses the CCFL (cold cathode tube) as a backlightNow the new LED TV is actually using LED (LED) as a backlight source of LCD, currently divided into two kinds. One is the use of three separate RGB-LED post as a back light source, the other is to use white side LED as backlight, the former than the whole spectrum due to high color index has better LCD the overall color is more delicate is better, but the technology is not mature the high cost of production. The latter is no different from the traditional LCD with CCFL backlight, but thinner, but the production cost is lower than the former. Compared to the two, RGB-LED is flagship, such as SHARP, XS1A series, priced at around 10W. Samsung LED TV is the side of white LED TV basically besides appearance gorgeous and the traditional LCD no matter thin in the picture quality improvement, and the price of UA46B7000WF in 22000+ UA46B6000VF in 20000+ price is very poor! Money can buy a set of wealth at home! The real LED TV is OLED (organic light emitting diode) is a flexible LED that can be folded freely. It is in the R & D stage, and the technology is mature.
Q:What raw material does LED light source use?
In general, the growth of GaN requires very high temperatures to break the bond of NH3's N-H. On the other hand, it is also shown by dynamics simulations that NH3 and MO Gas react to produce no volatile by-products.LED epitaxial wafer process is as follows:Substrate structure design buffer layer growth N type GaN layer growth multi quantum well luminescence layer growth P type GaN layer growth annealing detection (photoluminescence, X ray) epitaxial sliceEpitaxial wafers - design, processing, mask - lithography - ion etching - N electrodes (coating, annealing, etching) - P electrodes (coating, annealing, etching) - dicing - chip classification, grading
Q:LED the light source is not bright. Can you replace the transformer directly?
But just replace the light source, the same fault will occur after a period of time. If it is a small current LED lamp, it is recommended to limit current; if it is a high current LED, it is recommended to increase heat dissipation.

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