LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light

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Product Description:

Remote Control Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

1.Real moving flame

2.Natural,non-toxic no smoking and non-polluting,

3.High quality and competitve price

4.Fast delivery time


Directions for use
Candles are 3 inch diameter and use 3 AAA batteries, not included.
All Candles Use the Same Remote
All Sizes Work Together
Remote Has 17 Foot Range



1.Christmas gift ,Valentine gift, Gift presenting, valentine craft

2.Home, party, bar, office decoration

3.Birthday, valentine, wedding, christmas decoration 

4.Business gift


Product type

Remote Control Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

Item No

Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle(MS-A037)


Paraffin Wax






box(color box or white box )

Delivery time          

30days after order confirm for Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle


2000Sets For Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

Payment term

L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc


CE and RoHs


Remote wax led candle




















LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light

LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light

LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light

LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light


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Q:What is the difference between LED lamps and traditional lamps?
Life expectancy to evaluate the durability of LED lamps.Measurement and evaluation of life performance of traditional light sources have been standardized, and are interchangeable, so the traditional lamp life of the light source can meet the requirements by replacing the damaged light source, and a control device according to the 10 years of life designed lamps, it is generally not the traditional life of the light source lamp evaluation. Life with the LED LED lamp, LED lamp driver and life itself to provide to the LED environment and many other factors, and the LED lamp has many forms, except with a standard LED lamp, LED lamp has no other interchangeability, so different to the LED lamp, the life only through life assessment to determine. In evaluating the life of a LED luminaire, not only the luminous maintenance life (LX) is claimed, but also the failure rate (FX).
Q:Color temperature offset in COB packaging process of LED light source
The day 5000K up to 10000K, which is beyond the drift of gratitude, mainly produced by two problems:1, baking temperature is too high, or baking time is too long, resulting in phosphor denaturation.2, LED quality is too bad, consider trying CREE, Philips, Lumileds, OSRAM LED.
Q:What are the main sources of the LED light source?
1, LED wafer (semiconductor light emitting device)2, support (used to fix the chip)3, gold wire (used to conductive wafers)4, glue (used to protect wafers and to improve LED distribution)
Q:LED point light, which is good?
Designed for outdoor light / lamp tube to create high cup 5050 outdoor lamp
Q:How to change the LED light from a point light source to a surface light source
Turn the LED light from a point source into a surface light source: a suitable sized frosted lampshade outside the LED.
Q:Why LED light looks dazzling, but energy-saving lamps will not, what is the specific reason? Is the mechanism of luminescence different? The use of phosphor and the excitation source of phosphor are different Solving!!
Beads are very serious eye glare, no face. Because of this, it is necessary for structural engineers and optical engineers to design ah, if the lamp is also very dazzling, then the lamp design is a failure. Now domestic generally do not consider glare this problem, just blowing effect, how high?.
Q:LED, light bulbs, light sources, lighting. I thank beads in series or parallel, looks like a parallel.
Of course is parallel, in series with parallel together, you look at the panel of letters, this number represents a series of 12 2B12C. beads, and then 2 parallel! Hope to adopt
Q:Does the LED light save power than the general light source?
But if the white LED for lighting, not only high light efficiency, and long service life (more than 10000 hours of continuous work), almost no maintenance. At present, the German company Hella LED developed using white light aircraft reading a street lamp; the Australian capital Canberra has used the white LED lighting lamp; city traffic Management China is also the place of the early white LED traffic lights. Foresee in the near future, the white LED will enter the family to replace the existing.LED light source lamp with low voltage power supply, low energy consumption, strong applicability, high stability, fast response time, no pollution to environment, such as color light. Although the price is compared with the existing lighting equipment is expensive, it will inevitably replace the existing lighting devices.
Q:How can the voltage of the LED point light source be distinguished?
The following instructions point source voltage specification conventional seven lamp /6 lamp 3 cm by 2 cm 5V single lamp three lamp 12V 24V three 12V lamp 4/5 cm 6 lamp /7 lamp 24V 8 cm 12 lamp 24V 10 cm above the low pressure 24V can be made our company is a high voltage 110V/220V this point, I hope to help you
Q:The problem of crystal light source
LED warm light bulb or energy-saving lamps can be, if you still want to use white LED, then you put the LED bulb above the cover screw down to try

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