LED Candle LED Decoration light

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Function: 12 color changing

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Remote Control Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

1.Real moving flame

2.Natural,non-toxic no smoking and non-polluting,

3.High quality and competitve price

4.Fast delivery time


Directions for use
Candles are 3 inch diameter and use 3 AAA batteries, not included.
All Candles Use the Same Remote
All Sizes Work Together
Remote Has 17 Foot Range



1.Christmas gift ,Valentine gift, Gift presenting, valentine craft

2.Home, party, bar, office decoration

3.Birthday, valentine, wedding, christmas decoration 

4.Business gift


Product type

Remote Control Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

Item No

Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle(MS-A037)


Paraffin Wax






box(color box or white box )

Delivery time          

30days after order confirm for Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle


2000Sets For Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

Payment term

L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc


CE and RoHs


Remote wax led candle




















LED Candle LED Decoration light

LED Candle LED Decoration light

LED Candle LED Decoration light


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Q:Projector has several light sources, and what is the difference between DLP and LCD what technology, what is the difference between features?
LED light source, LED light source brightness is small, is currently used mainly in micro projectors, brightness below 500 lumens.LCD projectors use LCD photoelectric effect, i.e. the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules under the electric field changes, affect the LCD unit light transmittance or reflectance, thereby affecting its optical properties, generate images with different gray levels and color.DLP (digital light processing projector) is a projection technique in the United States TI corporation which uses digital micro mirror device DMD chip as imaging device to realize projection image by regulating reflected light. It is very different from the liquid crystal projector, which is imaged through thousands of tiny lenses to reflect light.
Q:What are the assessment methods for the blue hazards of LED lamps?
The damage of blue light to the retina is mainly caused by excessive radiation at a wavelength of 400-500 nm. The measurement results calculated by various light sources and fluorescent spectral data and the domestic and foreign authoritative laboratory showed that the blue content of white LED light source is not higher than the same color fluorescent lamp and metal halide lamps and other traditional light source and the light of the sun; white light LED light source in the retina of blue light exposure and fluorescent lamp and metal halide lamp similar to conventional light sources safety, lighting products belong to the 0 class and 1 class.In order to ensure the biological safety of LED lighting products and lighting quality, LED light source and lighting system must comply with the relevant standards at home and abroad, and the reasonable optical design, will be a smooth surface brightness control at the right level. When used, the illuminance and color temperature used should be determined according to the specific application.
Q:What's the display index of the LED lamp?
The degree to which an object's color is rendered is called color rendering.Usually called the color rendering index (Ra)
Q:LED point light, which is good?
The relative quality of the brand is guaranteed.
Q:What's the difference between a LED light source and a LED light?
LED uses semiconductor material to make light emitting diode, which converts electric energy into light energy directly. It has high electro-optical efficiency.The basic working principle of energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps are the same, just put into electronic ballast and lamp are made into a whole, while energy efficient than incandescent lamp, but the ratio of LED conversion efficiency to be low, the service life of the tube is not as LED.
Q:Is the projector good for laser or light?
Your question is not one or two words can reply clearly, you want to know what to buy the projector, can do really well, we must first understand the type of technology, application and classification of clear source projector, thorough here may not explain, I will have the opportunity to clear in my personal blog.
Q:Which is better for CCFL backlight and LED backlight?
In terms of the characteristics of CCFL and LED, the breakdown voltage and the operating voltage of CCFL are relatively high, and the voltage of LED is very low. So LED's security is very good.In summary, LED is better than CCFL.
Q:What are the main differences between LED electric light source, LED surface light source and LED line light source?
The LED surface light source refers to the light source that has a luminous light per unit area, while the line light source refers to a light source with a linear luminous body.
Q:What's the difference between LED and LD's light emission principle?
LED is commonly known as semiconductor led;LD commonly known as semiconductor laser diodes.The luminescence mechanism of both no essential difference, which is driven by positive bias current, the junction of P and N region of the semiconductor pn junction (i.e. particle excitation, electron and charged holes in the current drive to high level transition, then from the high level to low level, while the release of a photon, i.e. the light.There are lasers work with common light source is different, it also need laser material (the semiconductor laser diode LD, laser material is a semiconductor material), pump (i.e. external energy source), resonant cavity.LD and LED work, work material and semiconductor pump source has its system structure, the only difference is that LD form a resonant cavity in the outer layer through natural cleavage, the resonant cavity light-emitting threshold conditions (i.e. certain threshold conditions) when this condition is reached, the laser began inversion stimulated luminescence. When the LD driver has not reached the threshold conditions, its light-emitting mechanism and LED is in fact no obvious difference.
Q:LED the light source is not bright. Can you replace the transformer directly?
General transformer fault probability is relatively small, may be the current is too large, the light burned out, so you need to replace the light source

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