LED Candle LED Decoration light

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Function: 12 color changing

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Remote Control Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

1.Real moving flame

2.Natural,non-toxic no smoking and non-polluting,

3.High quality and competitve price

4.Fast delivery time


Directions for use
Candles are 3 inch diameter and use 3 AAA batteries, not included.
All Candles Use the Same Remote
All Sizes Work Together
Remote Has 17 Foot Range



1.Christmas gift ,Valentine gift, Gift presenting, valentine craft

2.Home, party, bar, office decoration

3.Birthday, valentine, wedding, christmas decoration 

4.Business gift


Product type

Remote Control Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

Item No

Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle(MS-A037)


Paraffin Wax






box(color box or white box )

Delivery time          

30days after order confirm for Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle


2000Sets For Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

Payment term

L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc


CE and RoHs


Remote wax led candle




















LED Candle LED Decoration light

LED Candle LED Decoration light

LED Candle LED Decoration light


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Q:Are there any LED light sources that can adjust the wavelength?
600nm to the 2500nm light source is red and infrared, can achieve the xenon lamp and halogen lamp, xenon lamp and better, the two lamp can produce a wide spectrum of light, through the filter, filter out the following 600nm, 2500nm and the light of the above, you can get 600nm to 2500nm light.
Q:12 for each lamp downlight main source of light of how much tile selection type of light source lamp is better (LED or energy-saving lamps)
It is definitely LED downlight. And in watching TV exchange space are saying "LED". Upstairs said "Thunderbolt brand". Not bad
Q:What is the difference between a LED UV light source and a traditional UV lamp?
The LEDUV light source has many advantages: no hazardous materials, low energy consumption, small size, excellent performance, cost saving, cost effectiveness, enhanced durability, custom selection, etc..
Q:What is the LED backlight? How big is it?,
The backlight (BackLight) is a light source behind the liquid crystal display (LCD), and its luminous effect will directly affect the visual effects of the liquid crystal display module (LCM). The LCD itself does not emit light; it displays graphics or characters as a result of modulation of light.
Q:LED brightness judgment light source index
Color temperatureIn terms of absolute temperature K, is a standard blackbody heating, the temperature rises to a certain degree when starting from the color red - Orange - red - white - blue, gradually changed, a light source and the blackbody with the same color, we will at the time of the absolute temperature blackbody called the color temperature of the light source.
Q:What is the LED fiber?
The spectrum of a common light source includes not only visible light but also infrared and ultraviolet light. In some special occasions, infrared and ultraviolet rays are avoided by us, such as cultural relics lighting. Because of the low loss window in plastic optical fiber in the visible spectrum, infrared and ultraviolet transmittance is very low, the special treatment of the source machine in addition, so the light emitted from the optical fiber is no infrared and ultraviolet luminescence.
Q:What is the LED lamp?
Is the use of LED light source of the lamp (bulb). Such as energy-saving lamp incandescent lamp as light source lamp cargo, it is not LED downlight. I hope my answer can help you
Q:The difference between LED chip and LED light source
LED light source is composed of LED (light emitting diode) lamp, LED lamp core chip is led.
Q:What material shade is better for LED lamp?. The light loss can also hide the point light source
Lampshade material of LED lamps, there are two main types of market: PC plastic and glass sandblasting fluorescent map. Fluorescent glass has better light transmission, light shielding property, difficulty in processing and high cost. PC plastic, mainly for the diffusion of PC, light transmittance and the wall thickness of the lampshade, 1MM has more than 90%, the light source tile number is 7-9W, more common, low cost, not brittle. Currently on the market leading brands to Teijin, MITSUBISHI, Qi Ling, a light based diffusion PC SABIC.
Q:What light projector is good?
The stability of the light source used in projector light source: another important factor is the stable, if the light source projector which changed in 3 minutes and 5 minutes after the bright, dark, who collapsed. While LED and laser light source that there is such a problem, because they are the normal light source, which is working temperature and room temperature is not much, the temperature increases, his work temperature is increased, the temperature is lowered, his temperature is reduced, the luminous efficiency and brightness is up and down, and once the room temperature exceeds 30 degrees, LED and laser life fell sharply, if a long time, they life is not as good as the traditional light source. But the traditional light source does not exist such problems, why? Because the traditional light source temperature is more than 1000 degrees, 5 degrees, then you at room temperature 10 degrees for him, really not what.

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