LED Camping Light High-grade ABS Using Maintenance-free Battery JT-7046B

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Specifications of Camping Light JT-7046B

2.)LED:It has 16pcs Leds.                                            
3.)Material:High-grade ABS                                            
4.)Battery:Using maintenance-free battery 4000mAh-4V         
5.)Feature:Solar energy,DC5V-USB output charging,AC power,car charging                                                                

6.)Lighting Time:                                                                                   
Full Power:about 10 hours,light will be slowly weakens:about 5 hours.
Half Power:about 20 hours,light will be slowly weakens:about 10 hours.                                                                
7.)Charing Time:                                                                                    
AC100~240V:about 5~6 hours.                                                                   
Solar charging:About 16~30 hours,according to the sunlight strong or poor.                                             
8.)Size:147*147*240mm(Box Size)


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Q:NIMH or lithium for ordinary led camping lamp (design of battery power supply) will damage the LED?
Battery capacity refers to its ampere hour A.h or ma.h number
Q:Ready to go camping. Where are the camping lights that buy those bright lights?
Taobao mall there is ~ ~ ~ you want to store or online?
Q:What equipment do you need for camping?
Tents, moisture-proof mats, sleeping bags, light packs, military knives, outdoor first-aid supplies.
Q:How to connect the explosion proof lampOur new paint cover, inside a lamp.
Explosion-proof lamp function: mainly for flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods storage, workplace installation. There is a glass shield and a protective net outside the bulb. It is not different from the ordinary lamp, so the professional electrician can install it.
Q:The solar camping lantern Exposition
Camping lights should be purchased with: light, easy to carry.
Q:What are the necessary equipment for camping? What brand is good?
Brand: M.A.C, camping equipment guide, Huizhou antelope, ryder.
Q:What are the difference between explosion proof lamp and ordinary lamp?
The explosion-proof explosion-proof lamp has the effect in special circumstances not, because the use of sealed, waterproof effects, of which there is such a strange Chen lighting, ordinary lamps not work under special circumstances, because no such protection light source.
Q:Solar energy, camping lights, flashlights, easy to use, use effect?
If it's camping light, it's better to recharge it
Q:Summer camp is coming. Peaceful, sunny, solar power, camping light?
Dear, as energy-saving famous brand, peace, sunshine, power generation, solar camping lights, how can less? And it's absolutely affordable and easy to use. When you go out to travel and camp, don't forget to bring along a peaceful, power, solar camping light that lights your way and guides you in the direction of your trip.
Q:What's the USB interface for charging camp lights?
Charging camping lights USB interface, according to the shape of different, generally has two roles:1, camping lamp chargerIf the shape of the USB mouth is trapezoidal, the interface is usually used for charging the camping lamp.In other words, through the data line connection, you can use the computer, charging treasure, charger and other equipment for charging lamps.

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