Leather Working Gloves For Men Supplied from China

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22 pc
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10005655 pc/month

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Description of Glove:

1.CE, ISO9001 
2.Good quality and competitive price. 
3.OEM,ODM and Customized. 
4.Split double palm leather work glove

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Other Color

Customerized color are available


1dozen/polybag; 10 dozens/carton; or as per customers' requirement,carton dimension:


500 Doz

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Silk screen

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Supply Capacity

100,000 doz/month




Loading port is ShangHai.Type of payment is L/C or T/T.General packaging:10 dozens per carton,4100 dozens per20'FCL containe

Specifications of Glove:

Hand protection can require work gloves made from leather, cotton, synthetics, nitrile, latex, PVC and combinations of these. ProChoice can meet any requirement.

Whatever your industry; whatever you have to handle,We have a specialist glove to offer maximum protection and comfort.

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Leather Working Gloves For Men Supplied from China


1.What about the delivery.

We can arrange the shipment about 15-25 days after the deposit.

2.What about payment term?

30% T/T deposit, balance against B/L copy.

Full T/T payment if quantity less than MOQ.

3.How much about MOQ?

Normally 100pcs,but small order is acceptable as well.

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Q:Do anti-static gloves belong to protective gloves? What are the protective gloves?
Antistatic gloves belong to a kind of protective gloves. Protective gloves, is a defense against physical, chemical, biological and other external factors, injuries to the hands of workers
Q:Distinction between fire gloves and rescue gloves
Fire protection material: waterproof layer: waterproof, breathable fabric. Heat insulation layer: with heat insulation, flame retardant, heat radiation and other properties of the fabric. Comfort layer: a comfortable fabric with flame retardant properties. Features: flame retardant, heat insulation, wearable, waterproof, radiation proof heat, high strength and other characteristics. The utility model is suitable for the protection of the opponent and the wrist when the fire is put out, and the scratch and the cutting can be prevented, and the utility model is suitable for being used at a high temperature environment of 180-300 DEG C.
Q:Is pure cotton gloves insulated?
No insulation, use insulated gloves, labor insurance goods store has sold.
Q:Classification of protective gloves
Classification according to material1, leather gloves, the main materials are cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin, and artificial leather and leather.2, cloth gloves, mainly knitted fabric, canvas, cloth.3, rubber gloves, mainly natural rubber, natural latex, butyl gum.4, PVC gloves, the main plastic paper5, special gloves, the main special functional materials
Q:What safety labor protection products does the manufacturer need?
Eye protection: the material may splash into the eyes prior to operation, and should be protected with goggles or goggles. The common brands of goggles are 3M, Honeywell, UVEX and so on.Hand protection: wear suitable high temperature gloves, can effectively protect hands from high temperature damage. High temperature resistant gloves can choose Kevlar material high temperature resistant gloves, so some of the brand Honeywell DuPont high temperature resistant gloves, high temperature resistant gloves etc..Respiratory protection: when high temperature melts, the solution will emit some heavy metals, vapor and so on poisonous, harmful gas. In order to protect the respiratory tract of workers from any harmful substances, it is recommended that operators must wear gas masks or gas masks, as well as good ventilation.Head protection: if a condition is required, a helmet can be worn to protect the head from the risk of damage from hard objects.Body protection: if you are in contact with high temperature jobs, be sure to wear high temperature clothing or high temperature apron, to ensure that the possibility of scalding staff. High temperature insulation jacket on the market are compared with the conventional high temperature insulation jacket, Bacou Dyer tower high temperature heat insulation heat insulation clothing and clothing reclin.Foot protection: work should be worn to prevent falling, piercing, scald, safety shoes. Such as Honeywell safety shoes and so on.
Q:What is the surface resistance range of electrostatic caps and electrostatic gloves?
Antistatic caps and antistatic gloves and antistatic clothing are all applications of Antistatic Fabrics (Textiles) in electrostatic protection. The basic principle of electrostatic prevention is to form a shield between the human body and the environment object, so that no electrostatic discharge can be generated between the human body and the environment object (not leaking).
Q:Thermal insulation rock wool construction safety protection
Where in the polystyrene paste side exposed parts (such as windows, joints and other parts) should make mesh over packet processing, in ladle grid cloth, ladle grid should be done first in fabric coating polymer mortar, and then cut the mesh cloth is pressed into the mortar, the mortar after initial setting, can be carried out under the program. 5) rock wool board should be bottom-up, along the horizontal direction of laying paste, vertical joints should be staggered along the line, 1/2 long board, in the corner should be staggered and interlocked, and should ensure the verticality of the corner.
Q:Is a disposable PVC glove better than a latex glove?
The water treatment process adopts physicochemical, biological contact oxidation and activated carbon adsorption. The process is made up of mechanical grille, regulating tank, air float tank, biological contact oxidation tank, sedimentation tank, sand filter and activated carbon filter, fan room and so on. Waste gas treatment process venturi dust remover dust, and then reacting with water containing alkali, desulfurization and dust removal.
Q:Hazardous chemicals, spills, and personal protective handling procedures
For a small amount of liquid leakage, the use of sand or other non absorbent adsorbent adsorption, collected in the container after treatment. While a large number of liquid leakage after spread diffusion, it is difficult to collect, can be used to cut off or drainage embankment to a safe location.
Q:What are the occupational hazards without gloves?
Industry use gloves are also different, such as welding industry special welding gloves, chemical industry needs to acid and alkali resistant gloves, high temperature resistant gloves industry, as well as anti cutting, abrasion resistance, shock proof, oil resistance and so on.

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