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Steel/ hardened metals/precision metals    


Length: 1900mm. Customized sizes are available


ISO:9001:2008   OEM service


Changeable from sofa to bed, suitable for the normal sofa.  


Very strong metal structure, being easy to fold and carry. Three-seat sofa, double size bed.

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Q:What bed is the strongest?
Buy that kind of imported solid wood factory must be durable, simple pattern is good, it is better to buy materials called processing, so you will not be cheated. Thank you
Q:What is a stage 2 toddler bed?
well i would think a toddler bed is shorter and has like side wally rail type things, and the other one would be a normal bed with a side rail and then they would hav a single bed with no rails helpfull?
Q:What causes bed wetting??
some medications cause some muscles to relax, including your bladder. when your brain senses that your bladder is relaxed and ready to release, it sends a message to do so without your permission. just make sure you use the bathroom before going to sleep and if you wake up at night too. and don't drink too much before going to bed while your on those medications.
Q:How fast do bed bugs spread!?
How Fast Bed Bugs Spread
Q:6 feet wide bed, what specifications of quilt cover, sheets?
Foot to meter conversions are as follows:1.1 meters = 3 Shichi, so 1 feet = 1/3 M = 0.3333 meters4.5 feet is 1.5 meters, 5 feet, 1.7 meters6 feet is two meters
Q:My cat took over my dogs bed?
That's funny. My cat did that too. Bought my dog a nice bed the cat took over. If your dog doesn't use his bed anymore because of the cat taking it over, he could be saying the cat's the boss or he's afraid that the cat might swat him if he gets back in his bed. Do you have some old bedding with the dogs' scent on it? Just put that or anything with the dog's scent back in his bed hopefully he'll start using it again.
Q:Agaricus bisporus bed type greenhouse
A general use bamboo rod material, not only because of its toughness, easy cleaning and sterilization, can be used continuously for 10 years, to build a bedstead, first on both sides of each bed, such as distance (about 1m) planted 6 pillars, a total of 228. The height of the middle column is 2.7m, the height of both sides is 2.5m, and then the bed frame is layered. The interception of a thick bamboo pole frame do fine on both sides of the bedstead, a bed frame is used as a bar, with a fine wire and fixed, laying a layer of thin bamboo pole in the direction perpendicular to the cross bar, then in the vertical direction of the thin layer of straw, to prevent leakage of material under cultivation. Each layer of the upper and lower spacing of the cultivation bed, to facilitate the operation of the staff as the principle, generally requires first layers (ground) and second layers of space for 0.87m, second and third for the 0.54M, third and fourth for the 0.49m.
Q:Need help with college dorm bedding?
OKorder has the greatest choices of twin xl comforters and comforter sets.
Q:bed bug issue. yuck!?
Bed frame and under and in the night stand and furniture and even can be in the closet. The bed needs to be taken apart and cleaned. A zip up mattress cover needs to be used and left on over a year. Rubbing alcohol will kill the bugs when put on them. It will stain wood. You are fighting hatching eggs. The bugs not only crawl out of the walls under the baseboards, they crawl through the electric outlets and any tiny opening. Exterminators take the covers off the electric outlets and put something behind them. I would put tape over them and plug the child proofs plugs in the sockets because I would be afraid I would get shocked. After washing clothes and anything and drying them, they should be put in plastic big bags and tied up to keep the bugs out of them.
Q:Best tanning bed?
'HighPressure' beds will give you color the quickest. If you are looking to purchase a bed then Wolff brand beds are top of the line. Also make sure to use a high watt bulb - 100watt is standard but they can range up to around 160watt. .. From a fellow tanorexic :)

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